World of Warships Alpha-testing started


Hello everyone,

just so you know, WoWs entered its alpha stage officially today (14.11.2013) – it’s still a long way to go, but it looks promising.

38 thoughts on “World of Warships Alpha-testing started

    • I am sure they will gradually increase number of players like they did before, apply and you can expect invitation pretty soon

  1. Beta will probably be about march/april 2014 and then maybe 6months for release in Q4 2014.

    • wat? i thought this was world of warSHIPS not planes? and can you describe what you mean by autoloaders in wowp/wows?

    • yeah damn those OP medium tanks that fill up high tier games!

      buff heavies!

      no-one plays heavies!

      • Why not buff tier 10 TDs… they can surely use ROF and penetration buff, specially alpha damage… which currently isn’t sufficient to always one shoot other same tier tanks. how terrible…

  2. so no prizes for wot? screw it then. at least i played wowp but i got in return 8 months of premium in wot!!!!

    • May i just point out that there probably will be, but not just yet.

      Fine tuning the game comes first.

  3. I’m really looking forward to World of Warships! By the time it comes out, I’m pretty sure I’ll have all the tanks I could ever want, and I’ll be ready to take a break from World of Tanks.

    The one thing they should focus on is making WoWS intuitive, and easy to learn. When I started playing tanks, everything was logical and easy to learn. I then tried WoWP in beta, and just couldn’t figure out how to hold an airplane level. I’ve been a long-time flight simmer (IL-2:1946 DBW and FSX) and I couldn’t believe how botched WoWP is… Here’s hoping WG has learned from the fiasco of WoWP!

      • I wouldn’t say that. They just don’t care about the feedback from their cash cow servers (EU US Asia)

        They do listen on the RU forums. If you don’t post there, forget about them ever reading your feedback.

        • “They do listen on the RU forums. If you don’t post there, forget about them ever reading your feedback.”

          Thats the problems where to start, non english spoken Devs. There is no good communication channel between players and Devs. Another problem dictatorship of Mods.
          Their fear of ass preventing feedback of any critic to Devs.

          • The WoWS Devs are all really nice people who are easy to communicate with and they all speak good english

            • If they are nice really nice people , they can start to business with eliminating of problematic WOT Mods from Na forum like Catshitter

  4. WoWp looked promising in alpha as well, and you can see how that worked out. I’ve little faith they can pull off WoT-on-the-water, but I hope I’m wrong.