New map and Fjord encounter mode

Hello everyone,

from the Megafactories National Geographic video, we’ve been able to glean two facts so far (thanks to T__A from US forums for this). First, Wargaming is working on some kind of Pacific Island map (nicknamed Mt.Bvoma):


Furthermore, there is apparently a plan for Fjord Encounter:


Stay tuned for more :)

31 thoughts on “New map and Fjord encounter mode

  1. Why did you do this Jenkem1000? Please ban him

    NIce one with that map, i will watch the series in Germany in the next few days. maybe there are more informations?

    • They stated that works on new city maps is in progress, one about Moscow, one about Kiev and one more other IIRC, so there you got 3 new city maps, but it takes time to make a map. For instance, before these city maps will be released, work on other new maps will already start.

      A game for everybody: Every time you find the word “map” in this comment, take a shot of vodka. Hardcore mode: Take a shot of vodka each time you find the word “map” in this topic.

  2. Fjord – now imagine, that at the end of heavy fight, there is 1 tank left for each team in the circle at, lets say, 98%…. and one caps on the “inside” side of the buildings in the front, and the other caps on the “outside” side of those buildings… what to do now?

  3. I’m pretty sure both must have gotten axed, or at least put on hold for the moment.
    A program like that takes time to edit, and as we saw people were hard at work on the MT-25 when this was being filmed. We should have seen something by now if they intended to release it anytime soon.

  4. Well, there is always an option to change the circles size, but it this moment – just look at those houses. Its just absurd. They should make it smaller or choose a better place…

  5. They also said in the video in question that WG’s team is constantly churning out maps, but that the majority of those gets scrapped. I don’t remember any specific indication from the video that this one they showed was one that would make it to release state. Did I miss something?