December calendar discounts explained

Hello everyone,

yesterday, I recieved a relatively large number of e-mails and FB messages from confused players, all saying the same thing: “Silentstalker, look, in the December calendar event Wargaming advertises 30 percent off the M10 Panther, when in fact the Panther bundle is only 20 percent off in the gift shop, how can that be?!”

An illustration here:

WG EU fail

Well. It’s not fail per se. You see, it is exactly what the picture says: 30 percent off the tank price. However, the premium time and the garage slot in it is NOT discounted at all. Technically, WG EU is right. But you can probably see how this is confusing regular players. A huge 30 PERCENT OFF!!!1111ALLCAPS – and then, it’s only 20 percent in the shop (even though the prices fit in the end and WG delivers exactly what they advertise: a discount on the tank. On the tank only.)

Today’s bundle is practically the same thing. Apart from the minifail where there was a T-15 picture and a Panther text from yesterday (how hard can it be to do it right at first attempt?) – check this out:


Here, you can see that the T-15 is 50 percent off! Well, 50 percent off is 50 percent off, no way around it, right? Wrong. Again, in the shop, the tank is only 38 percent off:


That is because the tank is off, but the garage slot, that’s part of the bundle, is NOT discounted at all. Only the tank. No doubt this will lead to some more confusion – especially since yesterday, it was clearly written that only the tank is discounted, while today, it’s only “50 percent off” – implying the entire bundle is 50 percent discounted – which is not true.

Personally, I find this playing with numbers distasteful. Discounts should be clear – you sell a bundle 38 percent off? Fine, it’s 38 percent off. No problem. But why write a huge 50 there? Contrary to popular belief, most WoT players can read and when they see 50 on one spot and 38 in the shop, a “scam” alert immediately triggers in their brains. Separating the tank and its garage slot is very counterintuitive.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

20 thoughts on “December calendar discounts explained

  1. they must be treading very close to misleading advertising.

    normally they would need to have a decleartion of the garge slot being not includeed on the sale card

  2. If you have gold you can buy it half price in the ingame shop, without the garage slot. At least it would be fair to write it, that the tank from the premium shop comes with a full price garageslot, because it’s not mentioned on the offer page.

  3. - Apart from the minifail where there was a T-15 picture and a Panther text from yesterday (how hard can it be to do it right at first attempt?)

    They did the same thing yesterday with old plane picture and another day ago there was updated only the callendar picture. This is getting close to epic.. QC is close to zero.

  4. I personally found yesterday’s variant easy to understand and clear enough.
    But today’s is, at best, unclear, at worst, intentionally misleading. My guess is, that they were very specific yesterday because of the premium time in the package —> Today it’s just the tank and no bundle.
    Personally, I think, a simple “up to” before the percentage would be all that’s needed. As you said, contrary to popular belief most WoT players know how to read ;)

  5. I’m not going to defend Wargaming, as the declaration is misleading a bit, but we have to pay attention to the fact, that “Tank discount also available in the in-game shop”. In the premium shop we buy tank + sth else. So I wouldn’t blame WG too much this time.

  6. It actually breaks trading standards law in Britain if special offers are not clear, it’s treated as deceiving the customer. And fooling them to think there getting a better deal than they are.