WG EU fail: Hall of Fame? More like Hall of Bots…

Hello everyone,

so, today, WG EU released the new Hall of Fame. Now, only the VERY BEST players can achieve the eternal glory and be listed there amongst the greatest heroes of World of Tanks!

Or not.


Why the hell is there a bot on second place? Or at least a really bad player. Check out his stats. Colinbrett666 has 45 percent winrate, but 76 THOUSAND battles. If that’s not a bot, then I don’t know. The account was started 938 days ago. That means this guy plays 81,35 battles EVERY day. With average battle duration of 7 minutes, that’s 9,5 hours every day. For last 2,5 years. Right…

Even IF it wasn’t a bot, what’s a guy with 45,34 percent winrate doing there?

Clearly, WG Hall of Bots and/or WG rating are working as intended…

120 thoughts on “WG EU fail: Hall of Fame? More like Hall of Bots…

  1. I’m around 140k, yet there are dozens of players in front of me, with more battles, but less dmg done, less avg. xp and so on… I think it is more like a Hall of RNG. ;)

  2. As long as the rating is done by total amounts of “something” and not at least average per battle, it is completely useless…

  3. Frank, he’s not a bot, he’s just a bad player that refuses to stop playing although he gets raped every match.
    Met him 2 times, he was talking, pinging the map, advancing, shooting, dying and calling other people noobs and claiming that he hates WG for not removing those OP “fking autoloaders!!!”

      • I agree i met him on various matches and he even answered !questions” (ok i confess i trolled him lol)

        He is just rushing, spotting some enemies maybe one shot – dead, next game…81 games per day? easy!

    • Not so hard to believe. There are people like this in any game, especially MMOs. People with tons of time on their hands who have made this their past time. Learning from experience isn’t mandatory, either.

    • He sounds like Reedy005 on the NA server. At least the autoloader part(and the being terrible part)

  4. He has 4500 SCOUT medals, he is not a bot, he suicides every game in first 2 mins which makes only it not 9 hours but 3-4 hours to do these 80 battles per day. Thats why 45%, pls, dont call me ppl bots before checking something.

    • Exactly what he did in the 4 or 5matches i met him lol…though i cannot understand how this would be fun…well…who cares

      • Well, it is not hard to program a bot thar presses r 3 times… and the A and D a few times. Unless you meet a rock, you can get Scout medals all day(Malinovka=bot scout heaven)

    • well the thing is players can suck harder then bots but ppl just cant see it and miss their failines for boting :)

  5. Try the players with the most battles in the last week and look at how many tanks they destroy per battle.

    I think WG just designed a new bot hunting tool, let’s hope they start using it.

  6. Actually, the place in the table depends on what you sort it by. It’s just a stupid that default sorting is done by number of games played.
    They need some efficiency rating with a good formula as a default sorting mechanism.

  7. Hmm, I know SS you hate the WG EU team (I have a reason to be not very fond of them as well as you know), but this is hardly their fault. When it comes to number of games played this guy is just number 2 on the list. GJ, UNLESS he’s in fact a bot – but shoudnl’t he be banned in this case?

  8. Hmm,this is not a fail from WG EU ;)
    Its stand on most battle’s on WOT.this person have the second most games played on wot.

    • Quite unfortunate for him to have such a disgusting Win Rate since he plays that much…

      • Maybe it’s just a bad player with no friends :)
        But i dont see any fail in in this new thing.

  9. Also if you sort by max xp there is one guy at the top with 6200xp made in a 110E5… LOL. How the fuck do you get that sort of xp in a tier 10 unless its a rigged game?

  10. Looking at the differences in those tankers reminds me of the old Sesame Street bit, “One of these things is not like the other!”

  11. so Evil Joe has even more battles within two and a half years (account created on 13.04.2011). what does that tell us?

  12. He’s “[TWD] The Walking Dead”. So, what else he can do other than play video games? ;P

  13. This Hall of Fame has to be redone, to sort the people by their ratting, unlike it’s now by battles played…

    In my clan I am the best player, when I look at my clan hall of fame, I was on 7th place and our biggest noob with MANY battles on the 1st one… C’mon WG, it’s a big joke!

  14. Hmm … accessing the HoF seems to cause an infinite loop in Firefox for me … bug or working as intended?

  15. my winrate is better than 98.76% of players and I play stoned most of the times. how about that :D

    • Because there are 60.000.000 registered users, from those about 1.000.000-2.000.000 MAX! are playing(not only active players counted).
      From those only about 15% (or less) have WRs above 50%…so you can guess why you’re placed so up.

  16. Using the method of 7 days and GPL ( Battles fought ) and looking for F/B ( Average killed )

    I find this quite interesting tool to see how people bots 250 matches per day for a week…

  17. Wanna see the true hall of bots? Choose one day statistics sorted by games played. you will see some “unicums” there.
    For example: casdasdsa 397 battles, 1648xp, 1 kill and 46 dmg (probably someone made a suicide ram on him)
    Really not sure how WG can be unaware of this, but it is more likely that they just ignore bots.

    • you read my thoughts… but oh – its so hard to detect bots… only 2-3 per game per side. Interestingly there are no obvious bots in the 7 day statistic, just loads of noobs with 0.1 kill per game… .

    • Thing is, WG bans bots, but only for a few days. If they get caught, one day ban, caught again ? No problem, 3 days ban. Again ? Oh have 7 days of ban. Then it’s just going on with 7 day bans all the time. They never get temp banned or wiped, so everyone can not around happily without having to worry too much .,

  18. high Invincible badge with a bad winrate and loads of battles played = bot

    it’s pretty simple really.

  19. And this is a fail how exactly? If you sort people by games played then that is what you get. You can sort them by damage/wins/whatever if you want. Spend 10 seconds more next time, this is more FTR fail than WG fail…

  20. how can one play wot for so long without getting bored of it?
    i’m currently at 7200 battles (from january 14), and i didnt play much games besides world of tanks..
    even 30k games are just not normal..

  21. I think its more FTR fail than WG EU fail.

    Or dont you think, it’s normal to get the player with the 2nd most played games on rank 2, if you sort the players by the number of their battles?

    Look twice next time, if you want to “find” a new WG EU fail…

  22. I played against that colimbret once hahaha

    when I saw his number of game played in the xvm I said mother of god, but the rest of statistics were really poor

    he just rush to our cap in a hetzer and died very fast. but he wasnt a bot, just trying to light enemies and die as fast as he could to just join a new game. he even shot a few times too

    nothing to be proud of if u ask me

  23. Just checked myself, three guys above me and three guys below me all have same amount of battles as i do. All our other stats, like WR, avg XP, DPB and others are totally different.

    Which leads to only one conclusion.
    Number of battles participated is, if not only, then THE most important factor in the equation for calculating your place in “hall of fame”. Every other stat is less important or irrelevant.

    Makes perfect sense. From WG’s point of view, that is.

    If you guys think that they’ll implement something like WN 6/7/8 rules for their ranking and show to 95% of gaming population how hard they suck at the game, you’re being delusional. They need players to feel good about themselves for playing a lot so they can keep doing that and continue paying.

    No one wants to know how bad he is at something he likes to do, only how good he is at it. And WG gives ‘em exactly that.

    • The guys above and below you have the same amount of battles because you are looking at the list of battles played.

  24. Can’t you see that on this screen players are classified by Number of Battles…. fail SS….

    • That is the default view, which tempts to believe that it’s the default way of rating for someone who doesn’t want to spend time thinking.

  25. Nice to see the top win ratio guy is an M2 Light driving seal clubber. :)

    And puzzling to see that the number 3 has a 91% win ratio in his KV-1 but yet no Ace???

  26. And that is the most damning indictment I can imagine of WGs ridiculous player rating system.

    Look, I’m no great player. I hover around 52WR at about 10,600 battles right now. I”m pub only and I don’t seal club, but neither do I claim that everyone with a 55+WR is a troll-platooning, CB-whoring seal clubber, (many are, but never mind that). The point is that I do not discount the primacy of WR as a metric of player skill, while WG seems to have done exactly that.

    This colinbrett666 tardhead is obviously a mediocre-to-poor player who bots his account when he’s not at home. Fine. But don’t tell me he’s better than 99.999% of the player base, because that’s self-evidently not true.

    Now get rid of your ill-conceived and non-functional player rating system and adopt the WNx system, you bunch of stubborn Russkies.

  27. This guy has:
    T2 Light Tank
    M22 Locust
    T7 Combat Car
    Type 59
    Pz IV Schmalturm
    Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f)
    Matilda Black Prince
    Dicker Max
    8,8cm Pak 43 JagdTiger
    FCM 36 Pak 40

    Okay, he got most of his premium light tanks for free.

    BUT HELL NO he’s not a bot o.o

    • Okay then he’s just a supremely bad player with no life whatsoever (8,000 battles a day!? Seriously, this guy either puts WAY too much time into the game or he has a script play the game for him for most of his battles)

  28. now click on 1 day and look at 1st place – 737 battles(right now) – in one day!!!!!

  29. Top guy: 104k battles, 939 days, average per day: 108.
    Me: 9,4k battles, 899 days, average per day: 10,5.

    Gotta tell my wife I aint that bad and I’m not addicted, it is now officialy statistically proven.

  30. SS, you are being utterly ridiculous.

    First, how exactly are bots the fault of WG EU? Yes, you could argue that it’s their fault that these accounts aren’t deleted, but from what I understand it’s not something they actively do unless an account is reported/flagged.

    Second, you’re sorting the list by number of games played. Wow, what a surprise to find a bot high up on a list sorted by the number of games played. I am just stunned. [sarcasm]

    Third, pretty sure the old Hall of Fame page didn’t do anything differently than this one, so this isn’t exactly news. The only “fail” here would be that they list “games played” as the default view when you get to the page.

  31. Calling regular player a bot, not seeing that hall sorts by battles on regular and does not show BEST PLAYERS OF WOT but PLAYERS WITH HIGHEST STATS, blaming WG EU as always, when there will be a section called “SilentStalker Fails”?

    • sorts by battles BY DEFAULT*

      Also forgot to mention that you can change sorting, alsoyou kinda forgot to tell you can compare with your friends now, PLEASE stop this retarded WG EU FAILED AGAIN LOLOLOLO posts and do your job!

  32. The Walking Dead is a perfect name for this Zombie clan (but why do you need a clan for bots?) …

  33. Jediný relevantní údaj v této tabulce je poslední sloupec “E/B”!
    Všechny ostatní jen říkají jen jak dloho to hraješ.

  34. EvilJoe over 100k already nice :D…

    Btw he is an total dick and a fucking retard on top of it. Rages alot, but its funny to troll him back :D !!

  35. havin 81 a day for a 45% player there is nothing wrong about it… If he is that guy on your team who -ALWAYS die frist.. he just simply go back to garage and switch to next game.. so it doesnt take for him to play every battle exactly 7minutes DUH!! ..
    ALSO if he was a bot- how hell he could get 22 kills per day… 1 kill per 4 batles??
    He is just an below average gamewanker – maybe kid.. and maybe some realy bored security stuff member on night shifts…

    Be real folks!!