8.10 preview to come out tomorrow

Hello everyone,

according to this Reddit post (thanks to T__A for letting me know), tomorrow, we’ll know more about 8.10.

However, please note, that the earlier released information about test server coming this Friday or so was apparently incorrect. It won’t come this week as far as I know. I will keep you updated.

34 thoughts on “8.10 preview to come out tomorrow

  1. hyping the shit already .. come on!

    do we get 0.8.10 patch? nop
    0.8.10 test server? nop

    we get a video preview with things that may or may not make it into the final release…. yay, NOT!

    • With things that we, FTR readers already know. It will be a video for the “less active players”, like it always is.

      • and they can’t wait go get their hands on 0.8.10
        oh .. wait, they don’t fucking care because they are less active!! if they would’ve cared, they would’ve kept themselves informed

  2. I’m literally the only guy that is happy they don’t rush with the next patch, so I can make my Japanese crew even more dope for when the tree finally comes. Second perk is at 80% and its getting higher every day..

          • Il drop the Chi Nu Kai crew on the Chi Nu probably. I already have a pretty good idea on how to play the Kai effectively, and the ordinary Chi Nu (elite) should be better, so there is no way it won’t be fun.

            Or Maybe il drop them on the Tier 4 if it proves a terrible enough grind like oh so much tier 4 tanks.

        • WHAT, HOWW!! Chi Nu is so boring and terrible I cant force myself to play it, how about my 90% trained crew? :D

          Srsly I shoot HE on that thing with KV-1 and do 200 dmg, its almost as big as ARL, frigging slow and has kinda shitty gun depression.

          A FOOKING BT-7 PENETRATED ME FRONTALLY 100% shots!!! =\

          • You just need camo on the crew. IT really starts to shine after your crew gets camo and you put on optics. Basically you should equip yourself with optics rammer and vents.

            After that point, KV”s cant even SEE YOU while you are nailing shots in them. I’m doing some 3k damage in this thing, and while it is not incredible in my opinion as the stug or T-34 medium (best tier 5 medium, because fuck gold derp mediums) It can still pull off some amazing stuff

    • Wow I thought I was doing well by having two crews at 80% on their first skillz but I guess I’m really slacking. Back to the grind I guess

  3. Disapointed that the test server wont be this week but all is forgiven since we will be getting info about 8.10 tomorrow. :)

  4. Boo Hoo.

    The SPG guys are still waiting on the results for the SPG Month. NA and RU are already out over a week ago.


    SPG’s really are unimportant here in EU compared to NA or RU.

  5. i was really looking forward to the new Jap medium and was saving gold ,silver and XP to go straight to T8 but i think i’ve come to the realization that the T10 isn’t going to be that great. it’s going to have a epicly large weak spot on the top and soft LG so why bother with it’s draw backs and get the leopard 1 OR get real armor and get the 62a .. I can see that the STB-1 is going to be a bit like the E50M a good tank but i would have been better off with the leo or 62 instead of being 1/2 in the middle.

    • Dude, the STB-1 is going to have the speed of the Leopard and the gun depression of the Patton (better actually IIRC). The STB-1 is going to be a monster. Besides, you don’t play mediums for their armor anyway; the STB-1 will be very similar to the Leopard, it will be made of paper but it will be fast, it’ll have good camo, and it’ll be punchy. If you want armor go play a heavy.

      • I very much doubt that it will have better gun depression then the Patton. Actually I expect slightly worse gun depression then the Leopard 1. Dont forget that the basic gun depression wasnt anything special. The STB1 had a special suspension that allowed a much better gun depression, but such mechanic aint implemented in WoT atm.

    • T-62A and armour in the same sentence…clearly you have no experience with the T-62A.