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  1. i assume it’s a reference to “Stalin vs martians”. because… well… Stalin-fan WG… and because it’s an alien.

    • Perhaps WG only got problems with scale of model :) Like when they had to change models of tanks for that reasons :)

      • Patchnotes from 8.10
        New Japanese tech tree
        Changed model of skeleton on Komarin
        Added ducks
        Removed side armor from E75 for historical reasons
        Reduced loading time of IS7 for balance reasons
        Increased T26E4 top speed to 72km/h
        HEAT penetration on T69 reduced to 220
        Matchmaking value of T69 made equal to T9 heavy

        • As there is no historical data for the side armour of the E75, removing the unhistorical 120mm’s and replacing with a much more realistic 0mm seems perfectly logical to me. Yes sir. No complaints here.

          • Well, E-75 would have pretty much inherited Tiger II armor scheme.
            Slightly better angled but in the end the extra weight was to be devoted to larger turret and bigger gun aka the 105mm L/68, 128mm was never planned for the tank.

          • It was written by me on the go, that is why I am not signed , sorry for that :)
            anyway, I chose T69 just as one of the nonsense / funny things which have been altered. T69, for instance, feels to me that it is now almost always in T9 – T10 match, while some time ago it used to be in T8 and with that more-than-enough penetration of 300. I do not care for that 250mm pen, it just seems strange to lower pen when you make it heavier MM-wise. I made it elite with regular AP, only now I started to play it again to train crew for 7v7 (yep, there in that mode I use 99% of time HEAT, but not on public) so I found out how rarely I see anything lower than T8.

            Concerning E75, as said by Zarax, had almost same hull as Tiger II, it was elaborated here on FTR.

            About IS7, well, “for historical reasons” would be more correct, since it was stated quite a few times that it had much better performance and now is below its true capabilities. Interesting side note, other tanks have to have their prototypes in games since original tanks from mass production would be too much, in the same time is there IS and in the same time it was stated that this game is not to be “historical” as whole. But that is just sidenote, I tried IS7 and it is a nice tank, I am looking forward to research it :)

            About T26E4; well, who is not aware of recent changes to it in speed category? I had it, I still got it and I still like it, but that top speed buff was a joke :)

  2. I cannot watch videos here :(

    Any chance to have some pics in addition to the video in the OP? Pretty please? :3

  3. Hmm, well if anybody would want to be a real bastard, they could report this ebcause it is a human corpse, and well, WG would need the game to be rated more mature since it is a corpse.

      • Well you never know :P But still, a corpse is a corpse, and even if it’s hidden underwater :P If WG don’t want to implement visible crew members, and basically anything living except birds, why make a skeleton :P

        • A corpse is a corpse. This is a skeleton, which is totally child-friendly from a rating point of view.

          • I guess, this is why i get lower FPS, becouse the polygon count with skeleton is too high for the map. :D:D:D We should add the skeleton sleeping noises to more kids friendly… ^_^

    • As the skeleton is under water and rarely seen, that does not require a “mature” rating.

  4. It is a suicide bomber…. Who detonated his bomb to early and got hit by the rock-debri. I guees it could be a former WG employee who got mad about all the nerfs he had to do!!!

  5. It’s one fecked up skelly that’s for sure. The jaw is half the size of the ribcage and the head and the ribcage are the same size. It’s only got 4 fingers and that button device looks like it was belted on.

    Now what kind of person wears a belt with a red button device?


    Yes it’s Captain Carl Majors, who was obviously brought in to wreak destruction on Komarin by calling up Godzilla from the deep. Unfortunately he seems to have drowned in the process.

    • Your hotlink doesn’t work, I feel I should note. Can you link to the page it’s on, instead.

  6. There was a competition – easter egg hunt – a long time ago and Komarin was one of the maps with one hidden in it. It looks like the map devs have just decided to leave it in game.

    Can’t remember if the competion was in beta, or just after release, but it was a long time ago now so most people wont know about it.

  7. Regarding such mods like the free camera mod for replays, are you allowed to use a mod that enables the in game developer console?

  8. I’m calling it now: We started off with World of Tanks, World of Warplanes went live today, and World of Warships is not too far off. After that we’re getting…

    *dramatic pause*

    World of UFOs.

  9. Perhaps its a skeleton of a Dwarf or a goblin? You know, how WG wanted to make a Fantasy MMO in the beginning. Perhaps its a running gag around there.

    • I was thinking the red button reminded me of the Staples, “That was Easy!” commercials. So, when I read your comment, I had to laugh. Good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee at the time.

  10. Hi,
    the belt with the button reminds me of the remote for the detonation devices, I think it was in Duke Nukem 3D when I remember correctly… ;-)
    Are you all too young for having played the oooold egoshooters? :-))))


  11. Hrmm… nice find OP. great find after that Sturmie in Severogosk. Loolibg forward to find it once I get back from my hiatus.