58 thoughts on “The Bad Russian video

  1. LOL. Omfg. I’m dying… Of… Laughter here. I’m going to show this to my Russian roommate. He’s probably going to kill me, but hey, it’s okay. He’s Russian. It’s okay, as long as he’s Russian. Lol.

  2. Unfortunately, it stopped being funny after 2mins. – one of the few videos i couldn’t bear to watch till the end…

    And, Chernobyl isn’t even in Russia after split…

    • For me it never started being funny. I was waiting and waiting an waiting and gave around halfway. Guys keeps repeating same cliches over and over again. Very old and very stupid cliches.

  3. It gets annoying very quickly. Unsubscribed his channel a long time ago. He seems to think he is infallible but shows more how you should not play.
    I really don’t understand why so many people watch this crap. There are much better AND more entertaining youtubers with good WoT content.

  4. People really take things way too seriously nowadays. Being offended by Chernobyl jokes, failing a real Russian accent? I mean come on people! This is made purely to entertain people, it’s not meant as an offense towards any people.

    *sigh* No wonder why people can’t even try to be funny nowadays when everyone will just tear their ass off if they try.

    In my opinion the video was good. Not the funniest vid on the net, but still entertaining.

    • I am sorry, but its hard to take you seriously when in the left side I see your avatar. It just adds something “special” about your comment.

    • If anyone saved a copy before it was removed, can you repost for us slow readers that never got a chance to view?