WG EU: Playspan payment delays

Hello everyone,

not everyone probably looks at the WG Support page (I wouldn’t either, but Karlie on CZ forums linked it). According to this post, there is some problem with some of the payment methods, resulting in delays between payment and goods delivery.

This concerns credit cards, Paypal and Playsafe methods. Please note the US server has the same issue.

So you might want to wait with buying stuff until it gets fixed.

9 thoughts on “WG EU: Playspan payment delays

  1. I bought 2 premium tanks for myself and one for a friend, paid via PAYPAL no problem at all about an hour ago. transaction done instatly.

  2. I try to buy some gold yesterday and the kv5 today got a refund from play span today for the gold I never got yesterday and still have not got my kv5 or got a refund for it. I did get a ticket at WG got a reply…but wasn’t told its play spans fk up.


  3. Im not gonna buy anything until I know for sure its working again. it so annoying when this happens.

  4. Well just got a refund from playspan for kv5 I didn’t get. does anyone know for sure if its working again.

  5. There is indeed a problem:

    Bought yesterday around 18.00 two bundles from the gift shop:
    - got the first one immediatly
    - 2nd one is still missing after about 21 hours.

    no answer from support either so far.

    Used paypal as payment method and for both purchases i have paid and got a receipt from paypal but as said, 1 purchase stil missing.