Hall of Shame

Hello everyone,

welcome to the new issue of Hall of Shame, where the worst idiots and trolls of WoT are put on display. This time, it will be kinda “special”, because there is a new format now (with only the crops, for faster loading). Also, a HUGE number of Czech idiots made it this time, along with some prominent clan members. Enjoy!


In Czech: “go fuck yourself fucking Polish”


Gegner apparently got his account wiped for the “nice” outburst above.

In Slovak: “Oh my god, the Polish are pissing me off today, fucking cunts”



Above in Czech: “How about you suck your dick instead of talking to us, you idiot – fuck your own children at home and don’t interfere when other people are talking – don’t give a fuck about it”


Above in Czech: “Slovaks are Jew whores”


Bonus: DingIsHere vs Czech EHW rager Z0ltar :)


Bonus 2: “Typical Czech conversation” – so dumb I won’t even translate this shit


Bonus 3: There are idiots in War Thunder too…


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  1. Ooohhh man, about WT- Never pick any server, then you have chance to play on Russian server. Not a friendly place. write anything in latin script and you are fucked.

      • Usually russians troll much – but in general there is very little chat – voice commands does miracles :D

        (lol Fegelein :D Now Dolfy knows where to find it – in WT)

          • Sadly had to change my nickname from Fegelein to FegelStation. Its kinda understandable (Fegelein was a Waffen-SS general). But I’ ll try to collect more screenshots like that from War Thunder. It shouldn’t take long….

            • Hall of shame is the only thing i really hate on FTR. it is unnecessary trowing of dirt at clans and community.It is not helping SS. Every clan or nation has its hidden assholes who can not behave properly… but why do you have to wipe these shit all over the FTR?

                • This is not how it works man. You can not make things dissappear by just closing your eyes.

              • Coming from Croatia, I can tell you first hand that ignoring something such as racism or fascism only makes it worse. If we had the denazification laws like Germany was obliged to get, things might be different today… Instead, we have people voting for anti-gay changes to the Constitution in the 21├žentury… I’m not gay, but I remember some German priest saying:

                First they came for the Communists,
                and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Communist.

                Then they came for the Socialists,
                and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Socialist.

                Then they came for the trade unionists,
                and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

                Then they came for me,
                and there was no one left to speak for me.

              • No, this kind of stuff is a) funny (in the wow, what a looser sort of way) and b) not acceptable. It needs to be broadcast as wide as possible. WG needs to get it’s stick out of it’s ass and go back to officially naming and shaming like they did back in beta, but they won’t so hey, FTR can at least show them for what they are.

                The saddest part wasn’t the racism, bigotry and general asshattery, but that in all those I only saw one where someone reported it.

                Oh, SS – do you want NA screenshots?

  2. Shame, I was really looking to find myself here after the horrible weekend full of bots, campers, retards, goldbergs, bushwankers and noobs :D

    • I was looking for myself too, i consider my rages mighty over weekend. Starting after some 10th loss…. although i try to use more elaborate insults not this cheap garbage.

      I wonder when i will get my chat ban, god knows i deserve it sometimes, but although polite and kind person i am, WOT makes an animal from me sometimes…

      • I had to be very stubborn to earn the daily first battle bonuses on a few tanks…something like a 36% WR on cca 30 battles, 1000+ XP losses were nothing special :)

        Yesterday I had a really “nice” battle too – went to the hill on El Halluf (encounter), when I finally got there (1-2 minutes), we were losing 0:13, killed two enemies, died and lost the battle 2:15 :D

    • same here mate with theseeeeee tomatoe storms at weekends cant enjoy the special
      i may rage a lot but like the others above wishing good stuff to them
      i use to call them bricks and braindead with some combinations of others words
      seem not to be very effiecent :P

      • Potato seems to be the word of the week on NA. “This team is full of potatos” or “god that (tank) is such a potato”

    • Haha, I was also afraid of finding me here. But I don’t go with racist commentaries, rather I doubt the wisdom of other players :)

      • you think they enter a game and start spaming you with hitler, PL and cancer?

        anyway.. then do a list with the names you should have on the ignore list..

        with this post you just promote what the idiot did or said.

      • yes.. send him a email and post here the list.
        he is not giving ban because you put it on your website, he give bans because the information reach him. ;)

        i like your site. i enter every day (more than once). but i want to see usefull information. not prints with retards saying “carcer, hitler, siemca pl, etc”.

          • as i said before.. i like this site. it was a feedback. a bad one. not all of them are good.

            ps: i didn’t read all the prints.. i play wot, i know how many morons are in wot.. i don’t need to be reminded of them.. or even worse to put them in a “wall of whatever”.

        • mate this website is like 99.9% useful information these hall of shame is the rest. I like to entertain myself from reading what some idiots say in game.

          • if you entertain with: “i hope you all get cancer” …. well .. for me is like you are one of them…

      • Does the moderator check it somehow before banning the players? Otherwise it would be a nice banhammer trolling with forged/fake in-game chat screens :)

    • useless?,
      i find it plenty fun and informative, and i’d love to see a “study” of the rages between each server..
      for example, in the US sure, we have a lot of rage, but usually with generic name-calling/insults, maybe some ploticial shit, some “nigger” here or there…
      but from what i’ve seen on the EU server it’s all “gas this, gas that” “cancer jew/pole/etc”, and i see a lot of ragers like to “cancer-something” (but i don’t understand why), there’s some real real hatred down in your EU server :D

      • EU Server propably the worst mix of stupidtrolls,ignorants,idiots,braindead,racists and…… well adding more of these kind of peoples
        the funny thing is you can either rage made of humour or rage of pure meenless such as the wishes many spread of gas that bla bla ::P i think btw gas this gas that has somehow taken the place fuck this fuck that fuck you and stuff like that :P

        • So funny watching people rage and acting like a jackass for no reason I had this happen to me before where this one guy says I’m a noob and I should uninstall cause he rushed the cap and got killed I see this a form of public shamming

      • As a German I mostly have to shake my head when reading crap like that.
        I can partially understand if someone feels the need to rage and somehow has the wise idea to do it an a public space (ie team chat, general chat, forums, etc).

        However stuff like “juden raus” oder “scheiss polackensau” isn’t raging.
        It’s dumb shitposting and….

        … and then I remember that in 10/10 times a German writes stuff like that it’s a 10 year old kid that probably has a lot of problems at home and needs to feel better by “bashing” people on the internet.

        I would blame their parents, but since I have no children myself I have no word in the subject matter…

        Oh well, every now and then I’m actually surprised to see my fellow countrymen acting normal.

        • German too. Most german tankers i meet are only bad, but not insulting and raging… But the few “hitler”-idiots let germans look like a bunch of neonazis which live in 1942. i hope someday we can let this be past and be proud of what we did after the war. The same with “Ossis” and “Wessis”

  3. when a tank has not been spotted in clanwars, but the guy driving it is writing something, he is just displayed as “enemy:” in the chat. or “Gegner” in the german client.

    • eh, this isn’t too bad.
      just a few typical dumb asses.

      the only times i feel afraid for humanity, is when you have groups of dumb-asses talking about this sort of thing with no one to tell them how stupid they are.

      accidentally stumbled across an extreme right-wing forum when looking for US gun crime statistics.
      it was depressing to see people with usernames like “question diversity”, talk about how black people are supposedly the main problem with society, then even worse to see others back them up about it, claiming it was down to genetics and that they were inferior to white people.

      Nothing quite like groups of people talking about Nazi style Eugenics as if there was nothing wrong.

  4. Ahahahah there in these pics is the reason why I dont visit the CZ/SK subforums… Some retards amaze me all over again.

    PS: Iam collecting nice screens aswell and indeed mostly they are German lol.

    • that may be because germans are one, if not the, biggest nation on the eu server, which makes it quite easy to find the idiot that has evaded education with great success.

  5. I never get these ridiculous conversations on ASIA server, they make me laugh at their stupidity :(
    All I see is [][][][][]555+ from the Thai players in my chat…. atleast if I was on EU server people would rage back at me in broken English instead of eternal chat silence!

  6. I have seen ppl insult me in many different ways like questioning my sexual orientation, my dogs, cats and even acusing me of raping my plants O_o, but it always make me laugh beyond believe and the more I troll back, the more they rage…. Dammit its so funny lol

    • ‘toon up with me.. we’ll soon hit the top 40 charts… :trollface:

      Surprised I’ve never appeared, but then when I rage its usually just “fking noob”…
      ..or “GOLD NOOB” when a Ferdy spams APCR at my Nashorn.. and bounces… twice.. lol

  7. The insulting players that are shown here are really the most useless players one can ever find in a game.
    I wonder how their homes may look and what their social status in RL is.

    • You are narrow ;)
      Don’t forget, that 99% of insults are based on previous bad experience. So look at this at something “out of context”.

  8. The rage is out there…

    I got TKed in my T-44 the other day by an IS6 who disagreed with me capping, despite the fact I bullied the entire flank almost single handedly and deserved to sit there. “No cap, kill all” he cries while the enemy have 2 tanks left.

    He gets 100m towards the enemy’s last known position, 1 of them is killed by the other team mates, he turns around and gets back to enemy base just as I reach 100% and the last enemy simultaneously dies. He’d never have made it to the enemies anyway, yet he TKs me just then.

    But here’s the kicker: I PMed the guy and told him he was an asshole, and the rage that flew back at me was incredible. I just laughed at his 45% win ratio, to which he responded by challenging me in a training room 1v1!

    I told him to pick any tank, he picks his IS6 again, I pick Cromwell for the LOLZ. “Happy?” I ask. Of course he is! He’s got a Tier VIII heavy versus a Tier VI medium!

    We load Prokorovkha and I run for the middle, spot him very quickly with my super optics, zig zag towards him, he takes a shot, I lose some health but then I’m behind him and proceed to circle him to death.

    The rage in chat afterwards was also neither wee nor wonderful but definitely one of the best WoT experiences I’ve ever had.

    So… to all the ragers. Challenge them 1v1 and pray that they burst a blood vessel when you hand them their ass.

    Highly recommended.

    • Good idee!! I think i’ll try that if it happends to me. Let the TK’s know who own’s the battlefields. Not the noobs, but the better and serious players!!!

  9. Shame on you SS.

    If someone say, “Poland IDIOT” that person belongs to the Hall of Shame.
    If you will say, “Look at these Czech idiots” … It does not belong to the Hall of Shame ?

    Shame on you, silly retarded boy ….

  10. As well. Compared to the usual situation, which is bad as it is, this weekend was really full of tomatoes, a tomato soup if you will.

  11. The Hall of Shame, what should i say. This is gonna be my first comment so i’ll keep it short.

    I think we need to keep our thoughts to the positive things of WoT. Just kill al idiots and trolls who put out these words on the comments. Like someone said above. Let them know who own’s in battle by a 1v1.

  12. Someone from Zer0 they are supposed to be the nice guys guess it shows the scumbags manage to infiltrate all clans

  13. I am sorry but some of these are clearly answer did you really checked that other person was nt even more offensive?

  14. I am really ashamed from all of these incomprehensible comments from czech and slovak players.. Just why?
    Only spoiling the reputation of the normal and better czech and slovak players.. :(


  15. Wow, that makes me think the NA servers are civil. What’s with all the Polish hate? These hall of shame posts have a lot of comments with profanity towards Poles, how do they even know if someone is Polish?
    Do other country get bad mouthed as much as Poland?

    • because polish always speak in polish and they use wot like a dating chat , the most of times when a polish dude find a possible bf they start chatting leaving the team without 2 or more members. I explained why people hate them but how they know that somebody is polish easy : every polish start the game saying siema or kto pl ?.

      • That’s cause the poles are like ketchup- nothing except a faceless blend of of tomatoes. Right.

        No, seriously, poles get hated on so much, because, bear with me here, they get hated on so much. Once they got the publicity thanks to a few rotten eggs and a couple of anti-polish goons, they became the official flogging horse for the community. At this point it’s kind of a self-perpetrating meme, with many people, whose polish vocab consists of 4-5 words, trolling with ‘siema pl’ at the start of every battle, and people raging at poles even just because they’ve seen somebody do the same. Herd mentality can be fascinating.

  16. After all the critics: This is one of my favorites! Really funny. And if someone actually bans some of those racist fuckheads – hell yeah! That makes it even better.

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  18. This is a retarded hall of shame collection.
    At least half of this is so minor and every minute said that it it pointless to include.
    Almost every single non-polish player could be present here like this.

    I am getting so f*in tired of this polish-im-a-victim-role.

  19. it was a looooooong weekend some of us just want to train crew some other just die stupidly it is really frustrating yesterday I had 22% of wins today 47% …..

  20. Sadly, usually such comments come usually as a exaggerated reaction to minor trolling or spamming and usually both sides could be awarded a chat-ban.

  21. Everytime I’m reading Hall of Shame, I’m searching for my name in there. And today… my friend PezaCZ with outburst.

    It’s little bit shocking because he’s one of the most calm players I ever met. There must be some really wild shit goin’ on to piss him off to this level.

  22. I’m concerned with redundancy in the “black nigger” comment. I’ve never heard of a white nigger or pink, yellow, cyan or any other colour. Therefore wouldn’t black be simply redundant?

    • Same would apply to the likes of gay faggot or stupid retard, yet there’s no shortage of those either. I think there was also a ‘nazi jew’ used somewhere. It’s pretty safe to assume whoever is using that, doesn’t really think their insults through.

  23. Well God damn.

    Why does the EU server constantly make us Americans look friendly? Then again, much of the NA server is represented by Latin Americans and Canadians, and they really only scream about football and bacon.

  24. And about these “Hall of shame” threads, they are entertaining, but we really do have Youtube and 4Chan for whenever we want to laugh at ignorant racists, sexists, and homophobes. The Internet contains stupids, and that fact has been established for a while.

  25. It’s funny that, if anything, Poles are BETTER players than the rest which is shown by esports results.

    All this “siema pl” meme arised thanks for confirmation bias. There is an equal proportion of idiots in any nations. I see retarded Germans, Czechs, Hungarians, French and lately even Spaniards just as often as Poles. Poland is an easy object to hate, however, because many people in some countries seem to have big problems with Poland existing after all. And they have to protect my ego – “it’s not that I am bad, it’s those fucking Polacks fault!”

    • nope nope nope nope . it is because polish are really noobs always when my clan face a polish one we are like ok we dont need any tactic just kill them they are polish … The hate is because of siema bs do you see spaniards say hola or germans moin ? nope these people will always try to speak in english but polish totally refuse to do so and they are usually bring team to lose if there are few of them. If polish were not going around and talking in polish and using chat as dating site they would be just another noobs as 90% of players are.

      • >it is because polish are really noobs always when my clan face a polish one we are like ok we dont need any tactic just kill them they are polish

        Good, good, keep up with that… My Polish clan had crushed enemies with ease numerous times because they went full “LOL siema PL xDDDDD” :)

        >The hate is because of siema bs do you see spaniards say hola or germans moin ?

        Very often. “Moin moin”, “as, sa”, “magyar van” – I see this every day. I also remember some retarded platoon (something like VI tier platooned with I tier), which were just bumping into eachother during the whole match and writing on chat “ajajaajajajajajaj” and some Spanish shit.

        So keep living in your ilusion, m8, if it makes you feel better.

  26. SS, please stop this. these idiots get chat banned for 3 days and are proud to be shown here, which will just make it worse.

    if you want to keep it, show us some account whipes, but not just chat screens before anything has happened. this way you have to “offer” something before you get “fame” on this blog.

  27. Guys

    support is doing their job very well, if you want to report someone faster just PM me on the forum or in the game and I will see that they got chat ban more then 3 days.

    We in Wargaming don’t tolerate this kind of conversations at all and yes we have problems with Czech players lately.


  28. So much hatred,so much rage,so much stupidity i saw on those screenshots.Czech players hates Polish players,Polish players say “Likewise” Then somehow ,jews got blamed for all this shit and Nazi propaganda shows up from no where.That’s really awkward,who’s teaching the history to these poor souls ? They become racist while playing the game instead of enjoying it or just developing a better tactic against an enemy.

    And what the hell is black nigger ? I understand the feud between Cz/Sk and Polish but Barack Obama is really out of this league

  29. WOW. Now that is a lot worse than I’ve seen on the NA server so far. So much hate and ignorance …….

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