Tier 8 and 9 Japanese tanks

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2784201.html

Tier 8 – STA-1 (some older trees have STA-1 as tier 9, but it will be tier 8 apparently)



Tier 9 – Type 61



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      • I am not sure about the default colour on the Japanese tanks… they look rusted… Otherwise they are quite aesthetically pleasing, specially the Tier 10.

        • I think Daigensui once mentioned “the colour of dying grass in autumn” … or something along those lines.
          I see something brown, but it isn’t grass, nor rust.
          Anyway, beyond the dubious camo, the tanks look cool.

    • Well… IMHO Centurions looks WAY much better… I did T62A because of the ROF, Batchat because of the Clip Autoloader, atm doing Pattons, because these tank… THESE tanks are awesome same with FV4202 line with exception of X tier. It’s not so great, but predecessors are fantastic. Want to have Leo line, because of its ability to spot/snipe and quite fast rld time. AND OFC E50M line – ramming heavies with Medium tank – this is it what i’m living for. And here we come to those tanks… I dont like how they look and im not certainly sure about their role on the battlefield. Probably but after Object 140 which is after 121. Thank you.

    • Bad Company 2 <3 played it again some days ago after 450h of playtime.. Behind WoT my second most played game… :)

        • BC2 was so much better than BF3 / BF4, even though people said when it was released it wasn’t true to the old games in terms of a “BF game” it was still alot more BF than BF3 / BF4 aka Call of Battlefield

  1. Those are some real ugly turrets. The armour on the mantlet also doesn’t seem as tough as you’d expect it to be visually.

    • Yeah, I agree there.
      It’s an earth brown colour that was used on WW2 tanks in both solid and as part of the three colour camo… they just don’t look right on the modern tanks since the JGSDF uses a green/brown camo.

    • Basely yeah but remember… they fought against godzilla so that should give them some merits.

    • Turrets vaguely resemble those of the Pershing and Patton, but the STA-1′s hull is closer to Leo I.

    • STA-1 (completed in December 1956) and STA-2 (completed in February 1957) were built and tested. The results were used to develop the STA-3 (completed in January 1960) and STA-4 (completed in November 1959) in 1960.

      • I agree that they suffer from either “French Tank” Syndrome or “Leopard” syndrome.

        • you know in that era, they found that HEAT shell have OP pen, so with anti-tank handheld missile, noway to make a medium steel armor to stand against that, so they decide to make fast and mobility tank to support infantry rather than heavy slow armor good-for-nothing in field. Similar now in WoT, i prefer mobility tank than heavy armor one, because armor mean nothing with tier 10 TDs

    • Medium tanks, shouldn’t expect much armor on them, and it seems like the japanese med line focus on good and accurate guns rather than armor.

      • Mediums without armor needs good camo (all tanks need some kind of defence, being armor or camo to be effective).
        High tier mediums all rely on camo rather than armor, with the exception of the E-50/M which struggles to fit in on the battlefield, and we all know how effective they can be.

        Remember: the best way to not take damage is to not be shot at in the 1st place.

        • e50m is great for random matches. maybe its not best for cw, but it´s fun as hell. e50 shhould have better pen, in tier X battle it cant snipe effectivtively

          • yeah e50 not very good in a match full of t10. However it’s awesome when it’s top Tier with only a few 9s

      • Didn’t know they were Mediums. Do we not know what the heavy line will look like, or are they going to be released years later?

        • If you know of the japanese super heavy tank, I-O, that is going to be teir 7 in the heavy line, so expect the teir 10 heavy to be a monster. And I want to say the heavys will come somewhere next year… mid june or july (only guessing).

    • Remember, if they do actually mange to keep the in-game height of the Japanese tanks historically proportional, the tier 8′s and 9′s ,even with those massive commanders hatches, should be just a little taller then Soviet/Chinese tanks of the those tiers and the tier 10 will hopefully be a little taller then the 416. Just think of the western gun depression with that kind of cammo.

  2. The t8 looks very interesting but I’ll have to see the size before I make up my mind about it.

  3. Love the design but I don’t like that the tier 8 seems to be lower profile than the tier 9.

  4. Thanks, SS.
    There look a lot like the indien panzer: Unarmored, good gun depression and fuck-ugly. The T61 looks very tall too.

    Anyone have info on the guns, or maybe speculate from the barrels?

  5. Are those the stock or top turrets? Cause the mantlet looks very weak, but that’s the same for the Pershing’s stock turret, the top one is amazing.

    • The Pershing’s top turret is only stronger at the front because it was used by the M45 assault version with the 105 derp- the stubby gun was so light that extra armour had to be put at the front to avoid it becoming imbalanced towards the rear.

      I doubt the Japanese had any reason to uparmour those tanks.

        • Indirectly, yes.
          The Type 61 was designed to defeat the T-34-85 which at the time was in North Korean service and could not be defeated by the hand-me-down Chaffees and Sherman Easy 8s that the US provided.

  6. I see fron drive sprockets…expect some nasty fires from frontal hits….

    Honestly i don’t think they are Patton copies more than Leo PT or Leo I. The running gear is similar but otherwise…well and these should have epic gundepression too!

  7. Whoa, I see american tanks.

    So I think those tanks are weird mix of German and USA medium tanks, however I hope German guns then…

    • You could say that. Type 61 is a clear copy of american tanks. STB-1(Teir 10 tank) is more of a japanese leopard but different in some way that i dont know of.

  8. Is it just me, it seems that the tier 8 actually have better armor than the tier 9 (better slope)?

    • And you look like a man who bought Super Pershing not even playing Pershing prior to that. But it’s all looks only, isn’t it?

      • I dont even have Pershing or Super Pershing in my garage, but I played them both, and saw lots of them in random battles.

  9. They seem a bit, big. Not that that is a bad thing, cause the Germans, Brits, and American Mediums are kinda like that, but it just seems like these may not have the greatest camo-rating. Overall, they don’t look too bad. Can’t wait for the Japanese tree to be released!

    Though i’m still waiting on my American Prem TD, a good Brit med premium, and oh, i don’t know, the Euro Tree.

  10. wonder why they put such huge coupolas on the turret… japanese solders arent famous by their heigh…

    • Just eyeballing it the thing has an optic rangefinder thrown in. That’s going to require some room.

  11. Also, thought i’d ask, when can we expect to see tank-specific stats of these vehicles? Just curious just what kind of guns they’d be using.

    • yes for me it’s all about the gun if the have german gun i’ll get them if not then why bother

      • Well, the reson i ask is the fact that some tanks can have the same exact gun, but depending on the platform, could perform far differently. For example, both the Leopard 1 and FV4202 use the L7A1, but because the two tanks themselves are vastly different, the L7A1 is used in two different ways.

    • Doesn’t matter, the thickest part of the turret is 70mm and the thickest part of the mantlet is 124mm- so it’s going to have 194mm at most, and less in other parts. The cupola is the least of your concerns unless you are facing low-pen guns.

  12. They both look kinda tall, espacially Type 61. With that silouette and weak armor, whats gonna be their advantage?

    • Those tanks are only 3 meters wide…. STA-1 should be about the same height as T-62.
      Type61 should only be a bit taller. It should also be shorter. This were meant to be transported through Tunnels for trains hence the 3m width.

    • Ok, looking at Leopard 1, which has the same Suspension as STA-1, it looks like the STA-1 is going to be really small in size actually…

    • Thats because they were designed during American occupation. The Type 61 was a 1961 design to avoid purchasing expensive and outdated M46 Pattons.

      Since the Japanese fought Americans, and lived with Americans, the Japanese only have experience with American tanks as being good tanks.

      Besides, they look more like Indien Panzers.

  13. Well,with that armor on the T9 i hope we get mobility and firepower that is atleast close to that of the Leopard PT A.

    • 90mm M41 Gun : 853m/s (M318AP-T) – WoT 90mm M41 Gun pen : 173mm

      Type 61 L/52 90mm Gun : 910m/s (M318AP-T) – WoT Type 61 90mm Gun pen : est 180-190mm???

  14. Interesting…you know, to me the STA-I at tier 8 resembles the M26 Pershing. Was the STA-I in any way developed from the M26, or based on it?