Test 8.10: Visual and Armor model changes

Hello everyone,

this is NOT a full list of visual and armor model changes (that will come later), these are only the changes, that were mentioned in the test patch notes. Here goes.

Warning: this post is very picture heavy

T69 Medium Tank – the shape of the turret side/back armor was slightly changed.



E-50 – the gun length of pretty much all the guns was changed (sometimes shortened, sometimes lenghtened) because in 8.9, the guns were left with wrong barrel lengths.


KV-1 – the track model was changed (more detailed now, the “lighter” one is new)


Lorraine 40t – the “nose” shape was changed: the sharper one is new


Object 140 – the turret armor spread (NOT the thickness itself) has changed. There are more zones now and the thick armor zones now covers more of the front. The model with yellow frontal hull is new, orange frontal hull one is old.


Panzerjäger I – got narrower and higher


Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger – the gun got a LOT longer…


T-34-3, Type 59 and others – got their color changed to one shade of green


Waffenträger auf E-100
– recieved a new “weakspot” (both in visual and in collision model) – considering how thin the superstructure is, this will probably have no impact whatsoever, apart from telling players where exactly to aim to kill the gunner.


and finally the WZ-111 1-4 – the stock turret armor got significantly nerfed (the thick zones now cover only half of it)


29 thoughts on “Test 8.10: Visual and Armor model changes

  1. RBW looks really bad ass now, but the other hand the gun have now muzze brake, so that means its gona lose more cammo when he shots, at least its what i read somewhere…

    • It would be even more badass if it didn’t have a nickname like “Roomba” or “Rimjob”.

  2. Borsig’s gun – you could stick it directly into enemy base across Malinovka’s field ;)

    • no and no.

      PzJg1: the tall one is the new one

      Kv1: the tracks aren’t square blocks anymore so i don’t see how that looks worse to you.

  3. SS, about the Panzerjäger I… what is the reason for this change? It looks quite unhistorical now, also Panzer I wasnt touched, now they have different sizes.

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