Wot Viewer not working for some users in 8.9CT

Hello everyone,

if you read the FB feed of For the Record, you might remember that yesterday, I wrote that I am having issues with the Wot Viewer. After a while of searching, I discovered I am by far not the only one. This issue concerns the 32bit version of the Wot Viewer (WotTankViewer_x86.exe) – simply put: WV works normally with 8.8 client, but if you try to set the path to your 8.9CT folder, the VW crashes.

What did not help (so no need to try it):

- remove the reference to Japanese tanks from cfg files
- change the graphic settings of the VW client
- replacing 8.9CT camo files with 8.8 ones

Unfortunately, solution is not yet available. It seems there is a problem in camouflage loading, but that is just a guess. If you are interested, please follow this thread (RexTimmy is the maker of VW). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to register on those forums (automated mail not working), so let’s hope for a quick solution.

Of course, if you had this problem too and managed to overcome it somehow, do share with us in comments.

Unfortunately, it also means that until it’s fixed, I won’t be able to show you the supertest vehicles (nothing too interesting there tho) and the visual and armor model changes.

10 thoughts on “Wot Viewer not working for some users in 8.9CT

    • Upper plate finally 61 degrees?
      They nerfed it to 58 when it was moved to tier 10 beause WG.

  1. Same here, does not work for me, older versions work fine. 32bit too. Mainly I use the WoT viewer for two things

    -finding out gun depression/elevation values
    -for now, the IS-3 armor changes

  2. Copying and replacing \res\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\\customization.xml from 8.8 install to 8.9test server install folders works.

    • d’oh. one foldername got lost in the message
      The file needed is for example \res\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\japan\customization.xml
      same for china, france, germany, uk, usa and ussr folders.