“Free” month of premium

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Hello everyone,

this concerns mainly tankers, who haven’t yet tried the World of Warplanes. World of Warplanes on both the EU and US server has a competition called “first to the top”.

What’s its goal?

If you manage to level up an entire branch from tier 1 to tier 10 between November 13 and November 27 (2 weeks), you will get a reward of one month of premium account for your account, that is shared between WoT and WoWp. That goal doesn’t depend on any other players. However, if you get that respective tier 10 warplane one of first 20 players on server, you will get a WHOLE YEAR of premium account for free. I don’t think that’s viable to any normal working people, but it’s an option. If you however have absolutely no life whatsoever manage to be the first person overall to buy a tier 10 plane, you will get 10 years of premium account.

So, I think that if any of you guys feels like trying WoWp but is not decided yet, November 13 is the good time to start.

139 thoughts on ““Free” month of premium

          • I actually like WoWp better for one reason: It shows *accurate* plane statistics. Look at the Yak-1′s statcard & modules in WoWp, and you can infer what it does and does not do well. Look at the Yak-1′s statcard in WT, and you can infer what it did and did not do well 17 patches ago when the dev team last remembered to update its statistics…

            • There’s nothing “accurate” about WoWP’s ‘firepower’ statistics, where different planes with the exact same armament magically have different firepower ratings.

            • Well if that’s the reason you don’t like WT then I’m sure you are an idiot.

              No offence :)

            • Proof?
              WT Blenheim and Hurricane MkI have similar listed turn times.
              Beaufort has one of the worst listed climb rates of rank 3.
              The MIghty Jingles has stated that the main reason he doesn’t do garage reviews in WT is because the listed stats are crap (Mingles with Jingles episode 29).

              I admit that WoWp’s firepower statistics are arbitrary, but luckily its speed and manuverability stats are accurate enough that I almost always know what planes I can and cannot outrun/turn, no matter how inexperienced I am. And even more luckily, it has a modules screen that *does* list accurate firepower statistics (in this case, DPM and number of guns.)

              Yes, how DARE I demand two planes with similar statistics play similarly. I should never have assumed that the Blenheim would be a good turner on the basis of its excellent turn time alone.
              Imagine for a moment if I gave a WoT newb a modified copy of the game, that scrambled all the tank statistics (EG, displaying AMX 40 stats for the M5 Stuart and ELC stats for the KV-1). Would that newb have any fun? I think not.

          • Give source or eat your shit! (yeah, I guess you have pulled the stats out of your ass, that’s why it stinks so bad)

          • U said neutral?
            I’m here.
            And I definitely like WoWP. At least that +-1 tier balance in 95% of battles.

          • Here’s all I ever do in wt: climb to alt with a 37mm or bigger, find bomber, one-shot him, see fighter coming up, wait till he runs out of energy, one-shot him, keep knocking down anything that comes up. Because realism.

        • “opinions vary”

          I think it’s objective fact that anyone with two-three braincells to rub together would avoid WoWP like the plague.

          The only reason people in my clan bother to grind it is for free gold (humorous, when the majority have ~10k+ sitting around from CW, and in some cases 100k+) and premium. I guess they can get the free beta planes, but they consider that a sweetener when they possibly unload their accounts on the open market. Exclusive tanks and planes bring in the dough, as do T10s.

          • I’m awed by your ability to disguise your opinion as fact, and mock anyone who doesn’t agree. It’s a very good way of making people agree with your opinions without having to bother with “reasons” or “evidence” or silly things like that.

            • Alright, you want reasons?
              I didn’t want to bother with doing this, but here we go.

              1) WoWP has hilariously bad optimization, to the point where it runs worse than WoT all too frequently (on a system that can max nearly any game you throw at it, too), and looks somehow worse than WoT (bizarre post processing, juicy filter, maps that just look plane ridiculous, scale that’s completely non-functional, randomly placed ground target props). Meanwhile, Warthunder can run at movie quality (and look good while doing it) at 70-80 FPS at 1920×1280 on anything above a 550ti, the low end of framerates being around 45-50 (fire eats frames)

              2) WoWP, while offering a generally historical selection of armaments (40mm guns on my Hurricane, yes pls) has AUTOAIM on it’s rounds, insane spread (as if the guns aren’t fixed, and are somehow rotating in a conical fashion in the wings/nose), no ammunition belt choices besides “incendiary” and some other belt besides the stock (no cool FI-T, Mineshells, etc, or choice of belt per gun). Planes also take a hilarious amount of rounds to kill (healthbar system, really? On aircraft?) and have awful damage models (can’t shoot off parts, can’t split a plane in half, can’t blow control surfaces off, can’t hit the radiator, can’t knock out the cooling system, can’t hit the oil pump). Also, those fucking ballistics (muzzle velocity and drop rate), why.

              3) Warthunder at least attempts to be historical in it’s aircraft performance (currently, quite a few planes are lacking flight models, or at least completed flight models, and therefore perform ahistorically at certain altitudes and such), while WoWP completely throws any idea of balance like that out the window.
              Speed, energy retention, weight, all that matters to WoWP is engine power and wingloading. Climbrate is nearly irrelevant for almost every tier considering that 90% of players will just be buzzing around at ~1000m or less, whereas Warthunder (as actual air combat did) emphasizes energy fighting and verticality.
              You can use engine power to outrun some planes in WoWP, but it’s mostly useless.

              3) Plane selection.
              WoWP has a vast amount of paper planes (hello, Germany) filling roles at many tiers, and has far fewer planes than Warthunder does, even per-tree. WoWP also lacks model selection (Bf109 E series, F series, G series, K series, for example) which is huge, as they differ in max speed, turning, armament, and engine performance along with basic aerodynamics. WoWP has, what, two Bf109s besides the Z?

              4) Graphics.
              Clear winner here, I don’t need to say much in a comparison between WoWP and any other flight sim/arcade sim.

              5) No heavy/larger medium bombers in WoWP, no planes to implement them, and no use for strategic bombing. Barely any use for tactical bombing. Hardly any theats from ground targets. No torpedoes as of the last time I played. Nothing even offering planes a vaguely realistic engagement so that each plane can use it’s strength and weaknesses to their fullest.

              6) Awful, awful feeling controls for planes (at least it works, that’s a huge improvement over Alpha) for the mouse, and barely any working gamepad support. I wouldn’t bother to try with a flightstick. No different settings for realism, IE it’s always arcade.
              No historical.
              No FRB.
              No events.
              No campaigns.
              No custom missions.
              No cool decals and painting.

              Did I miss anything, anyone?

            • Oh yeah, and no cockpit view (let alone functional gauges), no Stuka, no Fw190s….

              You can’t even land.

            • That’s some serious whining from that amon. Looks like he spends a lot of time in WoWP, otherwise I can’t imagine why would he devote so much space for something he doesn’t like. lol

            • I got my free gold. I did great, but I hated nearly every minute of it.

              Tanks is fine, currently.
              Ships might be good (2D? World of Tanks devs can do 2D movement)

              It’s only kept alive because
              A) Wargaming has spent far too much money on it to quit
              B) Wargaming can get enough Russians playing it to keep it afloat, easily, since they practically control RU’s gaming market
              C) They can lure in fools to play completely with offers of free stuff (bribery)

            • 1) WoWP has hilariously bad optimization.

              Not for me, works just fine and runs well, same FPS as WT. Scale is laughable in both games. In WoWp my plane is as big as an aircraft carrier. In WT, its only half the size of the carrier. :-p

              2) Armaments.

              Not sure how long its been since you played – there are four belt choices per gun in WoWp. Yes it has autoaim and spread – because its not a simulator. If you were looking for a more realistic simulator, yes, WT is your best bet.

              3) Historical.

              As I said earlier, two different games, two different desired audiences. If you get off on realism and IL-2 sims, this ain’t your bucket of beans. Doesn’t mean its a bad game.

              3) (again?) Plane Selection.

              WoWp has the B, E, F, G, K and Z series. Again, not sure how long its been since you’ve been in game. As for the rest, Stukas and all that, WT has a nice headstart on WoWp in the modelling department. Selection in WT is better at the moment, and because of the different focus in each game probably always will be (see #5 below).

              4) Graphics.

              I think the WT models are prettier, and the customization is indeed better. Which doesn’t help someone like you that wants to be in the cockpit.

              5) Bombers.

              Again, different audience. WoWp concentrates on furballs rather than strategic ground control, which is what WT *must* focus on if they want to have integrated ground combat. I will also say that if you don’t think ground targets are dangerous, again, you haven’t played in awhile. I lost my La-7 (at full health) to flak in a match two nights ago because I wandered too close to the enemy ground forces.

              6) Controls.

              Odd, since the default mouse controls in WT don’t allow you to accomplish even a basic loop. The WoWp controls, at least for mouse and keyboard, which is what most of the players in that game are using, work just fine without any tweaking. Granted, it took them until Open Beta to get them working, but they did manage to pull it off.

              I think that covers all the points. In summary, some of what you said was wrong, and the rest demonstrated nothing other than the fact that WoWp is a different game with a different development ideology.

            • 1) Works for me, get something better then a notebook to play on or wait until WoWp have had as long time as WT to work on optimization. Compairing optimization between an old game and a game in beta is stupid.

              2) Real life aircraft guns do not have pin point accuracy like in WT. Real planes doesn’t lose their wings because you hit a magic point in them. Real planes doesn’t have enormous hitboxes for their pilots as the plane needs a way to die in one hit.

              3) Have you actually played either game? WT have IL-2′s that turns like a double decker while WoWp have turning radius on it’s plane that matches historical data. As for “buzzing around at ~1000m or less” so must you never have seen a battle above tier 1.

              4) WT have versions that hardly differs counting as diffrent planes (for reasons related to game mode) while WoWp like WoT have those minor diffrences incorporated in one plane that can vary it’s modules.

              5) And WT bombers doesn’t have flight models anywhere near realistic, just to be able to include them in the game. So WT doesn’t actually have bombers either, just planes skinned like them.

              6) Of course WoWp controlls are a lot better then WT, but only if you have not been taught bad habits by playing an arcade flight game like WT too much. Joystick is a competitive choice unlike WT as well.

              Eventually WoWp will have had as much development time as WT have now, then perhaps we can look back and see what either managed to do with their time.

            • And while all that is true, its trumped by one thing that WT dos much better then wowp. It feels like your actually flying fast, Wowp just feel like your kind of walking in the sky

            • Excuse me mister amon. Since when WoWp misses selection of Bf 109 models? You either have not visited it since long time or you simply do not count having Bf 109B E F G and K as relevant. Warthunder being historical in aicraft performance? Do not make me laugh please it not even close to realistic flight physics either. If you do not notice in WoWp it is like USA Germany best for high attitude, UK for medium, USSR and Japan for low. In Warthunder they have many “branches” that end on some 40s planes. WTF is that? One rule WG uses and I think it is great is than every branch must have tier X or it is only alternate route. I agree WoWp is not a very good game but in my opinion neither WT is. I still consider both better than Heroes in the Sky (blah simply disgusting thing)

  1. You know November 13th is the release date of WoWP so ‘this concerns mainly tankers, who haven’t yet tried the World of Warplanes’ is bullshit.

      • Those are the only ones that are still interested in that game however, well – maybe add those who never saw Warthunder. They aren’t even in the same league, it’s really sad in a way to see just how badly WG failed on WoWP. I would bet that they will shelf that project within 2 years at the latest. WT is better in just SO many ways I can’t even find a comparison.

          • Nope WT is universal not just aim one type of audience. There is an arcade battle mode for arcade lovers, for HC lovers there is the Historical and full realistic battle mode.

            • Off course you can win games solely in the air. It doesn’t happen very often because of the competent bomber pilots and seal clubbers that go after the win quickly. At low tier and in mid tier matches without seal clubbers, matches are frequently decided by killing off all of the enemy airplanes, regardless of the situation on the ground.
              In historical battles that is the case in 90% of matches, even though the ground situation is much better modelled and you could, in theory, help your AI controlled (for now) tanks to overrun or defend a given objective.

              How don’t the controls in WT allow for it ? That doesn’t make any sense. Or maybe they don’t allow for YOU to play the way YOU want it to be like ? There’s always the fantasy option of you designing your own flight sim with controls the way you like it. In the mean time you can always fly stick in WT FRB.

          • WT doesn’t alow for fun dogfights between WW2 planes. You can either have a fun mode, but with unhistorical planes or a tedious mode with somewhat historical looking planes.

            • What do you consider fun dogfights ? I’ve had tons of fun in WT, and in the end “having fun” is the ultimate subjective score rating. Also, the tedious mode can be very fun at times because of the recently introduced events.

        • I call the Game not WoWp, but ” Fly in circles and loopings and try to avoid the ground, while some numbers tell you if your team made it or not!”, if you are lucky to finish the tutorial, your nex tought is “hm… where’s my tank”…

  2. And then some seal clubber will ask WG to remove his 10 yrs of premium account just because “it foreshadows my actual performance due to ‘artificial inflation’ cause by the 50% exp and credit bonus.”

      • It doesn’t. I’m trying to make a reference here about WoT NA 15 yrs of PA winner who ask WG to remove is PA.

        • He’s hung out with us a few times.

          He just wins to get the attention (this ain’t the first time he’s done it) via statpadding or game fixing, and then deletes his premium to screw over the other competitors.

        • “WT is just way more easy and fun to play.” …. Yea right. Good joke. I played WT and it was horrible, too much frustrations because of the gamers (5h per day wasted in loosing battles) and it is really hard to play even with joystick. And after level 5, 6, grind for next planes is just brutal, takes too much time just to level up. Is that fun to you ?

          • Whut?

            WT has better flight model (planes dont hit brick wall after they reach 2km altitude), better map/plane/speed scale (WOWP = crashfest, at least 50% of your deaths will be due to people going destruction derby on you), better damage model (you can actually cripple and “bleed” out enemy by shooting off parts of his plane), better controls (both games have flight instructor, but the WOWP one actively tries to crash you or turn the wrong way, wheras WT one helps you most of the time – rest of the time you can do manual pitch/roll), better camera (how many times i have crashed straight into the ground because camera didnt allow me to pull up) and whats funnier its also way easier to learn. Oh did i mention better game objectives (lol “base capture” in WOWP). True, the only small advantage WOWP has over WT is slightly less grinding and more interesting plane configurations (WT ones are boring – allplanes have same upgrades, wheras in WOWP you can actually decide to use particular modules to change flight characteristic of the plane) but one plus and like 10 minuses? Not worth it. And im saying it after 1500 games in WOWP and about 150 games in WT (max tier8 atm).

            • What do you mean by “base capture” in WOWP? Warthunder has that, it’s called “domination” mode. It was really hard for me to understand at start how do you “capture base” with airplanes. In WT you just land (not actually land, just wheels touching ground for a while) to capture to base.

              BTW. WOWP has actually superior camera mode, they have similar zoom like WoT that works with mousewheel. So you don’t have to watch superlarge model of own plane covering most of screen. And WOWP has aiming with holding ‘f’, while WT has zoom toggle which really sucks.

            • “WOWP has actually superior camera mode, they have similar zoom like WoT that works with mousewheel.”

              Bind Z for zoom mode. After that in game: F2, Z = extra zoom in which no plane occludes your view. Problem solved. Its not needed at all, but if you want to be anal about it, this solves the problem.

              “And WOWP has aiming with holding ‘f’, while WT has zoom toggle which really sucks.”

              Cool. Especially when i automatically bound “f” to toggle, because holding the key while accelerating (hold “w”) and opening flaps (hold “e”) is rather combersome. But if you want to hold 3 keys at once, be my guest.

              Funnier fact is, you dont actually need to use zoom in WOWP thanks to autoaim. In WT it actually helps you when firing at certain plane parts (engines, canopies).

          • Y-you actually care about winning?

            Are you playing arcade, or something?
            Winning is fine, in that it gives you that X2 bonus for the day, but there’s little to be said for it otherwise. Just do well yourself and get kills/ground target kills/whatever and it’ll be fine.

            As for high tiers, it really doesn’t take long at all.
            Going from 14-15 for Germany in HB took me 6 hours of playtime, and that unlocks an entire tree of planes instead of just one plane/tank.

        • Last time I’ve seen the dev reports (maybe a month ago) for WoWp, there were about 75’000 individual accounts logging in per day.

          • Globally. 75k globally. WT has 5 k ks. Five million accounts reached in November. If we say that only 10% of those are active, we still get 500k players.
            Problem is we can’t really trust any of these numbers until we see a server counter somewhere with reasonable figures. I am very curious to see how WoWp will behave after the launch. I remember how enjoyable it was in closed beta and how bad downhill it went from there (for me at least). If there is ever a slump in the special offers that give people free gold or premium for WoT, how will the WoWp population fluctuate ?

            In any case, I don’t want it to die. Competition is a good thing.

      • I saw a few WoWP drones in general chat during alpha and early beta (someone actually claimed it was more “realistic” than most flight sims, and vehemently defended it), but I doubt it’ll ever achieve higher than ~5000-7000 average players.

        The fact that they need to keep bribing players with all of these cross-compatible rewards events speaks ill of the game, and what WG believes it’s chances for success are.

        • It’s not like this place isn’t infested by WT drones trying to defend that crap game.

          WG promoting it’s own game is such a sign of poor management.

    • I bet much longer – they will keep it forcefully alive only to cover that niche. They eventually combine CW map and you will have to play some WoWp to get advantage there.

      • Well, you have the premium account, save some exp(in WoT, it waill be shared after WoWP launches), buy gold, convert your free exp and bam! You paid a lot to get a bit less!

  3. Not worth the time. Just find a job for those hours and get the money for premium. Desperate WG…

  4. I got my free gold from WoWP, but it’s so awful I’ll never touch it again, ever.
    It’s incredibly easy (ended my 200 battles session at 3.49 K/D and an average tier of 6), but the entire game has as much in common with a simulator, or even a good arcade flight sim, as taking toy planes and making buzzing noises while spinning around in a circle.

    It’s awful.

  5. u7z86 uz76h8u7z8 6

    Sorry this if from smashing my head on my keyboard … i cant believe how WG is whoring players to play WoWP.
    WoT is a decent game but WoWP is just bad compared to “the competition”

    • WG did the same event for WoT. Albeit, it wasn’t automatized (had to send your screenshot in) and all the trees didn’t go to tier 10 (8 for arty, 9 for mediums & TDs).

      I don’t see how this is different than what WG did at WoT’s launch. If anything, it’s WG being consistent about their release events, and I would bet that you will see the exact same thing in WoWs.

  6. Tried WoWp periodically from the Alpha first began.

    No way i’m wasting my time just for a month of premium. They give me a year, then i might bother.

  7. SS, check the last UBER-MEGA-FAIL of WG EU office about this week-end special…..then go to forum, read Ectar’s posts…….I am truly speechless………you will be amazed

    • Exaggeration at it’s best. The mistakes were corrected in a timely fashion, and Ectar’s explanation as to the lack of certain discounts is justifiable.

      • Its not the explanation, the point is how arrogant ectar is: hurrr durrr always complaining hurr durrr
        Seriously? After all the mistakes they made in PR with the playerbase? Well, maybe, if wg eu stops screwing things up, people will stop complaining. And ectar knows that, he’s not so stupid, he’s just VERY arrogant

        • He’s right though, people complain week in week out, even when you get a fail free special announcement, there’s still people complaining. Stating facts is not arrogance. Denying the truth however, is.

  8. Never played WoWP but if the grind to tier 10 is like in WoT. It’s impossible, unless of course you can buy gold and convert free exp (given if you can actually buy gold in WoWP). it takes me 2 weeks to get from tier 1 to tier 4 in WoT and another 3 weeks just to get to tier 5. Add another 1 month to get to the next tier and add 2 for tier 7… So on.. This event is only for people where sleep and life isn’t found in their vocabulary.

    • Tier 4 can easily be reached in one days play, so I think you are doing something wrong.

  9. If you’re like me and have been grinding WoWp tokens for the past month then you’ll already have 60 free days of premium time and won’t need to madly grind a tier 10 in less than a month…

  10. I’m a retired military pilot and I tried WOWP after years of playing IL2.

    It’s so bad I’m not surprised at the bribes they offer to get you to play it.

      • But gold is, so anyone who sit now on truckload of gold can speed up his journey toward T10

        Especially as it will be needed, as it will be impossible to farm exp in T7+ in 3v3 battles.

  11. Protip:
    - pick german heavy fighters
    - learn boom and zoom
    - get frags by killing all the dumb people who picked rus (omg russian bias!) or jap or actually anything that is not a german heavy fighter (no, really – flying german heavy fighters with Boom and zoom is like using KV-1S drive-by in tier3 game: you are immune to retaliation and kill everything in 1 second flat)
    - win the game by killing remaining enemy heavy fighters
    - repeat ad nauseam (after WG reduced the exp per game, you will get like 500-800xp per win, and need like 80k exp for tier8 plane)

    If you dont like german heavies you can try british heavies (tho they suck a lil later on, german Me262 owns them easily) or american mustang line (similiar flight characteristic to heavy fighters, better turn rate, way worse guns – but line gets much better when you get to jets).

    Dont use rus or jap. Ever. All they are good at is dying. If someone tells you otherwise he is just a dumb kid, who doesnt understand the game yet or never made it past tier4 and never met Bf109Z or dreaded Me262.

    • No, when I did my 200 games the A6M5 and other mid-tier Japanese fighters were pretty goddamn meta, don’t discount them.

      However, Germany heavy fighters are just incredibly good for anyone with an ounce of flight sim experience (for some reason, most WoWP players forget that the vertical plane exists, and altitude = speed). Removing nearly an entire team with minimal effort was hilarious.
      German heavy fighters and turnfighters just print ace medals, especially with the obnoxious autoaim of rounds.

      • Do i have to quote myself?
        Japs and rus are only good when you play against other jap and rus or total retards in heavy fighters. Meet ONE heavy fighter who understands boom and zoom and your jap plane ends up in scrapyard. You cannot fight plane that attacks from 1,5km above you (because as soon as you get to his altitude your plane will stall), you can only wait for him to get down. Except he will go down guns blazing, due to autoaim hitting you easily. And EVEN if you manage to evade his attack, 2-3 seconds later he will be outside of your range boosting back to his preferred altitude at which you wont do crap to him.

        Sure i did kill 2x Me262 in my reppu (tier7) but thats ONLY because they were total retards who tried to outturn me. 90% opf the time tho you will just get one shotted by them. Literally. One good hit on jap plane with 30mm gun (most hightier heavy fighters have those) and jap bites the dust. Japanese pilot has to sit on tail of enemy for like forever before his puny MGs chew thru armor and shitton of hitpoints on heavy fighter.

        no; even on mid tier german heavy fighter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> jap or rus planes

    • I got mustang D , bf109g , bf109z .

      And i see you as a dumb kid that give stupid advises . And cover his OWN opinion for a stated fact. Stop misguiding people.

      • So, you have the exact OP plane i talked about (german heavy fighter: bf109z) and you actually bothered to tell me im wrong? Cute. Whats even funnier you have another OP plane (mustang). And then third half-decent one.

        So… tell me exactly whats your experience with japanese or russian planes post-UK planes patch? How many Me262 did you kill with your jap/rus planes? How many heavy fighters? Or maybe at least whats your win ratio (and post patch please, i dont care about your ancient history when they were actually good).

        To sum up: shush kiddo, and go back under your bridge. And if you want easy kills after the game launches you will need to work harder, as (i hope) people reading FTR will have basic clue and will steer away from crap-planes and use OP mustangs/heavies instead.

  12. I think some people will pay for much gold to unlock every tier just to get that 10 years or just 1 :/

  13. I think they will loose a lot of players after the release that only played WoWp for earning Tokens during the beta. Bought myself six month of premium that works in WoT as well with the Tokens I got from playing a couple of games every day.
    They just want to keep those players playing WoWp or hope to get at least a few new players for the game.

  14. I saw a guy who got a british tier 10 3 days after the patch was released… everything is possible

  15. Fun to read all those WT fanboys here who apparently played WoWp like ten patches ago and don’t know how much it improved.

    Also I don’t care – I play WoWp casually and will do so and won’t touch WT – mostly because of WT’s broken money making model. Seeing friends playing it and trying it on their PCs was enough for me. Just nope.

    • I think you missed last 2 patches (UK planes and the next one) which actually broke game in so many ways its not even funny. From decent arcade shooter it went back to stone age. All hail our new german heavy fighter overlords!

        • You just admited (few posts earlier) that you play german heavies and mustangs (2 of 3 OP lines in the game), and how is it surprising that OP plane can actually engage another OP plane on the same level? Troll more

    • WoWP, improved?

      It’s hardly changed since alpha.

      The Allegory of the Cave comes to mind, with the cave being WoWP, and it’s shadows being gameplay, and the poor people trapped willingly as it’s inhabitants.

  16. Nope, not worth it. Someone did the math. You’d have to spend 9+ hours a day flying planes. If you work are in school, don’t bother.

    • Pretty sure they didn’t count battles where you did nothing or crashed right off the bat in the 200 games event.

  17. Geez… people, why so butthurt about WoWP? Let it be! and if you don’t like it, don’t play it! simple as that. don’t act like that psucho apple/samsung fanboy-soldiers ffs!

      • I completely understand bashing of WoWp by WT fanboys.
        They are simply scared that already not big player base will drain even more.
        So waiting in que will increase. I understand the fear of it.
        And in the end it would be just same as with Golden Joystick .
        After few month WT fanboys will start to cry out even more by looking at their decreasing online numbers . And vurtually proclaimed dead game will be growing bigger and better. Its ok boys . Go play your WT . But you were warned.

        • lol no the player base is increasing. On EU server it’s usually 40-50k and last weekend during the gold event it was 60-70k while WoWp barely reaches 10k.

        • I love watching people defend WoWP. They’re so divorced from reality it’s pure comedy.

          • This is like the [FPS shooter] vs [any other FPS shooter] debate.

            One side is so insecure, they have to actively seek and bash as much as possible their counterpart as much as possible.

            Fact is, WT fanboys are doing the bashing on either unfounded or out-of-date grounds.

            • You know, I never quite got it. Every patch I heard people say ‘WoWP is so much better now, the old complaints no longer apply’, and yet every major patch cycle I’d log back in and see for myself. For more than a year I did this and I never saw material progress on any major issue (like control input lag).

              People are welcome to enjoy WoWP all they want, but when they start making objectively untrue statements like, ‘WoWP has better graphics/controls/historicity/progression’ they’re going to get called out on it. That’s not bashing, that’s called calling out bullshit.

  18. Well, it’s your time to waste, but I was alpha and CB in WoWp, and I can tell you with no hesitation that it is far, far inferior to War Thunder. Maps are tiny, controls suck, tactics are non-existent, ground attack is a joke…

    That’s what happens when devs don’t listen to their testers.

    • How come you forgot to mention pay to win system of WT ? You did it intentionally ? Or pretend to not notice it ?
      Because this what makes people leave you know ?

      • I win on WT…

        and I’ve never paid a penny…

        your argument is invalid.

        (WoT is also P2W if you want the argument.. on exactly the same basis…)

        • I win on WT too .
          And m argument is valid . You can check it yourself by buying expirience for pilots. You cant buy exp on wot . So your post is biased and contain 0 relevant info. Go play WT im not trying to make you play wowp.

          • orly? Unless you pay gold for crew training, you start off with a crew below 100%. And none of the skills in WT are anywhere near as important as 6th sense, repair, or camo are in WoT. It’s so funny you think this is an argument against WT though.

            • Paying money to convert XP from premium tanks to free XP is the same thing… buying XP.
              Dunno why ppl keep riding that argument on their WT hate wave…

            • @Ding Is Here

              stupid much huh.

              you can BUY gold eagles for SILVER lions.
              try that in wot.

              BOOM, HEADSHOT!

  19. Well I think if you are a guy who have no WoWp experience, you have no chance to win there. So if you are going to try WoWp only to take part in this competition it not worth the time spended on it.

  20. Do you have any idea what one hour of therapy costs these days? The thought of those 200+ games still gives me the shakes ….

  21. This contest is a laugh.

    Similar to WoT, grinding tier X takes about 2-3k battles.
    Put it into 2 weeks, and you will get 1k battles in a week, if you ALREADY have premium account and you have experience in WoWP. Multiply it by 5 minutes of average battle time, and you will get 5k minutes ~~ 84 HOURS of play for a week – over 10 hours per day, for two weeks, to get a month of premium.
    Add to that problems with setting up battle on high tiers so early after release.

    Something for total no-lifes.

    OTOH – for few months before release there were tokens that after 2-3 hours of play every 11 days gave you a month of premium. I’ve got 7 months.

  22. Well this isnt happening with being in College full time and the xbox one coming out on the 22

  23. grinding out the 200 battles in 2 days for the 5000 gold was horrible enough. No amount of premium bribing can win me over to that garbage game.

    Besides, what use is a month of premium time when warthunder ground forces is coming out before then

  24. just so you know you can buy premium account for in game currency in war thunder, and as that game is superior to wowp in every possible way i would say no. and as on 15.12 there are tanks coming to war thunder so i will have to say definite no.

  25. I played it for the 5k gold a while back. Most of my WoT friends did.

    Not a single one of them since then said: “Hey, let’s play a game of WoWP!”
    I deinstalled by now. Not once did I miss that game.

  26. “A total of 200 players will be rewarded with a full year of premium account time…”
    So, only first 200 people can be rewarded with 1 year premium. How terrible.

  27. I do hope that WoWP will be successful and attractive to the general WoT playerbase.

    So that this special audience is distracted and might just miss the tanks release in WT.

  28. Some mentioned already but the big problem SS is that it’s nigh on impossible to get to tier X in a month if you play casually. I’ve played 1000 battles in about 3 months and I’ve not been able to get to tier 7. Presumably I could have if focused from the beginning but tier 8 was clearly out of bounds. 1000 battles equates some 20 days with 4 hours per day, seems quite a lot and for that you’d get 2 weeks premium time? Not so tempting.

    I will play WoWp from launch, I think it’s a nice game but I’m not going for the one month free premium.

    BTW, regarding German heavy figher supremacy, I find Me 109 B a good matchup to Me 110 B and C-6. I’ve downed them regularly in fights. Not so much experienced with tier 5-6.