Veteran Tanker Drive – who will the money go to?

Hello everyone,

first and foremost, I’d like to thank you all, who took their time to read about the veteran charity drive. Special thanks go to all the people, both Czech and foreign, who donated (yes, even foreigners took care) – thanks to you, the goal we had was already exceeded on first day! I am really glad :)

Very special thanks go to player Tugboat1964 (US server) for his very generous contribution of 500 Euro – I will personally make sure every cent will reach its destination, no worries.

But who will recieve the money?

As I wrote in the last post, it was up to the Československá Obec Legionářská to pick a suitable candidate. Yesterday, Carramba66 (the main organizer) talked to them again and they agreed that the money should go to this man:

Lt.Col.Karel Šerák (ret.)


Born on 20.7.1923 in Boratin (Luck district, Volyň), his pre-war occupation was a farmer. He entered the Czechoslovak units on 20.3.1944 along with his father and brother. After undergoing training, he was assigned to the Czechoslovak Tank Regiment, later expanded to 1st Independent Czechoslovak Tank Brigade in USSR. He served as a tank commander and later he commanded a tank platoon of T-34 tanks in 2nd Tank Batallion, that was led by the Hero of the USSR, Richard Tesařík.

He fought at Dukla Pass, Opava and during the liberation of Ostrava. As a member of the Special Group, he entered Prague on 10.5.1945 along with his T-34 tank No.603. He was demobilized (ranked 2ndLt) on 15.3.1946. After the war, between 1946-1957 he became a small independent farmer, between 1957-1960 he was a member of JZD (a collective farm), where he worked as an animal caretaker, from 1961 (after finishing his formal education) he worked as an animal specialist.

Lt.Col.Karel Šerák was awarded:

- twice with the Czechoslovak War Cross (1939) (a Czechoslovak military award given to those who fought the nazi occupants ever since 1939, sacrificing their lives or showing uncommon valor in combat, risking their lives)
- Czechoslovak foreign army medal (awarded to the members of Czechoslovak army in exile)
- Dukla Pass medal (awarded to those, who fought during the battle)

and other awards.

I do believe this man to be a worthy recipient – don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “Veteran Tanker Drive – who will the money go to?

  1. I think he deserves the donations. People often forget that even those fighting on Eastern front with Russians were/could be good people too.

  2. i like FTR, so i also made a small donation. For me, it doesn’t matter too much who receives the gift.
    But yes, the guy seems a very good candidate. (even if, i am from another country)
    Good job SS :)