Storm: Vbaddict map statistics not correct


Hello everyone,

recently, the Russian community discovered the vbaddict site and its map statistics. One of the prominent Russian streamers, Murazor, made a video, where he basically criticizes Wargaming for map disbalance and all that. Run-of-the-mill map moaning is not exactly something interesting. What is interesting is the fact that Storm appeared in the comment section to write about the vbaddict site.

According to his posts, the new map Northwest is not imbalanced (when it comes to base winrate, there is 2 percent difference). Regarding the site itself, he writes:

“I don’t know how they collected and processed the data but in the end they got some garbage. There are many disbalances, but other – not those they wrote about.”

Storm later states that he is aware there are imbalanced maps and they will be reworked in order to fix it. He also states he cannot post the exact list of maps scheduled for rework, but from his earlier posts we know Redshire and Highway are considered problematic, as are the Steppes (where a problem arose with the arty nerf).

From other info:

- there is a possibility roaming will NOT be implemented at all, there are a lot of issues, including technical ones
- the roaming we see on EU server is confirmed by Storm to be the test of the concept
- Redshire map is the leader, when it comes to camping
- Redshire will be reworked in the patch coming after 8.10 (SS: prolly 9.0)
- there is a slight disbalance on the Northwest map, it will be fixed
- Storm states that the site itself is fine, just the statistics are off

29 thoughts on “Storm: Vbaddict map statistics not correct

  1. “According to his posts, the new map Northwest is not imbalanced”

    “- there is a slight disbalance on the Northwest map, it will be fixed”

    Ohhoho, what have we here? 0_o

  2. The issue with VBAddict is that it’s gathered by the users, and not the playerbase. The average user of VBA is also quite alot better then the average WoT-player (~49% compared to ~51%) leading to a stats-bias. So, all the conclusions one can draw from VBAddict is that those maps are unbalanced among its userbase.

    VBAddict is great for tracking your own stats though – Especially with these random crashes nowadays. Will still let you look at xp, damage done, assisted damage and medals even if WoT crashes as you exit the game.

  3. when AP shells penetrating destructible objects feature will appear, I wonder if it cause some major gameplay changes or even imbalance for some maps, let’s take Port for example, if shells would be able to penetrate the trains cars, then that will leave very few cover for the north team. also prokhorovka encounter, hiding behind houses inside the cap circle won’t mean anything now, though maybe that’s a good thing (it may stop people capping as soon the game starts ending the battle in 3 mins with 2-2 result)

    • Right klick -> Open in New Tap

      Rechtsklick -> in neuen Tap öffnen

      I don’t think SS could do anything about how the links in his block react. But with the right klick-solution, it’s no problem :)

  4. ‘roaming will not be implemented at all’ who will teamkill us for colliding with them now? :(

    • I dont get why people want roaming, personally I think its bad. Just look what happens on the test server, RU, EU and NA dont like each other and some are even hostile. Its better to segregate each cluster imo.

      • In War Thunder, which has a similar playerbase, you’re able to switch amongst servers just fine without TKing or anything. I actually like it, as it allows me to get into Historical Battles much faster, and the Russian and European Historical Battle players aren’t any worse, I’ve actually went halfway through a match without realizing which server I was on. The problems could arise if players were tagged. If someone, by chance, has the same name from a different server, then they could just put “_1″ and “_2″next to their names.

    • Roaming is available if you use that html file that was linked here before..

      I’ve been on the RU server with it, the NA didn’t seem to let me, but I know there are certain directions it works in, and some it doesn’t work in.

  5. - there is a slight disbalance on the Northwest map, it will be fixed

    Is known which side is slightly supperior?

    • If it really is only something like a 1-2% as SS suspects, then it really doesn’t matter for all intents and purposes.

  6. I like this website more than world of tanks:S… Each day before I’m going to sleep i read some news here:). I started to play the game again because of this but yeah the game annoys me alot so no more wot. But is always a pleasure to read some articles ! good job guys:)

  7. It appears that most of the new maps are made to look pretty, rather than for actual gameplay. They need to stop making maps with lots of impassable terrain (mountains, big set of buildings, lagoons, ponds) and focus on letting all the tanks and tactics be effective.

    • Too flat maps are boring, but I agree someway. Let’s have a look at Sacred Valley or Northwest – the hills make the “usable” part of map really small.

  8. VBAddict data is not good because they can only collect battles whose Results you view in full.

    This means that battles you forget to view or which you can’t view due to a prolonged crash, server restart or something similar are lost.

    As a VBAddict user I would estimate maybe 1 in every 20-50 matches is “lost” this way. Add that up over all the users and all the battles and you get statistical garbage in the results.

    • As someone else pointed out, VBAddict is also an opt-in server used mostly by players in the known and hence the data collected is not representative of the server population.

      • But stull you most players lose more from one spawn. Take Highway its clear taht slow heavies cant get to the city if enemy have samrt medium tank. Half team always wiped when try to enter the city.

        • If you spawn South on Highway and try to push city then the problem is with you.

          At this point even a rock should have figured out the South-Highway-City is for dedicated YOLOers only.

          TLDR; If you spawn south, do not try to push city, it’s a trap.

          • And enemy tds with scout and other tanks near bridge at hill can easy wipe out eny tanks, who try to rush under hill, there is totaly wide field with no cover, you must have good scout or sacrifise some tanks to take a deal with tds campers on hill, its a big problem with random, upper base have better positions. Its unbalanced map.

    • Thanks for the input Marius.

      It’s really cool to see you’re working on a ATS and BRR mods, I think both would be really useful.

  9. As has been pointed out, the vbaddict crowd is a better performing crowd than the player base.

    Wouldn’t the findings there indicate that those maps are even more imbalanced, if players know what they are doing and thus use the map terrain given to their maximum advantage?

  10. - Redshire map is the leader, when it comes to camping

    That is more obvious then anything else buuuut
    i think komarin will gradually take the place of the redshire cause campmarin especially is a long 15 battle to draw
    unless one team decides to push and get evaporated by td\s camping at A1 B1 for the north base
    and in K 6-8 and J 6-8 in the south base