Invite Codes

Hello everyone,

another bunch of CD-Action invite codes for EU (1000g, 3 days of prem I think), thanks to the wonderful readers of FTR :)

Players, who donated codes: Thirrash, Relaag, ugluck666, Bartol89, Cpt_Jarem

Edit: codes all used



11 thoughts on “Invite Codes

  1. I don’t know if it can be done, but you could bring some codes for registred users, that would asome ;)

    • Sadly, CD-ACTION only gave out invite codes. Would be awesome to have them though… free gold and premium would make me come back to that game..

      • Errr, not true afaik. There were two codes – one for existing account and invite code. Now guess why there aren’t many people who play wot, read ftr and want to share code for existing acc…

      • you’re wrong – there are two codes: invite code giving 1000g and 3 days premium and code for existing users giving 1200g

    • Sorry mate, no free codes. I am not a “community contributor”, such is the price of not kissing WG EU’s ass. All the codes on this site are donated by players.

      • Please if you see this and have a invite code don’t type it here send me PM on forum. Thank you!

  2. The guys who take the time to submit these codes are epic and I want to thank them personaly for introducing so many noobs into the game that we can all take great pleasure in trolling.