WG EU: One bug. Two weeks.

Hello everyone,

I know it’s probably a LOT to ask, but could we please have the portal in language we choose? Guess who’s back:


That’s right, the bug that got reported weeks ago. I know WG EU staffmembers can’t into space are very busy making dumb videos bringing us the lastest news from Wargaming, but surely some time could be spared to fix this?

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  1. Two days ago I had it German, yesterday Polish and today something else. Working as intended.

    • The EU Webpage of WG is retarded.. though it doesn’t help that the WG EU won’t fix that bug. >.>

    • dont you love when you see “siema pl” on the chat? now you have the entire web in polish, and it even redirects you to the polish forums.

  2. Not the mention the forum gadget on the bottom right that hasn’t updated in ages as well…

    • It’s showing only historical/tank articles now…
      Seems they changed the section that gets posted on that gadged to avoid the needage of fixing it everyweek(when it was posting general disscusion/fan zone/news threads).

      • i belive on moderator aproved stuff is shown any more, not the real content, just all the content WG eu produces (about one article all 2 days?)
        pathetic WG EU as usual
        mfg eXterminus

    • No, they’re trying to piss me off by the fact they’re still using the “we must please all the capitalists by giving them the site translated on their own language” policy instead of just using the fucking english which every monkey can learn with a bit of study.

    • it looks like its only temporary solution, I did it a few days ago, and yesterday I had Hungarian again…cleaned and it did back to english but thats a second time

  3. WG EU staffmembers are afaik glorified forum admins and content editors…

    I doubt there is somebody outside of WG RU (=EU, NA, SEA…) that has the access + knowledge to fix it…and WG RU might be lacking the motivation to do so :)

  4. …you kow, I’ve never ever seen this ‘wit me own eyes’ as it were. Probably since I only ever read it in English, if it’s cookie-related.

  5. NA portal randomly appears in Spanish or Portuguese lately, I was lurking the global map for CW and in the time it took to go from the main page to the map page all the buttons had changed, apparently I was on LOS BATTLES DE LA CLAN I was lolwut is that back again >_<

  6. Forum topics were also not upgraded in a while on the main page… Maybe it’s just my PC but really doubt it:P

  7. I occasionally logged on to the Russian site, trying to remember the cyrillic letters (yes, I have played DayZ, so I had to learn the cyrillic letters so I would have a clue where the heck I am when staring at the road-signs). It was fun trying to guess and figure out what the articles were about.

    Now WG has made it easy for me. Every time I log on to EU site I can play this same “guess what this article is about” without trying to remember cyrillic letters. Thank you WG!

    Oh, and btw, I would like to once again apologise those members in the clan I accidently booted. I *thought* I was promoting you from Recruit to Soldier, but as it were, you people were kicked out. Sadly I did guess wrong the meaning of turkish words on the site that time. Next time I will know what to do (unless the site is in chech, french or spanish, in which case the poo can of course hit the fan again in case I guess wrong).

  8. Dont worry …. you can find the same situation in NA server switching back and forth between Portuguese and English

  9. Same shit on the ASIA server, it seems to affect all portals with multiple language options…

    GG WG, 2 weeks and still no fix.

  10. Considering all the WOT websites are essentially the same, I’d say this is a WG fail, not a WG EU fail. I’m sure the people in charge of designing/coding their sites are based on good ol’ Belarus.

  11. I first experience this bug back in August/September, but it went away for quite a while. So it’s not a bug that has been around for week, but rather months.

  12. Localization problem would be like a joke, but i can’t change it to any other, when it is wrong.
    In recent days it works well here, but now the poll isn’t match in language. Localization change just alter the poll and default (english here) doesn’t work.

  13. We have the same problem from time to time on the ASIA portal, getting from time to time Japanese, Korean or Chinese instead of English, not sure if it is region related – more like a bug in the web interface I guess. Not sure the EU staff can do much about it, I suppose they all share the same web-designers in Minsk…

  14. The mods on EU like ectar and iscending don’t do a very good job at all why cant we have some one like the chieftain which US server has.
    That guy has it right.
    He looks after and keeps his guys informed while EU mods don’t know what day of the week it is and fail every time they can.

  15. For those of us fighting in Clan Wars, it’s very annoying. Trying to work the interface – placing chips and whatnot – in French is a real hassle.
    I don’t understand how WG can let it be like this for so long! :(