WG EU wekend fail – no Chi-Nu Kai discount for you!

Hello everyone,

what, you thought WG EU wouldn’t have any fails on weekend events? Come on, you know better than that! So, remember the really nice promised discounts on premium tanks (even in gift shop), despite Wargaming employee claims the discounts apply on gift shop vehicles all? This is the event version from yesterday:


So, you were planning to buy your shiny new Chi-Nu Kai with a discount? No discount for you! Today, the portal was backedited (surprise!) with the following: Chi-Nu Kai and Type 64 are not included in discounts.


Edit: I was apparently wrong – US server discounts don’t seem to apply to gift shop vehicles at all. Weird.

23 thoughts on “WG EU wekend fail – no Chi-Nu Kai discount for you!

  1. What I don’t understand though is why they are doing so many mistakes.

    What I don’t understand even more is that if they know they already made a lot of mistakes, why they continue this way ? If I behaved like them in past, I would try to be damn mistake-less in future, just out of shame.

  2. “No discount for you, EU capitalist pigs!” What a fail. But they changed the description at least after millions of people raged on the forums why those two tanks were not included.

    • So … those proverbial millions of people raged that NA server gets more than EU server. WG’s course of action is to enrage them even more, backedit the post and confirm we get less than NA server (not backedit it so both servers will have the same).

    • Though if “No discount for you, EU capitalist pigs!”, wouldn’t by this logic be people from USA more capitalists, than players from Europe ?

      And going even further, wouldn’t WarGaming love capitalists, because they would mean money for them in their F2P system ?

  3. Well they are not on discount in US server either.
    I guess they separate the in-game shop from the website premium shop?

  4. Also, if you watch the EU calendar (at least the spanish version) it says that the special should have begun yesterday

  5. you were not wrong. All tier 5 to 7 premium tanks means all of them. Shop or ingame gold

    This is fraud.

  6. A warning to all… DONT buy the Chi-Nu Kai! Its very lovely to meet the milions of statpadders in their Hellcats and KV1S lol, but aside that the tank is pure shit and something only for ppl that are masochists