55 thoughts on “Attack on Heavy Tanks

  1. I don’t generally watch Anime … but darn that song is just so good it almost makes me want to.

  2. This was awesome :D :D Hands down to the creators :) Shingeki is an awesome anime :) And SerB made me laugh too much :D

  3. Chuckles…

    **If** this was ‘official’, I’d guess:

    No “On The Track to the AMX 50B” is coming anything soon…
    Good times to Mediums, Tank Destroyers, Lights and grasp soon Artillery…

    On The Track to the AMX 50B should go nicely with the release of a new French Heavy line… that’s some time off into the future. Xmax to New Years, perhaps?
    Month long tank class contest for 3000 gold per tank, for a Top 50/100 score…. this month? Mediums. Only one left to go? Artillery.

    Gotcha love the coincidence of timing… a new 2nd line of German tank destroyers is next up to be released, with patch 8.9… meanwhile Artillery as a class is the next one up, for ‘Tank Marathon” contest (NA server terminology). Shall the coming German Toaster’s burn?

    • He’s the CEO of Kongzhong.com and like SerB, a constant subject of ridicule/rage/rant. The Type 59G epitomises the series of thinly-veiled money grab attempts that kongzhong has attempted.

      While we are on the subject, the Chinese server always had a degree of automony unheard of elsewhere: Type 59 was on sale until it was replaced by T-34-3, 300mm pen HEAT to stay, inactive accounts taken off the hands of players etc. A wild place indeed.

      • Nah, Type 59 is still on sale currently, along with T-34-3 (and Type 59 is cheaper!). Anyone who has a mind of his own wouldn’t believe Wang Lei Lei (aka Wang Er Lei), CEO of kongzhong.com (aka KDW) is going to stop selling Type 59 since 427,828 has been sold – which means over 100 million RMB just for selling the Type in two years!

    • Gay? If you’re looking for something gay, try looking at the mirror. The anime is nice, the song’s even better. If you dont appreciate it then go read comics.

    • Haha but I did not make this. As someone above posted, it was made by the Chinese fans. I just happened to come across it and posted it in a thread on the US forums.

  4. “attack on titan” WTF, i read the title and was wondering what anime was that that i’ve never heard of(which is almost impossible seeing as i live for that stuff) and then i see the comments, Shingeki no Kyojin….
    the title means “Advancing giants”, how i fucking hate idiotic translations ARGH

    • If you saw the Blind Idiot Translations Finnish publishers tend to inflict on hapless book, movie and what have you titles I think your head would asplode…