8.9 TD line camouflage

Source: wotinfo.net site

Hello everyone,

the abovementioned site (Wotinfo) released measured camo values for the new German tank destroyers. These numbers do not represent the camo factor value in the game, but rather a number serving only to compare the vehicles between one another. More on how they reached those numbers here.

Now, I can’t guarantee these numbers weren’t pulled out of their ass (no offense, but I’ve seen a few such “tests”) – in general however it looks roughly legit. What it means is:

- Marder 38T has excellent camo, roughly matching the one StuG III, which is something I can confirm
- Panzer Sfl.IVc experiences a sharp camo value drop: I can confirm that too, its camo is 40 or so percent worse than the one of Marder 38T and more than 50 percent worse than the one of Jpz IV
- strangely enough according to the test, Nashorn camo is even worse than the one of Pz.Sfl.IVc (I cannot confirm that)
- Sturer Emil has pretty bad camo and only a bit worse than the Nashorn (this also I cannot confirm – I mean, it has bad camo, but Nashorn seemed much better in this respect)
- RhB WT has double the camo of Sturer Emil, yes, I suppose this is possible, the vehicle is very stealthy
- WT auf Pz.IV has the best camo of all German T8+ tank destroyers (better than Nashorn, Jagdpanther or PzSflIVc)
- WT auf E-100 has no camo whatsoever

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      • There is the issue of tanks dissapearing from view despite having no cover due to the “timer” from their camo descreasing from firing having ended.

        • bobby eat me you elitist mfer. understand what? that it is inconsistent?

          stupid pos you are as clueless but trying to sound posh as if you had a clue. bitches like you is why this game is a technical wreck on so many levels.

          • 99.9% of complaints about camo are due to not understanding it. The number of actual bugs/glitches/inconsistnecies is very very very tiny.

        • Or disappearing because you shot its track and it has stopped.

          Why can’t they do the “slow” disappearing – instead of vanishing, tank becomes more and more transparent until disappearing completely.

          Nothing angers me more than a tank that disapears a fraction of a second before I shoot and this causes the shot to miss – because aiming on invisible targets is fracked up.

          • try holding right mouse button when you aim at a tank you’re not sure will remain visible until you’ve finished aiming. Solves ALL your god damn problems with that. especially tracking tanks that then disappear due to higher camo on stop.

            • Thanks for the tip.

              I’ll make sure to try it out. It should be very helpful especially against targets that vanish while on the hill, so you have nothing to aim at but sky.

  1. I love to play in my AMX 50 120 and being spotted/killed by Rheinmetal pack camping only 100 meters from me. They can see me but i see sht

  2. Played them all and I concur with the results. They seem very much accurate, for what Ive experienced in-game.

  3. For some reason, I find the nashorn has decent camo. Very often I find myself shooting at the enemy without them knowing what’s hitting them.

    Denii from EU

  4. Hmm the Nashorn having bad cammo seems weird to me, I think it is decent. But, SS, didnt you say that WT E-100 actually has better cammo than Jagdpanzer e100?

  5. Really?
    - WT auf E-100 has no camo whatsoever?
    So camo skills + camo net would not be that much helpful ?

    • Camo skills likely not. Bot visual camo and camo-net give camo bonus to every vehicle the same way, even Maus. That was the reason they were changed a couple of patches ago.
      So, nondependant on the actual camo value of WT-100 – camo net and visual camo are helpful.
      WT-100 has decent camo value for it’s size actually.

      • I think this thing have absolutely worst camo factors in
        whole game. Even jagpz100 have quite decent camo when
        compared to wte-100. That is quite problem. That tank is pure
        sniper but you cant even go most good sniping places because
        you get spotted instatly. And this thing is best leadmagnet in game.

        It can deal massive damage whit 128mm gun but sometimes
        you are not so much help for team because you cant even support
        because you are spotted instatly and everyone who can will shoot you.

        • SerB already wrote that WT-100 has BETTER camo than JPZ-100. I guess it’s about equal with FV215 (183)

          • Idont about jpe100, but i have fv183 too and i can say wt e100
            have alot of worser camos in game than fv183.
            It is not first time when wg have told something else
            than players have proved.

          • I think someone at WG misplaced a decimal point when they did the WT E100 camo, should probably be 10x what it is so slightly better than the JP E100, slightly worse than a house, on fire.

  6. I think the values for WT E-100 on the linked site are not correct. Multiplied by 10 would be more suitable and would fit better to storm’s statement that they are better than the JgPz E-100 ones

    • I trust those tested values more then I trust in WG being able to put the numbers in correctly.

    • Camo skill isn’t getting better with crew number increasing. Just to mention that.

      And yes, on large vehicles, the camo skill is ineffective. Unlike camo net and visual camo.

  7. I know my WTF 100 has low camo value, but it is better than what they have listed. It is less than any other TD at tier X, including the Jpz 100, but it is still harder to spot than the Maus or E 100. From my 60+ rounds of XP in it so far.

  8. I’m getting spotted playing WTPz4 on locations I used to go to in my RMB Waffentrager. I do not agree with the comments made in the post. RMB Waffentrager has the best camo and profile of the line.

  9. - Marder 38T has excellent camo, roughly matching the one StuG III, which is something I can confirm

    I sometimes have feeling, that sixth sense bulb lights up after every shot :D But if you stand still the camo is good, fact.

    • Same observation here, i was actually surprised how often i got spotted and shot when i was thinking im pretty well hidden and can snipe away.

      Standing it seems great but when shooting i doesnt seem very effective which is odd with that small cannon even if it has a muzzlebrake.

  10. SS you made a mistake in the post. RMB has much better camo then WT-Pz4.
    As it is T8 the RMB should be the best german R8+ “cloaker”.

    • He made a typo, if you read between the lines so can you realise that he ment above tier 8 not tier 8 and up when he wrote 8+.

  11. So WT E100 has no camo at all? Funny since once I read here on frt that the WT had better camo than the JP at tier 7. Regardles of that, with the 420m spotting range he will spot you way before anyways, which is retarded.

  12. The difference between soft camo factor and actual camo effectiveness on Nashorn and Sturer Emil (Sfl. V) is probably due to the extreme gap between their playstyle, namely and gun traverse range, and obviously calibers.
    I did not read the detailed numbers, but as some already said, if you choose a good position and do *not* move your hull unless spotted, you can allow even big beasts like Tiger IIs to remain pretty much invisible. Despite having terrible soft camo, being at some 200-300m from enemies, and continuously shooting at them.

  13. The IVc is H U G E. Much bigger, in fact, than it seems when you’re driving it, due primarily to its ridiculously high agility. It’s roughly the same size as a Ferdinand (visually, not in weight) which was one of the largest vehicles of WW2. Seriously. Switch back and forth between them in your garage and you’ll see.