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      • E5 was in May, I doubt they will repeat it before other tier 10 tanks. If you want it don’t wait for such special in the next year, unless they give some discount for Christmas.

  1. I believe that AMX 50B already was Top of the tree or Big and heavy a couple months ago?
    Also Chinese tanks were never on this specials! :(

    • IS-7 and T110E5 in May, E-100 and Foch 155 in June, FV4202 and T57 in July, Batchat and Leopard 1 in August, T-62A and Maus in September and first for October is Obj 268. AMX 50B wasn’t included so far.

          • They don’t seem to be heading towards equal distribution so far, so we can’t really say anything about probabilities.

            RU: x3 (IS-7, T-62A, Obj 268).

            DE: x3 (E100, Leopard 1, Maus).

            FR: x3 (Foch 155, Batchat, AMX50B).

            US: x2 (T110E5, T57HT).

            UK: x1 (FV4202).

            CH: x0.

            HT: x6 (IS-7, T110E5, E100, T57HT, Maus, AMX50B).

            MT: x4 (FV4202, Batchat, Leopard 1, T-62A).

            TD: x2 (Foch 155, Obj 268)

            • Well, one question remains:

              What about Arty in the Top of Tree Special?

              Arty (so far): 0 of 5 possible branches!

              HT: 6/9
              MT: 4/8
              TD: 2/7

  2. Oh cool, perfect timing for me to get my AMX M4. All I have to do is get the 105 and unlock the tank itself, then I can get the tank at a discount when it comes out, I chalk that up as a win. Of course that’s going to cut into my credit grinding time to get the Leopard PT A and Pershing… .

      • All tanks in the branch sans the tier one gets a discount. V and below are 50%, VI and above are 30%. Cause you know, the starter tanks cost literally nothing.

        • ‘On track to XX’ is for NA cluster only I think. EU cluster has different policy and they call it ‘Top of the tree’, which only has discounts on tier8 to tier10.

  3. gooood gooood.
    Finished grinding that one week ago. I felt something in my guts that i must wait for a while before buying that one. :)
    I’m curious if they give some X tier discounts on Golden Dildo/Joystick.

      • I have 1 more T10 to buy and 6 x T9 to buy. I would like to have some golden discounts for them.
        And honestly more than 90% of playerbase are kids that never heard about FTR or WoT forum. And they will vote. That will be enough to win golden joystick.

    • Same here mate. But we have to be realistic, Germany’s the nation with the most Tier X tanks in the “On Track” specials until now. We’ll have to wait quite a bit for the E50M to be featured there.

    • T69=
      90mm autoloader
      4 shells per clip
      240×4= 960

      AMX 50 100
      100mm shells autoloader
      6 shells per clip
      300×6 = 1800

      It’s a beast man, plus it’s fater and agiler…..even a good rammer :D

      • To me, the 50/100 feels like a buffed Lorraine at a lower tier. Lorr takes a lot of effort to play well, while 50/100 can curbstomp most tanks at its tier.

      • AMX 50/100 is heavily used in 7vs7 and in company battles. That shows how good it is.

        T69 was fun to play only with premium rounds before nerf. Without premium it has very weak penetration.

  4. What’s the source of the French AMX 50B being the 2nd Top of the Tree (On the Track) this month?

  5. To Andrijajuric,

    The AMX 50B is one of four Heavies ‘not’ to be featured in the Top of the Tree (On the Track) series, as of yet. Those four Heavy tanks are:

    Soviet, IS-4
    UK, FV215b
    French, AMX 50B
    Chinese, 113

  6. Yeah!

    I researched the AMX-50B something like year or more ago… Still have not bought it. Back ago, I dont had credits for it and there was no such amazing missions with credits / exp. And there was no friggin better version -> T-57 Heavy.

    Now I have 6 mln accumulated, modules bought in advance.. NOW IT’S TIME to buy :)

    • Same here 50B researched long, long time ago and never bought just like my Maus 30% time to buy .

  7. well, could WG just fuck themself in the ass, with a cactus? I have 5 t10′s waiting for this fuckin 30% off, but hell, these apes cant put any of them into this shit, but they do put every one i already have…

      • Foch 155, T57 and Batchat

        all of these were already, so get a bit of logic.

        they are e3 e4 113 wz-121 jpze100 e50m and o263…

        im sure the next one after this freakin 50b will be is4-7 or 110e5….

        • Is-7 and 110e5 already been in top of the tree.

          Only tanks left to appear(apart from this month’s ones) are the arties, E-50M, JPanzerE100, IS-4, Obj.140, Obj.263, M48 Patton, T110E3/4, 121 and 113.

    • Q: “The world isn’t moving according to my wishes!” A: “How terrible…”

  8. What about Arty in the Top of Tree Special?

    Arty (so far): 0 of 5 possible branches!

    HT: 6/9
    MT: 4/8
    TD: 2/7