Great European Random 6

Another video from Darth_Woras!

And I was asked to pass this message:

“Woras needs help – send your music suggestions for next episodes at! Also send your 8.9 replays there too.”



28 thoughts on “Great European Random 6

      • when are idiots like you going to realize that “gold spamming” is actually credit spamming. Anyone that doesn’t use premium rounds when necessary deserves their low win rates and rage fests.
        Let me try to put it another way that maybe you will understand.

        Damage+kills = credits and XP right?
        By spending a little extra on ammo, you increase you damage and kills, which increases credits and XP.
        ie. you gotta spend more to make more.
        This is how I net 100k credits in my t26e4 even though I shoot premium rounds all day long. If I don’t shoot premium rounds, my income decreases!
        This even holds true with non-premiums. How else is my T110E5 gonna pen the front of a E100 hmmnn?

        • i dont care about other people credits or overall income when they spam it lieki mademen, totally ruining the games balance. why on earth should someone drive a tank with armour when there are batshits or basically any other tank, runnign around with no ammunition that has a lower penetration than 330? “but you can use gold ammo as well”…yeah since i need ti to penetrate a batchat, leopard of t62a. all there is to wait for is decreased damage for increased pen.

          im taking a guess and say you are this sakuji here:

          you lack tier X expirience, you lack general hightier expirience yet you seem to understand perfectly how the game works. im stunned that someone with such stats thinks he understand so much. there is more than lowtiers ingame…

          damn i love the statsclub…its so devestating

  1. Not going to bother with sending a e-mail. Sorry.
    Anything from X-Ray Dog or Two Steps from Hell.

  2. As a driver of a T95, I was rolling laughing! Happens more often than you think. I should send you my replay of me going 1v8 in my T95.

  3. Should start with the nice short clips and end with the boring, long, braggish ones so you can turn it off knowing you didnt miss anything vital