Winrate affects your position in team



Well, this is interesting…

From Russian forums (a developer answer):


OrehMan: Well, you just confirmed it: if the player plays well – he gets to play on the bottom of the team, and if he’s a noob – he gets thrown on the top!

Inimigo (developer): “It doesn’t depend on general winrate, but on actual win series, player is less lucky – he gets put on the top of the team more often. If you pwn on top of the team without problems – try a more difficult task” (SS: in the sense that “we’ll make it more difficult for you”).

That certainly explains a lot. I am a bit skeptical about the answer (“lesser” developers have been known to not understand the inner MM workings), but still.


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  1. Haven’t they told us before that W/R does not in anyway influence MM? C’mon WG, get your act together :/

      • yep and it’s just imagination of players. that’s how they put middle finger on us all and laughing. they dont want to lose ppl cause of this so they are publishing disinformation to conceal the truth…

      • Yeah basically WG already has a kind of skill MM, they just lie about the fact that they do.

          • Dude, Inimigo (developer) just said win series affect your position in match and “If you pwn” you get worse position. Learn to read, lol

            • So being better is not about skill and mm putting you in team based on that is not even close to skill mm :D :D damn troll :D

            • You can win a bunch of battles by dying early and the rest of the team doing all the work, genius. Doesn’t take much skill that, only some luck of the draw.

              …do I even need to point out that treating Ini’s throwaway line as incontrovertible truth is kind of fucking stupid and mainly just betrays a raging confirmation bias? For all we know he’s talking out of his ass about stuff that isn’t his departement and/or just running his mouth for the lulz.

            • Conspiracy Keanu :D Sorry, Conspiracy Kellomies :D I trust more developer than some mad Shakespeare :D

            • Correction: you uncritically trust what fits your preconceptions, whether it makes any sense or not.

            • Well well well, look what we got here. The first post I stumbled on I find Kellomies, attacking at least two other people.

              The eyes are read, the vein do pulse, the cheeks are filled with blood while anger spreads from heart.

              Anyway, I will quote something from unknown source: “The *point* is that you piled logical fallacies on top of a bunch of arbitrary assumptions”. A person “confessed” (developer) that the asked question is some sort of truth, some people are angry for what does it means and they are immediately under offensive with harsh language. Anyway, taky umim mluvit hezky – no insults there, you can translate it if you do not believe me. Intention which was mean to be proved by that is simply using words which general public can not comprehend will not make anything truth neither lie nor will prove anything else, while presented facts may become unreachable for understanding, defeating whole point of said reply.

              As that same unknown source would say: ” it’s straight-out World Jewry Conspiracy type negative generalisation poop which basically relies entirely upon “preaching to the choir” for traction.”
              It is solely your pure prejudice that since they may have been wrong once, having dissenting statements among themselves, i.e. developers, therefor they must be wrong this time also. What is interesting is that you condemn such an opinion in form of prejudice, therefor you advise not to believe yourself. Interesting turn of events.

              You may ask why am I jumping to this argument – well, I would simply ignore it, but when under first post below article you find marks of hypocrisy of opponent from former debate, it is hard not to reply and not to point to it. I am not going to state if I myself consider either side to be right or wrong, since both may have put forward agreeable arguments, i.e. developer confirmed something and in past they had said one thing and the next time otherwise.

              Also, it is fun to read how you argue with others the same way yet differently :)
              Before my departure I wish you all nice evening and strong hearts, since heart attack is quite danger possibility in here.

            • Q: Butt *still* hurting? A: Get ointment for it from the pharmacy or consult a doctor.

              My issue here is with the reflexive and uncritical manner in which *one* passing quip of unknown veracity and authority from *one* dev is taken to summarily override *repeated* statements to the contrary by the *two most senior devs*, blatantly for no other reason than appearing to support the firmly held preconceptions of the audience in question. And the tendentious interpretations of Ini’s rather ambigious statement aren’t exactly helping.
              In agrarian societies that’s also known as “jumping to conclusions” and “bias”.

              BTW the possible shitty education level of the “general public” you’re rather patronisingly pretending to speak for here is none of my beeswax, they can pay attention in school and read more. Because the fundamentals of source critique and intellectual rigour were already part of my damn high school education.

  2. And why not?
    If you win a lot, why wouldn’t you try more challenge?
    And if you have a losing streak, why wouldn’t you go on top?

    You win some, you lose some, but at the end of the day all it matters is how well you play in general…

      • SS, please! Don’t sell it as something new. This has been known for ages.
        YOU wrote about it several times already in the regular Q&A. On least on two occasions. The very same text – if you are losing too much, you’ll be dropped on top, I believe it was about 5 losses in a row to get this bonus.

        Now you are trying to feed the WG-hating masses with a “new” candy?

          • hum….. lets say if you are playing a limit MM premium tank and you win alot you will get to see more tier 9 match??

            hum…. but what if you are already using a tier 10?? there will be no top nor bottom because your already in a top tier tank…

        • Silentstalker never wrote anything like that… He translated numerous times taht RU players ASKED taht question and the developers denying it. he also wrote that if you are on the bottom a couple of times in a row, you get your next game as topdog and vice versa. BUT, note that this is ONLY about your POSITION on the team roster, NOT about winning while topdog.

          if this “slip of the tongue”is true (and I somehow doubt it…) then that is another case of mucho lying from the developers…

          • He did. I believe first time was even on the old blog page.
            I really don’t fancy spending half a day searching for a proof. So you either believe my word or you don’t.
            The fact is – the feature is not new to me, so you can draw your own conclusions from it.

            • Seriously. If you’re going to come on the man’s blog and accuse him of being a biased hater you better have something to back it up.

        • WG hate machine lol? SS doesn’t have to do anything of that sort. WG is doing it themselves. You WG apologists are hilarious.

      • Exactly SS. I’m ok with such mechanism, afterall in _theory_ it should provide a challenge, but the thing is as you have noticed, that WG is constantly lying to us and denying…

      • yeah, old news, already confirmed ON THIS FUCKING SITE even. should except the “publisher” of news to know what he published in the past, just saying.
        WG could be quoted several times saying ” you lose X games in a row, we put you on top of the list, you win several games in a row, we put you on the bottom.” since this is in itself independent of your WR it has nothing to do with “skillMM”.

    • Yeah cause trying to carry a team of bots and pensioners with parkinsons really is challenge where you can win, pleb.

      • They punish you because they “make it harder” for you. They generally want everyone on 50% WR. I don’t know why they do this.. but yeah.. it makes it very boring after a while.

    • It was pretty obvious for anyone who plays a lot and at at least good level (so his brain can actually learn some facts).

      It wasn’t as obvious, however, wg camouflaged it quite good, that average 48% player playing 100 games per week wouldn’t ever notice that.

      • The average potato tends to have real trouble noticing a tank busting caps in his ass, and that running into a crossfire of three tanks is a bad idea.

    • And why should MM punish you because you are good? Lose is not fucking fun man. So long with MM is random (except MM for a new tank).

      • You lose because you are bad, so why should a good player be automatically nerfed?

        .. and WG have been denying this for so long, in face of plenty of circumstantial evidence…

        …are we surprised??

        Next conspiracy question.. do premium accounts get preferential MM..???
        The mechanism is obviously available..

        How terrible…™

        So… where did I put that screenshot of SerB Player Nerfing Conspiracy Program….?

        • Hey guys, stop.
          Nobody said you are pushed into a defeat when you are too good. You are just intentionally put into the middle/bottom of the team.
          You would be put into the middle/bottom randomly anyway, so it’s just a mechanism to do it a couple of battles earlier! And besides you can actually win that game too (nobody stated you are being put into a team of noobs).
          So why the hell the entire discussion??? Honestly. Kindergarten level.

          • Problem is if you’re not toptier, it’s harder to compensate for all those mentally-retarded players in your team. If you’re Toptier in your Tier9, you have an easier time compensating those Tier8 retards, other than the other way around, where you, in your tier9, need to compensate Tier10 idiots.

            So yes, somehow you are being pushed into defeat.

          • The question is why does it bother you so much that the rest of us are discussing this “feature”?

            • Because it’s sold as a “fresh candy”, which it by far isn’t.

              Nobody says you are put into a team of noobs. I’m not familiar with EU or US server routine, but on RU1 or RU2 servers you constantly have top-clan gamers, usually platoons, with 1300+ rating (wot-news version, equal to 1350-1450+ WN6).
              And the possibility to get some of them in your team is 50/50.

              Besides, even if you lose one game when at the bottom of the team – the point is, your winning spree will be over and the counter will start from 0 so you will again have same chance to be put on top.
              Is that so bad that there might be one “forced” defeat after 5-10 victories?
              When was the last time you got 10 victories in a row, always being top vehicle?

            • @LoserDestiny

              Actually this does not reset in one defeat. The system consisted of… 5 or 7 steps not sure how many ( was revealed by some MM mechanic breakdown ) Where normal MM is between 2-4 or 3-5 and extras were added to the end. So you won a lot you had to actually lose many battles to get back to ‘normal’ MM. That is why tank can only be in one battle tier in MM que instead of multiples. This is to simplify MM ques, but also to put good players in hard disadvantage… Bad players in top good at bottom is serious fuck up for fair game.

              Also if bad players are consistantly higher that means those reds are gonna stay over your status a lot longer and the never ending carrying gets harder and harder, which is really exhausting… when I was medicore player the game indeed was fun because my team was just as bad as myself so I had average performance, the higher I went and better I got the more challenging the game got and it really is pissing me of that what was needed for 50% win for a day is now doubled effort, it is just frustrating.

              I would love to get tips how to reset it the counter, because it is just not funny that you get reds more and more in your face because doing well. And I don’t even use that darned XVM, had it for few battles and threw it away for the red sea was quite endless…

        • I have often thought about premium account having preferred MM. I watch guys on twitch etc and think “W T F !” how do I have to carry so hard, why so many dings and misses ? QB et al just doesn’t seem to get the teams of ppl I do who don’t bother to load shells. Where are my teams of imba tankers ?

  3. The question is, is that good or is it bad ?

    On the one hand side, it gets more difficult and players just have to play better to win, but on the other, it seems a bit unfair, just because you are able to pwn your enemies, doesn’t mean that now it should be more difficult for you.

  4. Sounds too similar to what they told before, that the MM makes sure you are not always top tier. Back then when they said it tho, they didn’t mention it was related on how you performed in such battles, but just on how many times you were top tier.

    • OMG, MM makes sure you’re not BOTTOM tier 3 (or 5?) times in a row. And this rule is not wr related.

  5. I actually don’t mind this as I enjoy the challenge of being the underdog but I can see some people hating it.

    • Well, I disagree here. This shit actually promotes bad play. Everybody should be equal, and the noobies should learn how to fucking play instead of being dropped as top tiers and ruining the whole game for the team a la 45% winrate E-100 player.

      I remember when I was new with my brand new tier 4 TD, I was regularily being dropped in games featuring tier 9 IS-4. That dosent make me a worse player, that made me a stronger player.

      Learn to overcome your disadvantages or fail, thats how it should be. I’m sick of such games catering to the noobs.

          • Kazomir, i DID say that some people disagree. This is just my personal opinion.

            Also, remember than we don’t have to face +4 or 5 teirs anymore, your SU-85B can still deal major damage even in t6 games. I like taking down higher tiered opponents but i hate being useless like you were before 0.7.5 when MM decided to screw you (not that it doesn’t happen now, but it’s much more rare).

            • I havent played both Su-85s since patches that started with the number 3 or 4, how would I know :D

              Anyway, I also stated my personal oppinion. And that is that i hate the top tier of my team to be some guy with 45% winrate and a bad day.

  6. Any surprised? i own in T-54 being a top tank. 5 or so games. Then MM starts to kick in. Throws me in a full T10 game. LOSS

  7. I seem to remember a previous answer where it was stated that loosing streaks made it more likely to be put at the top of the team.

  8. I call this “communist matchmaking”, quit League of Legends long ago because of this kind of mm. I was a paying customer as I am in WoT currently. But it seems i will play another game soon if I find a proper one without communist mm.

  9. Could that mean, that bad players are more often on top of the team, all in all?

    Somehow this has to be balanced of course, because better players are also on top of the team often, but they are kicked at the bottom for the next matches then (if they win).
    And of course good players can also influence matches much if they are lowtiers, resulting in very good players being stuck most matches at the bottom of the team?

  10. So, people who create some conspiracy theories about actual MM, finally wins? Wow… “How terrible”..

  11. how does this apply when you are platooning up in random battles? my platoon are fairly new to the game and when we play we seem to be stuck at the bottom every time (give or take the two or three times a day we end up the top tier?

    my efficiency and win rate was pretty good but its taken a absolute hammering these last few days?

  12. I have my doubts about it as well.

    I think I’ll need to check screenshots from my streak of 15 victories on solo randoms I had a few weeks ago :D

  13. I tried the same thing yesterday – I played like a real noob (going first, dying first), and won 5 matches in a row.

    Looks like Wargaming has confirmed my action.

    • Sounds to me like all you confirmed was that teams can win without your Very Important Contribution…

  14. Ok, so why was I almost always at the top when I was doing the last weekend tier 5 mission with 70% win rate?
    Really, one developer answer saying the MM is like this doesn’t prove anything when you have hundreds of answers saying the opposite.

  15. Im a player with about 13.000 battles with above average winrate (not padded in companys cuz i play only randoms) and i play a lot battles per day. I have noticed this case very often and i consider this whole MM crap as true. This hapens to me if my winrate on a tank increases drastically for lets say 2 or 3 % on a tank that has 1k battles played. I pwned hard in a tank i know how to handle very well by using only my own skill, propper tactics and situations to my advantage, no luck or other shit. But than i everytime get a total noobteam (15 to 3 or so looses) loose streak for about 20 – 30 battles where the winrate on that tank drops by 2 or 3 %… My absolute record was 18 games lost in a row, one after another.. (no shit, 18 games) thats statistically not possible for an above average good player for that much battles… No one will ever tell me that this MM is random as it should be or fair.

      • Lets think a bit of this. If we assume you have a 50% chance to win a single battle a streak of x losses in a row should statistically happen in every 2^x games 2^18 is 262144 if you are a player with 18000 Matches. Lets divide your matches played by the expected amount of battles. This results in 6.86% which is roughly your chance to experiment such a streak of losses during your amount of battles. Low chance but still far away from impossible.

  16. Hmm, gotta keep track for the next 100 or so matches. Did that with the ARL 44 and I was top tier twice :P Small take but eh.

  17. This is why i quit WoT – was paying customer – no more

    WG cannot develop a tiered MM to separate the noobs from the Vet players screw them…..

  18. @Atomis Emu, deny it all you want we have proof , you are just an idiot and your words prove as much, moron.

    “Atomic Emu on September 28, 2013 at 12:30 pm said:
    Ok, so why was I almost always at the top when I was doing the last weekend tier 5 mission with 70% win rate?
    Really, one developer answer saying the MM is like this doesn’t prove anything when you have hundreds of answers saying the opposite.”

  19. Good (and attentive) players have noticed this for a long time. FUCK WG. I get dropped to the bottom so some braindead windowlicker can enjoy the game more…FUCK THAT.

    • Good players? Oh, you mean all those 48% wr monkeys screaming “WG SCREWING MAH MM SO I CAN’T WIN QQ”…

    • Yeah, everyone can clearly see it. Surely that’s why nobody ever presented evidence based on statistical analysis of significant amount of battles.

      • Good players log on and win 80$ of their games for the evening regardless.

        It’s been obvious that the MM is doing this, but it’s just a mild attempt to even things out. If you suck, then you don’t suck because of this, you suck in spite of it.

  20. So much for WGs past comments that there is no need for a skill-MM, because you would have the right to pwn noobs if you are a good/successful player.

  21. I know if I win 3-5 games in a row the next set of games I will be in the bottom until I lose a few. It happens consistently especially when I am platooned. That is not random matchmaking it is stacking the deck so players have a hard time in any tier getting much over 50% WR unless they play Companies. It also skews the stats that WG loves to trot out to say there is nothing wrong with X tank or map.

    • I don’t even TOUCH companies (and am barely aware of wtf they are in the firts place), play almost entirely solo, and my current WR is at 55.3%. Ditto my brother, who’s pulling *59.6%* as of two minutes ago.

      Either we’re *massively* awesome or this stacking-the-deck-to-level-WRs isn’t working properly is all I’m saying.

  22. I do not know why, but tanks with preferential MM tend to reset this scheme. Playing a fight in a panther M 10 ever 4 games made me be on top 80% of times, usual being 30%…
    If someone wants to test this properly, thae cheapest test tank is pz 1 – always top tier.

    • I don’t think that it is a case. For me it’s sounds like this:

      1. If you either lose 4-5 games or have 3 games as low tier in battle, you force MM to put you at the top

      2. If you win 4-5 games you force MM to put you at the bottom next time, I would guess that the oppposite 3 games at top forcing you to play next bot is also true.

      So if you won’t have a win/lose streak you or your tank is new, you will be playin against your tier tanks at average.

  23. What if you player a lot of company battles and u have a very high win rate like 65-70% that means I have to suffer when playing randoms what a load of shit WG shame on you.

  24. Its obvious WG manipulate the MM and anyone who has played for some time can see it. Now we have confirmed proof from a developer, in addition to the patented MM, that this is happening. I don’t mind that they are doing it so much as denying they are doing it.

    Anyway, I will never give one more cent to WG. Thats it. You can’t trust anything they tell you and their only concern is whether a 47% window licker is “having fun” and winning enough.

    • If it is so obvious, why was nobody able to present any evidence of it?
      Also, why is one post by Inimigo an undeniable proof and hundreds of posts by SerB and Storm don’t mean anything?

      • And where do you even post it? On WG forum and get banned or on other forums and risk get reported? I’ve conducted 2 or 3 statistical tests with other players in the past to investigate. And the results shows that MM does not treat all players equally. But whatever, I realized my mistake after collecting sheets after sheets of excel data and doing all the calculations + analysis.

        It’s a game, why so serious about it? It’s not like I can publish the findings in a science journal and win awards for it. It’s not like any other players will even care, let along understanding the math behind it. You don’t like MM as it is right now? How Terrible. Then don’t play the game then.

        “We are all equal, some are just more equal than others.”

        • So start a blog or something, that seems to be the accepted norm for single-issue cranks on the Intertubes.

  25. Funny fact:

    True or not, WG will deny it, shitstorm will calm down and everybody will continue to buy their premium accounts and premium tanks :)

    • Funny fact no. 2:

      If this is true, that means that there is a higher probability that an above average skilled player will play with bots/REALLY bad players as top tiers. This translates to: more skill -> more bot infested top tier games.

      But all of this dosent matter since funny fact no. 1 applies :)

  26. I have absolutely no problem with them making the mm based on some kind of skill balance. My problems with WGA are the following:

    1) their mechanism of determining who is skilful and who is not is not showing any understanding of the way the game is being played (ex. their “player value” score, which is utterly nonsense)
    2) they are not straight forward or honest with answers regarding in-game mechanisms. Was before, not anymore.
    3) they often mislead the average players and treat them like oblivious fools (ex. SerB’s attitude is a classic)

    optional 4) Unless you are from Russia and/or you pay WG a lot, you don’t matter.
    They have the grand idea that this game is made in & for Russian purposes only. The other regions are effectively monetary “colonies”. So so long as money is being milked from these regions that’s all it matters (ex. mis-information and lack of suggestion intake from Europe/ NA servers.)

    Many many examples can be brought up to support all these claims, and I won’t go into detail as to why they can get away with it. But I sincerely believe that if they are to remain successful in the future they need to change. WoWp is already failing, WoWs is unlikely to see more success than WoWp.

    After playing the game for 3 years and 20k+ battles, WG you honestly think I wouldn’t realize what you’re trying to do to “protect” your “not so skilful players”? I don’t think the devs ever realize how easy it is to debunk all their “properly balanced” claims with just a few statistical tests in pub or training rooms. But then again, I hold an overly optimistic point of view that the vulgar public mass even cares in the first place.

  27. does this explain why close/challenging/exciting battles become less and less frequent? is this the reasen why there are mostly 15:(3 to 6) battle results, both victories and defeats?

    • You can answer that question yourself. This post says ‘if you get a good WR in your last few games, you get bottom tier more often’. Now if you can somehow squeeze your 15:3 battles conspiracy in there, I’m interested in knowing how…

      • I really miss those games where both teams grind each other down to the last 3-4 tanks. that is when quick decisions/reactions and tactical teamwork of the remaining tanks become decisive.
        but there are these battles, where your top player(s) just do not achieve anything (acting obviously unexperienced or uncaring) or even AFK. now, having these players put on top after a serious defeat streak (which they might have caused, at least partially) does not help anyone, so they keep losing and being put on top, leading to more “tactically useless” top tiers, making it significantly harder to achieve a victory with their teams => team imbalance leading to those 15:3 games.
        pls tell me if this thought is absolutely free of logic ;) . but the amount of battles that are too easily won or just devastating defeats has increased so badly over the years, there has to be some explanation other than “players just don’t learn/care anymore”.

        • The playerbase has been full of self-watering vegetation from the very beginning, and I don’t see why this would change in any foreseeable timeframe.
          You just notice the inveterate idiots more when you get better yourself – and reach the higher tiers and find them equally populated by potatoes, tomatoes and sundry other healthy eatings.

          • what a terrible concept. after years of playing and learning and improvement it feels like you have to play some kind of tutorial instead of actual and exciting battles until all of the rookies get the basics (some of which don’t even seem to learn after 10k battles).

            according to SerB (iirc) one of the reasons not to do MM based on skill is that new players can learn from the more experienced ones … yeah, like that ever happens.

            • *shrug* The world is full of morons. The upshot is that you can often enough beat the odds simply by being smarter than the potatoes on the other team.
              And the flipside is getting the blighted veggie garden for *your* team. :/

  28. “It doesn’t depend on general winrate, but on actual win series…”

    Win series affect your position in team would be correct title and we knew that already.

  29. This definitely happens all the time yesterday i won 4 games in a row with my AMX 50 100 i played another 10 games in it and every game was a teir 10 game everyone and every game but 3 i lost.

  30. This means if you don’t like the win chance and bail on a game, thus coming out with a shite score in that game It actually does help you get a good position in a subsequent games. So being a total asshole pays off. Thanks for fucking nothing WG.

  31. That’s literally what their patent describes. And this guy may be confused in what he’s saying by the patent itself. Anyway, with WG you never know.
    And it doesn’t matter neither.

  32. That could alos be the reason why switching servers does help. When i feel like the MM is rough on me i switch server. eg. EU1 -> EU2
    Could also be a placebo effect ;D

  33. Rigged matchmakming was TOTALLY obvious to anyone who can play this game well AND has some brain… First comfirmed by official US patent – now by this developer who ran his mouth a bit too much (maybe he gonna get kicked by WG? :-)

    WG has no reason whatsoever NOT TO RIG matchmaking to their liking to maximize profit and retain players.

    The only problem with the current rigging system is that it should be less blaringly obvious…

    • That your ingame nick? ‘Cause your stats would seem to suggest the supposed rigging either *does not work* or isn’t doing what you think it does…
      Or, you know, doesn’t actually exist in the first place. Heard of something called “Occam’s razor”?

      • It is interesting how you go from post to post (4 or 5 in this thread alone) where people state their opinion on how WG is unfair/biased/bad in customer handling, and piss on their opinion. Do you really have that much of a need to confirm your ‘superiority’ vs random internet anonimi, are you payed for defending WG or are you just a trolling arsehole? Do you REALLY care what the general public thinks of WG? If not, what are you achieving here? Notoriety for being up WGs arse so much ? I mean, who the fuck has the time to waste on that? lol

        • I have a principal loathing of shallow and unsound thinking. Which is as usual amply in evidence here.

            • In the context that’d require never reading the comments section, so instead I labour selflessly to make these unfortunate individuals aware of their problems and hopefully grow into better persons.
              Aren’t I virtuous? :v

  34. Bahahahahaha

    This just means that 43% retards are even worse than their numbers would suggest.

    This isn’t really news, anyone skilled who was paying attention saw certain trends in their MM.

  35. What this developer said is true. I keep saying that MM is rigged – and not entirely random – and that it works in “streaks”. Every time I said this in the forum I got mass negreps from other players. And now it turns out even developer confirmed it.

    • Throw a coin 100 times, post results here. If there are any 4+ streaks cut your dick off and post link to pic.

  36. So it is actually confirmed, that the MM mess with you depending on your performance and WR. That would explain the huge amount of losing streaks for some time, just to put you on winning strikes again, and vice versa. In my huge amount of games in my ferdinan, I got to say I have had alot of loosing but also winning streaks, and very few 50/50 games. I dont like it.

  37. I take the word of any “lesser” developer over that of any of those assholes like Serb. You got refuted by your own team… how terrible!!

    • And this is actually easy to test. Just write a program that reads your replay files. It should show it clearly that when you win get to be top tier less than when you lose. This is easily testable claim.

    • But, i must add that i have my doubts about this. Yesterday i had probably best winning streak ever….i was in platoon for that matter and we had like 16/16 wins in a row. We were playing T7s and i must say we were thrown much more often on the top than on the bottom. So it might be true, but then again who knows what are they talking. It’s already been proven many times that even developers have no idea about the core mechanics of the game and how it works.

  38. Aahhahah they just confirmed what I have been saying FOR YEARS..


  39. So I can do the double amount of damage in relation to my HP and I get on the bottom of a team full of noobs and so I don’t win anything… wow great.Wasn’t SerB always saying “If you get more skilled, you’ve got the right to pwnt?” Well this isn’t the case, is it?

  40. Actually, if WG does stuff this way, it’s rather dumb.

    It somewhat works in evening out the WR of good players(if you’re good you win a lot and as a result get put in a position where your contribution matters less) but totally fails at evening out the WR of bad players. If you’re bad, lose a lot and as a result you get put into a position where your contribution is crucial (top tier) you will lose more, not less.

  41. Guys,

    I want to point out that whatever your personal experience is, it does not prove anything one way ot the other. See:

    So, if you have a win rate that’s quite normal, let’s say 48%-52%, and you just won three games, and were top tier, you will, with a higher probability, loose in the next three game(s) and not be a top tier. That’s simply because winning three games in a row while being top tier *is* unusual (i.e. below 50% probability), while not being top tier and loosing at least one of three games is highly probable.

    Even worse, with millions of players, there will be some who see this effect far more often than expected, giving them the distinct and plausible feeling that they get screwed by MM, while it’s only to be expected and an effect of the randomness of WoT in general.

    You don’t need any developers and skill-based MMs to achieve this effect. You all can remove your tinfoil hats now.


  42. I take it no-one has seen that post on the NA forums of that script kiddie who reckons he can “fix” the MM…??

    Some script which presses Battle, instantly checks the likelihood of being top tank, then presses exit if chance is low… somethin which can be guessed by eyesight, but the script obviously works in fraction of a second, and more accurate..

    There is a lot of suspicion that this is fake/troll….

    • That script is BS.

      What can you tell with just your eyes? Queue length and that’s no indicator of player getting top/mid/bottom tier next battle. If that script doesn’t have access to matchmaking data (doesn’t see the “room” the player is in; BTW if it had access and a lot of people used it – imagine the additional load on mm server = longer queue times) it can’t tell what are the chances of being top tier. So it disconnects player at random… Very useful indeed. :P

  43. Unfortunately for the above average players, WG is relying upon red tomatoes to be financially successful, because they’re the majority, so they have to be kept interested in the game. They do this by avoiding a really bad win rate even if the player is useless in any battle. That’s why we’ll never see win rates like 80% or so, playing only randoms.

    On-topic: I kinda like it when I’m not top tier, because in that case everyone and his dog will chase me all over the battlefied, especially when I drive a medium or light. For instance, with the T-54, my best games are those when I’m somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately there’s also a huuuge amount of Tier 10 heavy tank drivers which absolutely suck, and I really hate these E100 drivers with 45% win rate which end up with zero damage dealt…

  44. Since WOT IS RIGGED.

    What do we do about it? Make them come clean, and remove the rigging? Stop sending them cash?

    Let’s hear some solutions.. Given how ignorant the faggot niggers at WOT are – we can’t expect much.

    • Please take your meds, adjust your tinfoil hat, and turn off your computer. Then get a dictionary and look up what “rigged” actually means – as well as “proof”, while you’re at it.

  45. Niggas be rigging the game.

    No question about it now.. Let’s spread the word, so the world knows.

    Down with Fagaming.

  46. Sorry cant confirm this…
    there are days (Tier7-9) i am playing at the bottom for all the time…. win/lose no change.

    imho.. bul**it flying around….


  47. It is not a developer, just some forum monkey answer stupid user’s questions. Storm disproved the message in the discussion and said this guy should be heavily punished .

  48. This is not new and it’s not dependent on your overall winrate.

    They have said before that if you have a long losing streak the MM will try to put you in as top tier and vice versa if you have a long winning streak the MM will try to put you as bottom tier.

    Doesn’t mean that you will always be put to top/bottom just that the MM will try if it has the opportunity.

    Jeez guys. Way to get your panties in a bunch.

  49. Honestly this all sounds like the dev could be misunderstanding the whole “If you’re on bottom 3 rounds in a row (unlucky) it’ll put you on top.”

    Having nothing to do with W/R.

    At least I wouldn’t be surprised.

  50. 1st Match: you made the biggest damage, starts on the top of your team, earn tons of credits and so on but noob team and match lost

    2nd Match: you start @ the bottom of your team, spent only ~10% of the damage what you did before, died because you have to hold one side alone or have to be scout and died in the very first few minutes – match won

    WG fail MM