15th Anniversary Hangar for 8.9

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2778824.html
Author: Awasaky

Hello everyone,

in 8.9, the garage format and special effects were changed, causing older hangars (like the one for 15th Anniversary) to not work.

Here, you can download the reworked hangar version for 8.9, thanks to Russian players, who converted it. Please note that the annoying fireworks were disabled in this version.



This is how it looks:





38 thoughts on “15th Anniversary Hangar for 8.9

          • The Donkey was originally created by Kellomies to combat the annoying “First!” posters…

            Anyways, back on topic, I think that this makes for an excellent garage mod! Is there a site where I can find a compilation of garage mods? The problem for me is that I’m able to find 1, maybe 2, garage mods at a time, but never several to compare them and choose which one I like the most. The normal non-prem hangar looks like a torture room…

  1. Like anyone would want to download that piece of shit hanger with its piece of shit lighting. During the 15th anniversary celebrations, I couldn’t wait for them to get rid of that hanger.

  2. crap, im still using the may special garage with the dark city and will use it every patch

  3. Yesss, I’ve been looking for this almost an hour now. Should have known to come here…thanks SS :)

  4. I just wish they’d stop turning the damned lights off every time they put camo on sale… =/