Polish Easter Egg in WoT

Thanks to Radosz for this.

Hello everyone,

looks like the reworked map Serene Coast has a Polish easter egg. When you look behind the church on the (former) “island”, you’ll see there is a grave there:


And when you zoom in:


And even more zoom:


Well, that inscription looks Polish. What does it say? I have no idea. Interesting though.

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  1. “Ufajcie jam zwyciężył świat” – it’s actually old-fashioned Polish grave inscription, something like “Trust (God), he saved the World” (he won the World, to be certain).

    It is not a EE, just historical mark.

    Lower inscription isn’t readable, though.

      • To be honest, a lot of Polish soldiers had to emigrate after WWII – Canada (and USA) mostly – to run away from Sovets in Poland. They were smart… Soviets killed a lot of Polish soldiers after WWII because of “collaboration with Nazis” (excuse to rule the Poland).

        There are a lot of Polish graves around the World – Monte Cassino, UK, USA, Canada… my grandfather died as a pilot in Battle of England – he was Polish soldier, who fought for England after Poland has fallen.

    • more like “Trust in God, He shall save the World”, I think It also was said by Pope John Paul II

      • It’s from the bible (John16, 33).

        “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

      • You are right, the meaning goes like that – it’s hard to translate old-fashioned Polish language ;)
        “Ufajcie” – trust (me)
        “Jam” – me (I)
        “zwyciężył” – (had) won (ruled?)
        “świat” (world)

        • Ufajcie – trust, have faith
          Jam – I (have)
          zwyciężył – overcome, vanquished [It's past tense, can't mean "ruled", can mean a victory]
          świat – world

          Gonna see the 2nd part ingame, maybe it’s more readable.

    • I found it, the second text is still hard to read, but there’s “1973″ under it that’s not visible on the screenshots here.

  2. This text is from Bible, it says :
    “Trust, I have conquered the world” John (16:33)
    Unfortunately, i can’t read what is written on lower part of the grave.

    • To be very precise, only part “Jam zwyciężył świat” (I have conquered the world) is from the Bible. Full phrase “Ufajcie, Jam zwyciężył świat” is quote from Pope John Paul II’s proclamation from Easter of 1990. Which makes it very “Easter Egg” :)

      • Sorry, I was a bit wrong, that Bible fragment can be translated as “trust (have faith), I have conquered the world”.

    • To me it looks more like 1473 or 1483. I tried to find any meaningfull explanation to these dates
      In 1473 only 1 person worthy of note died: Saint John Cantius.
      In 1483 nothing really important happened. Martin Luther was born then, but it isn’t so much important from Polish perspective and it would be strange to mark someone’s birthdate on tombstone.

      • Though historicaly speaking, neither date has any reason to be on a tombstone written in polish, and the art files are specificaly named pol_cross…

        There might be another explanation, but it’s a long shot. It might be in fact a warped 1943, seeing how the map in question is sporting the huge rock of gibraltar…

        • John Cantius was 100% Polish :)

          Hmm, the Gibraltar explanation makes sense, especially if you like conspiracy theories ! :D

          • No reason to be on a polish on a tombstone anywhere but a central-europe map I meant.

  3. Hi folks!

    Those words are from the Bible ofcourse! :)
    That Polish version you could see in the game: „Ufajcie, Jam zwyciężył świat”
    is the part of the whole vesicle: (John 16,33)
    in English words:

    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    So Polish: “Ufajcie, Jam zwyciężył świat” is exactly: “But take heart! I have overcome the world”

    It is also connected to John Paul II and one of his proclamations!

    Jesus defeated the death. Jesus resurrected!