WG EU language fail – Polish CW post

Hello everyone,

we all know Wargaming EU can’t into national portals and sometimes, the portal posts in different language get so garbled it almost feels like it was googletranslated. But what I didn’t know was that WG EU employees can’t tell Polish from Spanish. Look:


But that’s not the reason why it appears here. I mean, mistakes happen. It’s important however they get fixed quickly. This has been sitting there for two days without anyone giving a crap about it. That’s the kind of service Wargaming EU provides. For a company that has enough time to make silly videos or enough money money to spend on Czech T-72 joyrides (although I have a suspicion that entire T-72M4CZ “promotion” (fuel and stuff) was paid by Czech taxpayers), we should expect a bit more.

Know about more Wargaming fails? Incompetent employees? Biased mods? Googletranslations? Other bugs? Feel free to contact me at fortherecordwot@gmail.com – if we as players don’t say “enough”, buggy events, language fails and other stuff will continue.

16 thoughts on “WG EU language fail – Polish CW post

  1. I’m not sure, but this “spanish bug” :) sits there just from the start, I mean since the medal descriptions were published.

      • As I wrote – I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t remember ever reading Polish description for this medal. This means that it’s there since medal for second stage of campaign were published – was it a week ago or something?

      • Now that You mention it, i did also come upon where polish was also swapped with spanish in LOWE store description, but that was before the page change. Maybe it’s a little hint from the devs what we should learn :P

  2. uuh…thing is….i may not get it everytime i go to WoT website, but it’s been roughtly almost a month….and the language (for me) varied from czech to polish (so far) on english page

    • Well, yesterday wot website was set to polish in my browser but polish was only on main site, when i clicked my profile, my clan etc. it was changing to other languages. WG please, i don’t know turkish or french!

  3. This is being laid at the feet of WG EU SilentStalker,

    How much do we know about how WG have organized things, I ask as i recently noticed iScending stating on forums that ( for a competition ) he has to contact WG Minsk to get data that should be obtainable via a simple SQL statement against the player game database.

    ( by this i mean all the EU portal fails of late )

    Is it possible that all DB work ( and therefore almost by default website work is done in Minsk ) and WG EU are simply the fall guys for a more political problem within WG.

    Would help to explain the apparent failure of WG EU to deal with EU server bots,IE: With no access to db themselfs, they request data from WG Minsk, WG minsk drags heels and WG EU have to resort to asking the playerbase to do the reporting,

    Would have a bearing on the Portal failures, translation failures, Specials failures etc etc.

    Just asking, are we sure the right ones are having blame assigned.

  4. There is another translation bug on this screen: “Więcej informacji o misjach specjalnych możecie znaleźć na stronie poświęconej NAGRODOM w drugiej kampanii.” Should be: “NAGRODĄ”. In english: “More information about secondary missions can be also found on the AWARDS page.” Caps mean the same word. Polish Devs should learn polish language again. Shame. Go back to school!!!

    • Well, you’re wrong. Sorry for the guy above but don’t take him serious. It’s not a bug, it’s written as it should be written. So Gamali1el you go back to school.

  5. WG: Can’t read spanish? learn spanish, problem solved.

    But yea we need to report this kind of things, if we stay quiet this “problems” will continue

    • I wanted to give you some “like” or “up” but there are no such buttons :( WG as always helpful!

  6. Well, this month I (visit WoT page every day) encountered at least several cases of language “journey”. Default – English, but had like Czech, Polish, Turkey etc.