Not much today. As you might have already guessed (since it’s Wednesday and since I posted on the FTR FB about it earlier), there is a problem with the FTR QA. It’s almost certainly cancelled. The reasons for it have nothing to do with me or FTR, it’s an internal WG RU thing (yes, I know the real reason – I got told, but I will post it only if it becomes public knowledge, as it is internal WG info and I promised discretion).

Right now, I am waiting (and hoping) we get to recieve the answers at least for FTR QA3, but it’s out of my hands. Just to be clear, I am grateful to all the WG staff for answering the previous questions, I know this stuff takes time and effort. I am also grateful for your patience, dear readers. Thank you all, it was fun while it lasted.

I have a contingency plan, but I am going to need a few days to figure the stuff out. For now, let’s wait and hope we get the last batch.

Regular QA from Russian thread and developer blog:

- SerB confirms that the AP and APCR (subcaliber) shells will soon penetrate destructable objects and will fly further with some loss of penetration
- multigun mechanism and multiturret mechanism both have been shelved for very far future, because there is little need for them
- apparently (SS: if I understand this correctly), making tank corpses (wrecks) penetrable (SS: as in, you hide your hull behind a corpse and a powerfull shell can – if the corpse is for example a light tank – penetrate it and hit you standing behind it) was scrapped
- tier 7 and 9 tanks in CW’s or companies are not planned for now
- no British rebalance is coming anytime soon
- you will be able to add camouflage to roadwheels too in the HD client

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  1. It’s a shame the FTR Q & A is cancelled, but the questions answered were more than enough. Thanks SS for letting us ask questions :)

  2. Damnit, I quite liked those Q&As, no trolling, good direct and informative answers, no bullshit trolling, no questions that were already answered a mio. times…
    Sad, but whatever. I don’t think many more questions would be interesting as you had a hard time finding enough good ones the last time, and on a weekly basis it is alot.

  3. “Internal” thing, like SerBs inside of the butt is hurt. And many other Russian players, too…

    Q: Why do they prosecute gays in Russia?
    A: Because they butthurt much!

  4. lol what a crock of BS. WG RU doesn’t like us NA players getting actual information? Is that the problem? All we’re allowed is the trolling and disrespectful comments from SerB, I guess.

    damn scumbags. What’s their problem with communicating directly with us? Why do we need to rely on RU forum threads and translations?

    What a trashy company.

    • You know nothing of the issue so be so kind shut it. They were kind enough to answer the question in the first place, which is more than we had before. Also, US forums have actually quite a decent information flow from what I’ve noticed – much better than what the morons at WG EU are giving the community.

      • I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe there’s a real legitimate reason for shutting this down. But I apologize if I won’t trust WG until I see it.

        telling people to “shut it” in the comments section of your blog is stupid. I mean, if you don’t want people expressing their opinions, then don’t allow comments. Or what, are only comments worshipping WG allowed? What are you, a WG forum moderator?

        Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that they answered TWO questions sessions. I thought it was a good show of player relations from the guys answering them. That was nice of them. But forgive me if my gratefulness is cut short by the fact that the RU server gets QA sessions multiple times a week. I mean sure, it’s more than we had before, but what we had before was nothing, and what we got was still way less than what would be fair.

        I’m not sure where this “decent information flow” is. I haven’t seen it. We have basically zero interaction with the WG people making decisions. We barely have communication with the WG NA people in charge of our gift shop. All we have is The Chieftain, who is awesome, but he doesn’t really give us much with regards to game decisions.

          • whatever reason they could possibly have, the only way it’s a legitimate reason is if they are planning to run their own QA sessions with the EU and NA servers on the forums or wherever.

            • The legitimate reason is probably the company image and/or industrial developments. WG is a company that has to manage its outflux of information on the public channels. As much as you’d wish everything was transparent, it can’t be.

          • Sorry if I really don’t fully understand, so the one you’re pointing out is the one you suggested weeks before, the Q&A here on FTR that you guys will translate and post on RU forums? Or this one includes the regular Q&A daily answered by Serb,storm,etc..

            Anyway, I hope those info will be known public so we would know the real issues, until then, there will be a lot of speculation, but I’ll take SS’s word to trust him on legit reason

        • Wow, what a little shit.
          Either your new here, or you’re a stuckup little asshat who doesn’t see the information right in front of him. SS has no problems saying shit about WG sometimes even excessively, or praising them. Both times when its justified with valid reasons.

          You ARE free to express your opinion (unfortunately). But we also reserve the right to call you a moron and to ask you to shut it.

          The guy even setup a mockery Golden Donkey “Joystick” award to mock them.
          “Only WG worshipping comments allowed?” STFU, GTFO.

          “Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that they answered TWO questions sessions. I thought it was a good show of player relations from the guys answering them. That was nice of them. But forgive me if my gratefulness is cut short by the fact that the RU server gets QA sessions multiple times a week. I mean sure, it’s more than we had before, but what we had before was nothing, and what we got was still way less than what would be fair.”

          Its not their Job to answer questions, they’re doing it in their free time and they are not obliged to go to every server and talk in another language to please the entitled americans.

          • keep hiding behind that anonymous name. Why the hell should I take you seriously or if you’re just some anonymous internet troll?

            oh, and you’re right, I am allowed to express my opinion (however much that might bother some anonymous troll, as if I give a shit), but you’re wrong, you’re not allowed to call me a moron, ask me to shut it, etc. Go read the rules. http://ftr.wot-news.com/blog-rules/
            rule “4) If you feel like commenting, please be polite, don’t start pointless flamewars.”

            so I decide to go start handing out meals to homeless people, one particular guy comes up to me, and for whatever reason, I say “no, you don’t get a meal”. I’m doing this in my free time, I am not obliged to feed every homeless person. If the guy gets pissed and insulted, would you say “oh those stupid entitled homeless people”

            oh and I’m not american, you ignorant (most likely) european.

        • WG doesn’t listen to the community for game decisions because according to statistics, only 2% of the playerbase is good at the game, and the rest are blithering idiots.

        • So basically whining and bitching . Good you deserve nothing …just wait for patch notes you imbecile.

          • ah yes, calling me a whiner. The height of internet logic. “if they say anything negative that you disagree with, accuse them of whining, which immediately and automatically invalidates what they said”

            patch notes? What patch notes? I’m talking about WG shutting down the FTR Q/A session. Nothing to do with patch notes, imbecile. Now GTFO you anonymous troll.

            • If they gave SS a bunch of BS and closed the Q&A down in a classless way he would have said so. He hasn’t been one to bite his tongue and not share his opinion. If he says there was a legitimate reason I’ll believe him because of his track record.

            • Stop being such a dick.

              Knowing SS it is a legitimate reason. Second it is understandable for WG to have image control (does not matter if it is good image or bad) to help minimize how many outlets need to be kept under control and to limit work load for the person whop has to track all of that information and people DO track that sort of stuff. Just look at other company’s if you don’t believe me.

              Just cut the crap out your embarrassing the other readers.

            • SS might think it’s a legit reason. I might disagree. Besides, he’s not gonna come out and trash WG over this before it’s resolved, it just jeapordizes his chances of maybe getting some kind of QA thing back. I, however, have no vested interest in this, so when I suspect some typical WG crap, I will say so.

              I’m sorry if this bothers you, but I don’t really care what you think.

  5. *obligatory DONKEY comment*

    Nah, seriously – I wonder if WG stuff won’t have much time to answer questions since they’ll start working harder than before. You know, some competition is on the horizon, so, yeah…

    Also – apologies SS – won’t be able to donate, my bank thinks that putting limits on card transactions via internetz is a good idea. Especially if said limit is 0 $/£/€/peanuts. O_o Will work it out SOON(tm), though.

  6. they don’t want an English community running a successful QA when they have “the same” on WOT EU and NA forums. That’s my bet.

    I hope they at least improve theirs.

      • But the RU Q&A so often suck balls… I don’t mean the SerB troll answers, but simply the same moronic questions asked a millionth and first time… Maybe it’s because of the IQ deficiency amonog the RU players, maybe because of the moderation. Who knows.

      • do you not think it’s possible that someone said “yeah that’s a good idea, let’s do it”, answered our questions for two weeks, and then it got shut down by someone above them?

        Also, I notice that you aren’t telling anyone else to “shut it” when they complain that WG is shutting down or QA. Get off my back.

        • “Also, I notice that you aren’t telling anyone else to “shut it” when they complain that WG is shutting down or QA. Get off my back.”

          Because no one else talks like a complete degenerate.

          obligatory “How terrible…”

        • Your post made you seem like a rather self-righteous prick, at least that’s how it read to me, so….

        • And who is above Serb (who answered some questions in the FTR QA)? Viktor Kisly himself shut this down?

          • I suspect it is just a PR workload thing + general company workload increase. It does take time to answer questions and time to check to make sure they don’t let too many cats out of the bag.

          • oh I don’t give a damn about getting “hummeled” by other anonymous commenters. It’s the internet, who the fuck cares.

            What I care about is uneven treatment from the moderator. But whatever.

            • I suspect that the reason why everyone is all over you is because you sound like a pretentious, know-it-all sack of fecal matter who thinks he’s SO SMART compared to the average ”FIRST”-spamming FTR commenter.

              If this bothers you, you should a. stop being an arrogant fuckwad or b. in case you’re actually a decent person, stop sounding like an arrogant fuckwad. If it doesn’t, then stop getting so riled up over people getting pissed at you and just laugh about it.

            • lol what exactly gave you the impression that I was being arrogant??? So me complaining about WG is being a “know-it-all”? alright….if you say so.

              And you think I’m “riled up”? Is that just a way of you saying “umadbro”? lol….

  7. Heh, so typical for Warlaming… Instead of to appreciate the effort SS puts in the QA, something that should be done by the PAID WG EU office dumbasses, they are cancelling the whole thing… After the last responsnes I’ve thought that this really might work, as the questions were ok, and not troll answers. Silly me.

  8. As SS has said, we do not know the reasons for the FTR Q&A being closed. We are no worse off than we were before it existed and had a number of questions answered while it did.
    SS has said he is working on another method of getting questions answered and I’m sure that he’ll let us know how that goes in the fullness of time.
    For what it is worth, my thanks to SS for the work done so far and into the future.

  9. Sounds like there is a leak at Wargaming and they may not want any information spilling out through this official channel. That or Wargaming’s last Q&A ruffled some feathers and someone was upset about the information sent out was either incorrect or about an up and coming project.

    Either way I think this internal thing is more along the lines of wargaming trying to button up house rather than about us.

  10. so a british medium branch coming soon but they won’t rebalance the british tech tree so probably no HESH mechanic but now I wonder what the british medium branch will look like we might he a challenger and vickers MBT and maybe a comres

    • I honestly think the chieftain will not live up to the hype. Shit mobility with 35 mm side armour .In wot terms terms that is just a shit tank.260 mm frontal LOS .Nothing great.

      • front hull is autobounce angle, quite thick. Front turret is great. Good gun depression. It will have decent mobility, maybe similar to the T110E5. Awesome firepower.

        It will basically be an Fv215b with a normal front-mounted turret, and better armor profile.

      • A tank with 320ish frontal hull and 395ish frontal turret is a win in my books anyday.

        If anyone gets on your flanks in a Chieftain, you’re doin’ it wrong. While that gun should be epic tier.

        • and it wouldn’t be OP because A) paper thin sides means no angling, weak to flanking, and weak to arty. and B) no mantlet, with an area around the gun that isn’t really sloped, so it has a weakspot.

      • chieftain will have poor mobility for the mk 1 but amazing front armour except lower plate and amazing gun and I would sell Kena’s left kidney for a comres too :D

  11. & how come no one bothers to complain about multi-gun/turret mechanism being pushed back to mid 2020s??? It blocks development of ~10 french tanks, and large interwar designs or soviet multi-turret monsters. Not to mention shitty B1 & M3 lee continuing to be Lol wagons for the forseeable future

    Was really looking forward to 2014 being the year, fuck WoT & their willy wonka development process

    • The rotating gun on the less is useless. The hull gun on b1 has no gun traverse and is weak as hell. Soviet multi turret tanks are pretty useless and won’t be implementer . No one complains about it since it is not an issue.

      • The ONLY tank that could POSSIBLY benefit from it is the Lee.

        And possibly the Maus, if it ever gets the opportunity to unload its mini-cannon (or MG?) into a paper-tank like a Bat-Chat.

        • Multigun Tanks: E-25 (360° 20mm turret), JgPzE-100 (360° 30mm turret I guess the same like Luchs gun MK103 with OP uranium shells), Maus (75mm coaxial), E-100 (75mm coaxial), B1 (75mm in hull), AC mle. 48 (360° twin >30?mm + 20?mm turret at the front), Foch (20?mm turret at the front), Foch 155 (20?mm turret at the front), AT8 (20mm in hull), AT7 (20mm in hull), some 12,7mm and 14,5mm heavy machineguns on cupolas and artys.

          These weapons are justified and wort it when they save ur ass in just one situation in a match!

          • KV-4 w/45mm, M3 Lee plus a whole bunch of stuff waiting in the wings all due to the fact that WG is slacking

            what about multi gun stuff like KV-7 or Nbfz 6/7 heavy tanks??

            • those small calibre guns would be great for defending against lights and scouts and stuff.

      • Thats not 100% true. The Hull Gun in in the B1-Bis iirc did have a very small transverse and elevation. The B1-Bis was also the major design of the 3 that was used in the Invasion of France. (B1, B1-Bis, B1-Ter)

        • exactly and optional hulls should see the B1-Ter quite likely; anyhow nothing to say except disappointing. Adding british TDs because theyre “different” and “flavor” was great, but multi-gun/turret all of a sudden is an ‘problem’

        • AFAIK the B1 hull gun had no lateral traverse at all, the driver (also its gunner) aimed it by pivoting the hull. The high-precision transmission system this required was such a pain to keep in a working condition that the “ter” version planned to junk it and add some traverse (like 5 degrees or less in iehter direction IIRC) instead.

  12. 4 december war thunder ground force closed beta!!!!

    have you plan to do a Q&A for war thunder? they talk much more with communuty as the WG (and i unistall WoT so this blog became usless for me if you talk only about WoT :))

    • Oh yes, I hope all wt fanbois go fapping on wt forums, so they won’t post their crap here.

      • amen to that last comment and we don’t need WT content there are other bloggers who do that already

    • this is a WOT forum, if I cared about WT i would go read one of theyre forums. and BTW they talk more to the community because they are in Beta and trying to create hype, once it is released and has plenty of players it will be no different to WG, or probably even worse, for all the complaining that goes on here, compared to most games, WG is quite open and engaged in with the community.

  13. A bit off-topic, but the answer related to camouflage customization kinda re-kindled an old thought of mine:

    I wonder if when the new graphics + Havok will come along, then maybe, FINALLY we’ll get to have camo nets displayed on tanks.
    I was even thinking of a simple solution: make it visible all the time (if a camo net is equipped, of course), not only when it activates, that way it would simply be a skin/extra-skin for the tank, thus lowering the data load (I can’t see how the server could constantly load & unload the extra-texture all the time) AND you could get to see it in the garage.

    What do you think, SS? I know you’re not a game dev, but how easy/difficult do you think that would be to implement?

  14. “multigun mechanism and multiturret mechanism both have been shelved for very far future”


    I’m starting to think these people wake up in a different world every morning and make up a new plan by lunch.

  15. “multigun mechanism and multiturret mechanism both have been shelved for very far future, because there is little need for them”

    Little need? Now about ‘fun’? How about ‘a change of pace’? Or maybe, just maybe, ‘FUN’? Because the derp gun on the B1 would be hilarious fun, as would maximizing the 37mm gun on the Lee that never gets use. And they have a good handful of modeled multi-turret tanks they’ve never implemented because ‘we have no multi-turret mechanics yet’. Well WHY NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN?

    No, clearly we need more nations with tanks that never saw combat and were little more than spittle on a napkin. Yes. Also, please keep ignoring implementing the Firefly and various other actually-fought-in-combat tanks.

    • Maybe, just maybe, they’re trying to listen to the community an NOT implement a TON of new tanks, but instead focus on in-game bugs/features that need to be addressed. Realistically, all of the tanks in-game that could possibly benefit from these additions, would need to be re-balanced.

      So, the tanks as you know them may cease to exist. As, damn, if that B1 gets the 75mm howitzer, it’d be a freaking scary tank for same tier vehicles, and no longer food for higher tier tanks.

      Honestly, (and I’m one of the many waiting for the implementation of multi-gun) they seem to want to do what we wanted them to do in the first place. Just, now, we’ve changed our minds and demand the opposite.

    • Copypasta tanks, as well as made up ones (sorry, “prototypes”) are easier to implement by these lazy fucks.

        • yeah, that’s good customer relations alright.

          What other successful company tells people “if you have a problem, fuck off”?

          Most companies try to listen to their customers and solve problems. WG should be doing everything in their power to stop people from leaving to play WT, not saying “fine, leave, fuck off”

        • Typical authoritarian Belorussian customer service rep? A+ for legendary customer service, Bravo

  16. So is it just today’s that’s cancelled? Judging from what you’ve said in the posting and in the comments, sounds like a script for a thriller movie.

  17. Like someone else posted, I am extremely grateful that you do the translating, which adds so much to my understanding of the game, and its development. Sad to see the FTRQA go of course. Keep up the good work!

  18. My speculation is that SS has received a job from WG as a Q&A person. When the contract and everything is written then WG will announce it public. That’s why he kinda “defends” WG in the comment section of his post, you obviously don’t write down your perhaps future employer.

    That’s just my two cents and pure speculation

    • A bit of wishful thinking. :-) Why does SS need to lie about a ‘contingency plan’ (which I am almost certain is posting questions via the RU forum)?

      Like some have said above, it is very likely the ‘internal WG RU reason’ is either employees being distracted from their regular work (only Storm and SerB answer on the RU forums?) and/or PR management. I find it hard to believe WG NA/EU(/Asia) wouldn’t be a bit pissed that FTR got special access, but SS has ruled this out…

      • Maybe he will ask directly on RU forums as what you guessed, but his number of battles are still not enough (RU Server) so here will comes his contingency plan, he will play enough games to qualify (and that may take some weeks) and post on Q&A portion on RU forums. If I’m not mistaken he mentioned that one before that’s why other RU forum user will post question in behalf of FTR.

        Just a speculation.

    • Now that you mention it, it makes more sense. On FB SS says:

      ‘I am sure the info will pop up officially at some point, I will post it after that. As for FTR, there is always the contingency plan with someone asking directly in the SerB thread.’

      Which sounds like staff change. WG wouldn’t bother officially announcing a particular reason why FTR isn’t getting Q&A anymore, so it has to be some sort of side-effect of some other event.

  19. “Staff reshuffle and firings all around” was my first thought after reading “internal WG RU thing”… but I may just be overly cynical about modern business practices. (haha yeah right.)

    “- you will be able to add camouflage to roadwheels too in the HD client”

    Huh. Read the Osprey booklet on WW2 vehicle camo some time ago and it mentioned this. Said the “pinwheel” effect when moving rather defeated the purpose, plus the roadwheels and lower hull invariably got caked with mud, dust and what have you in short order anyway which is why most never bothered even trying in the first place.