Chi-Nu Kai to enter only via gift shop at first

Source: Quasar’s post

In an unexpected turn of events, 8.9 upcoming Japanese premium tank Chi-Nu Kai will be apparently available only via gift shop in 8.9, just like the Chinese 112 and T-34-3 were.

I wonder if this is a new trend to force people to spend more money, because (unlike the “Type 59 plague” fear with 112/T-34-3), there is IMHO no real reason for Wargaming to introduce Chi-Nu Kai via giftshop only, apart from ripping players off…

58 thoughts on “Chi-Nu Kai to enter only via gift shop at first

  1. great, i guess i’ll continue sitting on my huge pile of ill-gotten clan wars goalds, with nothing to spend it on.

      • I don’t see any 112/T34-3 plague on the EU servers so far, so this surely is a money making tactic for WG (for new/unique premium tanks).

        • Well, T-34-3 is I think worse than Type 59 in every aspect, so why one should buy it?
          112 costs more than other tier 8 premium tanks, and finally – Chinese tree is not so big and tanks aren’t so unique to justify mass buying inferior or costly premtanks.

    • This is one of the reasons to sell them in the gift shop.
      Player that get gold for being a clan member = no money for WG

  2. well.. don’t buy it.
    Not like it will be op tank, that earns 500 000 in 1 battle.
    If they put 112 and 34-3 for gold in next patch you can’t really be angry on it.
    Even better , you can be sure if this is good tank or not.

    • I agree.
      You dont have to buy the tanks via gift shop,
      you can just wait a bit for them to be available ingame.

  3. They do it because it means CW players and those who just sold the SP can’t pick up the thing without paying extra.

    WG are sneaky fuckers.

    • Only like 0,1 percent of all players play clanwars – and allegedly only about 20k Superpershings were sold for gold. Those numbers are so low that even if ALL of them bought the Chi Nu Kai, it would hardly make a difference.

      • only 20K pershings?
        Don’t believe that, they are so common on the battlefield. Sometimes i see them more then the T59

        • Only 20K Super Pershings were sold by users after the nerf, WG sold many many more and it seems most of the players will keep them.

          • I think the drop is SP numbers in the WOT-News graphs in a month or so will tell exactly how many got sold (but 20% seems legit). SPs are less common these days actually then they were. But that’s no reason for this gift shop rubbish.

  4. I am not surprised, since the CEO of WG stated that they are aiming to earn $200 billion dollars annually by 2016. They would resort to these money grabbing tactics :D

  5. i kept my super pershing she did me proud and im not sending her to the knackers yard just cos of a tiny nerf. woulda been nice if they’d thrown a little pen buff our way just to keep things even but hell there you go

    • Its just like the KV-5. The two are not the most popular tier 8 prems, but they can be the badassest, holding entire flanks without support, taking punishment and going on despite the haters.

        • I tend to die when left alone to defend an entire flank by myself.

          Might just be my inexperience with the stretch limo, but I’d say TOG isn’t very good at holding flanks alone. Every shot it takes does damage, and its too slow for peek-a-boom tactics (also uses a fast-firing, dpm gun instead of a pop-out and shoot, high alpha gun).

          • The TOG is best used in platoons while defending flanks. When they’re in platoons, they’re the most OP tier 6 tanks in the game, but by themselves, they’re just fodder for KV-1Ss and KV-2s.

            • Tog can hold flanks easily with annother vehicle backing it up, that is, if you can set yourself up in a good side-scrape position before they come. The sheer amount of health it has and the damage it can return make it the best vehicle for one on one action too.

            • Alltough, unlike the KV-5, it cannot breach holes in weak flanks just by charging full-speed trough them.

  6. Even WG’s money grubbing tactics wont stop me from buying this tank, even if it comes in some stupidly bloated gold/credit package that wont bother me. Besides i have no garage slot so the Gift shop is almost beneficial to me as somebody who doesn’t buy gold. But wait how do i get premium cammo…FUCK they got me!

    • And if you want the tank, and have gold on your account allready bought, waiting for it to come out, only to be told you have to spend more money to get it?

      Thats my case here, and I feel screwed a bit.

    • It’s a marketing. Many players has “free gold” from ESL, tournaments and events… If they buy some of those tanks (chi-nu-kai, 112, t-34-3) WG will not gain money, so they will put them in gift shop to earn more money. If they will be in a ingame shop good players will get them for free (for gold from ESL and others) – WG don’t like that… :P

      • Yeah, since WG has been quite generous lately with all these top-50 events earning at least 3k gold each.

      • Give them a chance you pro players already have too much including your power tripping insulting casual players in game. You feed off this game and yet you drive away potential customers.

  7. I wonder if the reason isn’t “technical” ;) – they changed sth. for new tanks and now they would have to change it back because having two options is too much for WG :P …

  8. It’s a marketing. Many players has “free gold” from ESL, tournaments and events… If they buy some of those tanks (chi-nu-kai, 112, t-34-3) WG will not gain money, so they will put them in gift shop to earn more money. If they will be in a ingame shop good players will get them for free (for gold from ESL and others) – WG don’t like that… :P

  9. Actually, I’d expect the possibility of Chi-Nu Kai flooding the matchmaker. Imagine how many weebs would be happy to get one.

    However, Chi-Nu Kai flooding would actually be a very good thing. Tier 5 is supposed to be the tier most filled with tanks, not tier 8. It would actually improve matchmaker. Especially since it doesn’t have armor that gives tier 4 lights trouble even when they flank it, nor does it have guns that one-shot other tanks cheaply. Right now, KV-1 and KV-1S are the most played tanks in the game on tiers 5 and 6 respectively, and having Chi-Nu Kais take that spot would greatly improve the picture for other tanks around that tier.

    • That actually makes a good bit of sense; perhaps we can finally expect the numbers of M4s, Panzer IVs, KV-1s, KV-1Ss and Hellcats to drop a little bit when this thing shows up. I’ll probably get one if the stats are okay, just to get an idea of how the Japanese line will play.

  10. Well, WG already got $100 from me for the T-34-3 and 112, looks like they’re getting even more out of me in 8.9

  11. i still consider the ones who bought t 34 3 asses because they gave WG more money than it was worth it!
    i wanted that tank, but i protested cause it was too expensive!

    • And how do you determine how much it’s worth? More people both T-34-3 than 112. In economy, that means T-34-3 is underpriced compared to 112 and FCM.