WG Fail: October mission still not fixed

Edit: looks like it’s been fixed

Hello everyone,

as you probably know, the October mission “Hero of the Day” was NOT fixed with today’s reset. The only thing that changed is that there’s now an official post claiming it will be fixed to count the damage in the future and not the XP. You know, “when it’s done it’s done”.

I had a look at how it is on the US server, that reported the same problem. Strangely enough it was confirmed by The_Chieftain that US server mission coding is correct (it has just wrong description), while on EU server both the coding and description are wrong. EU quality and all that.

However, a word of advice: despite what WG EU representatives claim, it’s VERY likely that no damage you deal today will count towards the goal if it gets fixed, so, unless you really want to grind 50k XP, I wouldn’t really bother.

29 thoughts on “WG Fail: October mission still not fixed

    • 5x bad battle with your T34 or type 59 = 250 000
      5x good battle = 500 000.

      So don’t bother.

      • 25 bad 1stwins+10loses=50k exp
        5 good wins, 13 average wins+7loses=50k exp
        Assuming you have at least 20 different veheicles in your garage and a valid premium account. So rich people get more, while casual ones get less, seems pretty fair to me. Furthermore i don’t think we will ever get one of the 7days premium missions back. If were lucky they change the mission to 25 kills/ 25kdmg on each veheicle and reward=1kk+3 days of Premium + some crappy consumables.

        • T34 was for free long time ago, There are again and again competitions where you can win your Type 59, so do not cry. Also you could have bought a panther m10, for ~11€. The panther m10 is a good tank making about 30-35k profit every match (premium) and just in case you are a good player even more.

          • I have about 6 T2-6 premiums in my garage from discounts and competitions. T8s are just not worth it, really (unless you win a Type, ofc, but it’s getting rarer these days)

            • T34 is worth it’s price and from what I’ve seen, so is the SU-122-44, Panther/M10 and E-25.

  1. Well i did it yesterday there is abit of pushing the tanks to limits x2 but is really possible.

    • Why would anyone bother? By the time I get 50K exp i would make at least 500K credits, those 250K are just too small prize for all games you need to play.

      • Depends…..I would play 30 games anyway just to do my daily doubles (and not all of them either….just my money makers, grinders and fun tanks). An additional 10 games to get 250k is worth the extra time (about an hour).

    • Hope its fixed by next week? So lose out on close to 3million credits because of their **** up? No thanks.

      They were told about the issue on the 30th, were 48hours beyond that point and its the usual EU WG in-action and yes-man excuses and sweet **** all done.

      EU WG is a disgrace, you got tech support in EU saying the ms spike is YOUR problem, pro-stalinism being forced down EU neck AND ****** up missions aswell as piss poor news articles which turn up 4-5days later than all other servers.

      Yeah we know EU is 2nd rate WG, can you now **** off and do your job?

      They also have the cheek to say vote for them in golden Joystick?
      ahahha. sure.

  2. Let’s hope they will manage to fix it for next week…
    How can they fail so bad? It’s not the first time. Well, it seems I can skip playing this week.

  3. By the way, I am kind of curious – What prevents WoT client to tie the results tables you get after leaving the battle (not the client, where the result table is completely missing) to proper replay?

  4. I don’t have all that time to get either 50k exp or 50k damage, just takes too much, and the latter forces you to play on high tiers anyway. Which means World of TDs. Do not want.

    • Yeah, I loved when it was world of arty, and you could be killed anywhere… Ah good old times

      • Heavys are whining again.. like always. Arty counters TD, you asked for an arty nerv so dont cry now when theres nothing to counter TDs. Best thing would be a Heavy nerf: -50% engine durability, -50%ammo rack durability, -30%mobility, -30% view range, -30% bounce chance, -30% weakspot armor. Let the flame begin.. and after a week, buff all nerved stats with +50/30%. Its still a nerf, but perhaps you would stop to cry for nerfs of tanks you dont play.

    • 50k damage can be done easily even without premium account. 50k ? Really hard, unless you push tanks to do all x2.

      Yes, for 50k damage you better play high tiers… But then its like 17 – 25 battles to do. Depends on luck sometimes. BUT, does not depend on quality of teams you get…

      For me, doing 15 wins was pain in the ass. If I had bad luck for teams I just stopped playing. 50k damage I can do day after day (if I have time ofc).

    • EDIT:

      World of TDs?

      Well, if you’re good player, you can play nearly every high tier to do it :) not just TDs.

      It may be easier in TDs, just that.

      But yeah, there is common tendency, to TDs recently. I grind my TDs too after arty nerf. You know, they can nerf TDs after those “whining cry-babies on forums”.

    • Not world of TDs but world of arty. My tier 8-9 TDs were doing over 2k per battle (sometimes 3k but other times I got killed early for under 1k). In contrast, my tier 8-9 arty did average of 3k each, win or lose (with the exception of my M40/43, which had a really bad run of luck).

      I like this mission because it’s the first time I’ve had a reason to play arty in months.

      • No problem, bring them one…finally some chances to get Burda’s/Dumitru’s/Pascucci’s medal after the arty nerf.
        My Leo would love it.

    • I will just add something in here, just to cut on those who judges a little too soon.

      1) I am a decent player, if i notice something, it’s hardly to be compared to the crybabies that are on forum.

      2) I play both heavies, TDs and arty. I am not a one sided guy regarding these 3 kind of classes

      3) Never liked such a strong arty nerf, but i see most people in my clan as well suffering when there are over 5 tier 10 TDs per team. While most arty fire can be avoided by playing it smart, you will have to face TDs on choke points soon or later.

      4) Yes, 50k damage is easily done with most high tier tanks, but do i really want to spend all that time for it? I get tired of the random stupidity you meet, i usually play 8 rounds or so per evening, managed to play some more when i was certain i needed 15 victories for the 250k bonus.

  5. “Edit: Looks like its fixed”

    Err, no its not, EU is still recording XP only and their still “investigating”