- Object 430U will not appear as the unlockable hull of Object 430 (SerB states they are quite different tanks)
- T-64 is quite a different tank from Object 430, Object 430 has -5/+16 depression
- the point of view in sniper mode is from the point where the shell trajectory path originates
- the only thing calculated during the shell flight is its “point of existence”, not physical parameters: that’s why a shell can actually pass through a hole, that is theoretically smaller than the shell in real life
- when firing arty, when you aim at a discovered enemy tank, the trajectory is automatically compensated to end in that enemy tank, but when you aim at a spot you know the enemy tank is, but the tank itself is not lit up, the trajectory will aim at that spot on the ground
- whenever an enemy tank is destroyed, all tanks in the team recieve small additional bonus XP, this however doesn’t happen when the enemy tank drowns, or is destroyed by falling
- Ke-Ho (Japanese tier 4 LT) will recieve battletier 4-6 MM
- Russian players are whining about STB-1 being OP, Veider states that Leopard in fact has better camo, better maximum speed, is more agile and more accurate, has better aim time and better accuracy bleed from turning the turret, carries more ammo and has better depression
- furthermore, Veider adds that STB-1 doesn’t have that much armor and has devices sticking out, reducing its camo factor
- Veider states that when comparing STB-1 and Patton, Patton has better engine, better terrain resistance, more viewrange, more HP, better accuracy on the move, better aimtime, better elevation and generally better armor
- Port is removed because the map is imbalanced
- it’s “too soon” for KV-1S nerfs
- FPS drops on the test is a combination of a bug (something with track effect settings) and of some unoptimized elements

67 thoughts on “9.12.2013

  1. How is Port unbalanced? I do not get it. I can do quite good games on both sides. And why not just try and change something on it. I love those “city” maps and seeing one of it going out of the game makes me sad. ;) But they will bring in some more city maps, right?

    • Port is unbalanced because the introduction of penetrable objects in 8.10 means the north team has zero cover unless they camp way north in their part of the city.

      • And that would be so bad that they remove the map? If enemy pushes on that flank, they are completely vulnerable to get shot from the railroad tracks in the middle etc.

      • Which oddly enough is a reversal of the current situation, where the North side seems to have the advantage.

    • Becouse you can shot thru bottom of trains at enemy, meanwhile enemy tank cant do much. So you se more and more mediums and tanks from bottom spawn takes center and supports left/right direction. Any tank that move close to center is ded, simple they have hill and can still shoot at you, you cant. Yesterday im with 50B did 4,7k dmg T57 4,2k dmg from this position, IS7 tryed to help his teamates to push left side, we killed him thru bottom of trains thanks to hill (there is space between ground and trains), top spawn can only push left or right, its predicted and from center you can support BOTH enemy attack directions. After 8.10 when you can shoot thru object like this wall, enemy have no chacne to defend right side.

    • Not just you.

      Slight distinction really. More and more people are coming to accept that the WTF-100 is just flat out OP to the point of being broken.

      But the STB? 9/10 whine comments read in the NA Gameplay section are by players who feel their time and money spent grinding the Leo, Patton, and FV4202 were wasted. It’s a different argument for why this tank is OP, if even at all. I’ve played it on test server and I’ve watched replays by youtubers, and I have to say really the STB is just another “different strokes for different folks” tank. It’s good in some ways and quite bad in some ways. The Leo 1 with its sniper gun and better camo and better terrain resistance stats might be better suited for the vision control meta.

    • I am not sure if its reall OP – 1vs1 maybe, when loaded.. but i’ve seen now enough WT’s just vaporizing when they had not enough Teamsupport, or were just simply at the wrong place.. or even only spotted.

      Everybody was shooting it – its a huge Target, everbody penetrates with HE, and 60s are a damn long time without selfdefence. I am not too sure about WT is really much OP – in terms: Yesterday we had a Battle where the Enemy had 3x WT’s – they just lost! If it’s that much OP, why wasn’t that an “Auto-Win”?

      SerB once said, the Game is not about 1vs1 – and the fact that many say WT is OP comes from the fact that it “at times” OP – when it is in good position, has a fully loaded Clip and is on perfect Position (which the Enemy easily can avoid, once WT is spotted) – then.. for 60 Seconds.. its utterly useless and an Easy-Kill

      I saved this Year 800k freeXP, and i am going to get not a Foch155, not a WT.. but a STB-1.. Just cos its more fun to play imho – not to be the ultra-OP Macho-Bugger on the Field – i love to work with my Buddies in Medium Platoon.. and a good Medium Platoon, that is OP! ;)

  2. - it’s “too soon” for KV-1S nerfs

    Apparently a few months aren’t enough to nerf a single tank, especially when you’ve decided exactly how to nerf it. Talk about expedience.

    • It’s been OP for a year and they haven’t touched it… but they had no issues nerfing the FV215b (120) the patch after it was released (which was never OP in the first place).

      • Nerfed? They buffed the Armor significantly afaik.. at the cost of some RoF.. but tell me if i am wrong. But i like the FV215b Heavy much more as when it was just introduced with that 8 RoF and beeing a Cardbord-Tank

      • Actually, it’s OP since it was added, and afaik, it was even more OP when it was added…
        But it wasn’t considered OP because there were 2 other OP tanks which flooded the battles back then…The KV and the tier 6 KV-3.

    • Well, its about adding like 3 tanks to game not just removing 122 gun from it.
      And heavy with 122 mm on 6 tier will stay. But less S-port more KV .

    • you know what will happen when they nerf KV1S?

      remember the arty update. a HELL LOT of players will abandon the KV1S. we might see a rise in T-150 and KV2. there MIGHT be less IS and more of the KV line. and then the general squabling abt how WG nerfing KV1S is a bad idea, when in fact the community “whined” for it.

      My solution? Bitch less, play smarter.

      • Yeah, leave the most blatantly OP tank untouched, because nerfing it will result with some changes and some siemas will whine that the only tank in which they can do something, got nerfed… Are you high, dude?

  3. This track effect is old thing for me I saw it lower my fps like 4-5 patches ago.
    So 1-STB is better from Leo only for having fairy good armor on turret and bigger RoF ?

    • Basically the good turret armour/mantlet of STB allows it to go hull down far more effectively than Leo 1, which lacks any armour on the turret for hull down action where you may also bounce some shots. ROF on the STB-1 is also a bit OP. I think the ROF should be similar to Leo 1 and the Gun Depression on STB-1 should be nerfed to -8 (it would still be very good in hull down). If -10 gun Dp stays, then ROF should be reduced a lot to something like 6.5 or 6, otherwise people are right that many other T10 Meds are inferior to the STB-1. Slightly low pen or aim time is easily compensated by Gold ammo spam these days.

      And that WT E100 is definitely broken as hell OP. That thing needs a serious rebalance/nerf.

      • I find the flatwaffle (Borsig, tier VIII new german TD) to be much more OP than the waffledragon (tier X). I have by far seen more games where the flatwaffle made a monstrous killing and was the deciding factor. I would really like to see a nerfbat appied to that bugger. The waffledragon is powerful, for sure, but when push comes to shove it seems sufficiently easy for enemies to deal with for it not to stick out as much.

        • You wot mate? Battletiers go all the way up to 12 you know? Tier 8′s have battletiers 8-10. 4-6 means no higher opponents than tier 6 and no lower than tier 4. The 11 and 12 battletiers are exclusively for tier 9-10 (BT 11) and tier 10 (BT 12) only battles.

          • Of course some scouts can get into BT 10 to 12 battles, such as the Chaffee with it’s 7-12 BT’s, but I’ve yet to be the only non-tier 10 tank in my team with it.

  4. “Russian players are whining about STB-1 being OP, Veider states that Leopard in fact has better camo, better maximum speed, is more agile and more accurate, has better aim time and better accuracy bleed from turning the turret, carries more ammo and has better depression”

    Looks like Veider got the last detail wrong. The Leopard has -9 degrees of gun depression which is NOT better than the STB-1′s -10 degrees of gun depression.

  5. - it’s “too soon” for KV-1S nerfs
    But it isn’t too soon to start bitching how new german TD line have too good camo values and possibly thinking how to nerf them already…..exactly one patch after they got released….LOL

  6. -whenever an enemy tank is destroyed, all tanks in the team recieve small additional bonus XP, this however doesn’t happen when the enemy tank drowns, or is destroyed by falling.

    I never knew this… So the blood hungry players who want every tank destroyed… they were right after all… hmm.

    • ofc… this is a team game, killing all is direct exp for the killer, but also for the rest of the team… no wonder why even afk’s get nice amounts of exp at the end…

      see the battles were it ends after 3 minutes by cap and both teams have almost all players alive, the exp in the end is mediocre for both the winning and the loosing teams. On the other hand, battles that end like 15-14, everybody gets nice amounts of exp…

      Every player should know this.

      • Well, one reason for low XP in early cap games is also because of very low damage done by the teams.

  7. - Port is removed because the map is imbalanced

    WG Y U NO just change the map layout to make it balanced, (less train tracks) it’s lazy just simply remove a whole map destroying a LOT of work.

    “- it’s “too late” for KV-1S nerfs”


    • Port is actually ok.. but remove that annoying “Komarin” again! I am really fighting the inner Bastard in me every time.. that tells me “Alt-F4″! “Alt-F4″

      Bring back Dragon Ridge or anything.. let Port be Port.. but remove that Komarin Crap again! And change something in the Redshire Camping Map pls!

      • Komarin is the worst map ever its now got to the point were i just yolo or encourage my team to rush in order to try and make that campfest of a map more interesting it actually works most of the time

    • Scout MM was the dealbreaker for me. I feel like they fixed the MM as an admission that scout mm for tier 4 light tanks is a flippin’ joke.

      Looks like I’m going up the scout line now.

  8. i played on the test server lat night the STB-1 are drying up. I also agree it’s armor is not that good but it doesn’t need to be . Maybe i’ll go back to grinding the leo

  9. “-Leopard in fact has better camo, better maximum speed, is more agile and more accurate, has better aim time and better accuracy bleed from turning the turret, carries more ammo and has better depression”

    Better depression? Did I miss something or how is -9 degrees better than -10 degrees? Besides that better camo is pretty darn marginal since Leopards’ camouflages aren’t exactly “stellar” anyway? Why can’t WG just buff them a little bit to make the Leopards be the best at least in SOMETHING. Seriously. Just comparing the TDs (Russian for example) camouflages to Leopards and they are just a joke.

    I know TDs and all, but those values are ridiculous when compared to the so called “good camouflage value mediums”.

      • Yes, Leo1 is much higher Profile, i can’t see any argument why it should have better Camo-Factor!? I think it will be a tiny difference tho.. if any at all

        • did some searching on Wiki and guess what the leo 1 and T62 are about the same height 2.4m, the Patton and FV4202(centurion) are almost 3m high and the STB-1 is the smallest at 2,25m.

          its 7 cm wider then the t62 and maybe 40cm longer, many site list different numbers as at least 6 variants were made. the height on wiki is 239 until turret roof with absolute of 2,7m. maybe max elevation of the gun or the various optics and modifications that were added in later variant A1 -A5

    • It is the best at something: mobility. And of course, equal best aimed accuracy.

      The problem is that the STB-1′s strong points count for more in more situations than other Western-style tanks. Accuracy is a bit lacking, but you have both high DPM and high-ish alpha (inversion of the 121 formula), ability to shoot over slopes while only exposing a small and well shaped turret, good P:W for climbing, relatively small size when you can’t hull-down. Patton has worse DPM, worse P:W, worse turret, worse top speed, worse size for better accuracy on the move. Leo has worse DPM, worse armour, worse size for more aimed accuracy and top speed. Etc.

      Particularly the trinity of depression + DPM + alpha is highly effective in most situations. The tier 8 & 9 are better balanced with their semi-vulnerable turrets, larger size and frontal transmission (the latter perhaps is overkill.. wish WG would model transmission separately from the engine).

      • Just forget that Patton mate, they just get nerfed to the ground after the very first patch it was launched. Trollgaming will never put an eye on him anymore cuz their time is for new lines that make more profit—encourage players to grind new (OP or not?) lines and invest more in the game.

    • They seem to panic yet.. true.. I don’t think STB-1 is OP.. its just “as” good and competitive… wait.. how can WGN even dare to bring something that is totally competitive with Russian Tanks?? Damn it..

  10. its not op . its 1 of the best for random . but leopard bat and ob140/t62a stil best on cw leo is beter on cw a lot cos beter gun acuuracy /aiming and camo. i just wana know that hi gona be nerved or dont cos i interest of gind japanise mt. hope it not be like the relase then they nerf . people saying they theoretically have no law for this becaouse its top tier and we spend money for grind top tanks (t110e5 expection cos they was warning it coud be nerf)

  11. - Veider states that when comparing STB-1 and Patton, Patton has better engine, better terrain resistance, more viewrange, more HP, better accuracy on the move, better aimtime, better elevation and generally better armor

    What a pile of crap. Patton may have better engine, but a much worse p:w ratio that doesn’t even compensate for its slightly better terrain resistance. More view range is useless considering how much larger the Pattons are. Armor is mostly worthless on the Pattons anyways. It only has better gun handling, which isn’t enough to hit all the time at longer rangeslike pre-nerf Patton and for the most part, it’s just overkill at closer ranges. Let’s not even get started about the FV4202, which is literally worse in every way except upper glacis.

    • I agree mate, I quit the game few 2 months ago with this mindset of the devs

      - pay2win elements
      - powercreep to fill WG wallets
      - massive unbalance that is even twisted and they say it is balanced. Like Veider who cant even get its facts right about their own game, that just says a lot.
      - massive RNG in all forms, gameplay, good or bad teamplay, MM, maps… are all RNG.
      - Waffies Fochies FVs and autoloaders, to many trolltanks in the game
      - T10. Campfests games where its like t1 games (in form how fast you can die) only with massive viewrange

      Just my opinion.
      I miss the T30-IS7-Maus trinity era where there was almost no goldammo in play and there was a decent form of balance.

  12. i agree that Patton view range is useless with its size and camo. Two of my friends drove a Patton and a E50M. They camped in a same bush and shot at same enemy. Why the hell M48 get spotted when E50M still invisible?
    - For FV4202,in paper it have better DPM with HESH *troll face*. (Nobody care about that forbidden tank)
    - Why someone whine about STB-1? it have some good point but many flaw for trade back. It has good turret frontal but not as good as USSR meds, and no side armor so it can easy destroyed by arty hit. Leo1 and batchat are weak to, but they have better speed to avoid incoming arty shell. Gun have insane DPM but average accuracy, so it can’t snipe like Leo1 and E50M. I think STB-1 role is in middle range as flanker, between Sniper and Brawler, so it gun can have most effective.
    - I think this situation almost same when FV 215b 183 and WTE100 was introduced. People whine about how they OP, but when come out, they have fine statistic.

    • The Players – mainly the Whiners of the Players, are not a Reference. It’s total subjective and personal experience its based on. They were once “oneshotted in an IS-3 by a “FV215b 183″ and they start to cry.. “Buhuhuuuu.. 183 is sooo OP”!

      They get once erased by an fully loaded WT E-100 as they ran into it.. “Bam, Bam, Bam..” they vaporized.. “Buhuhuuuuuu” WT is soo OP!

      Now STB-1 shows up, over a ridge.. WTF! I bounce his Turret…!?? “Buhuhuuuuu”!

      As long i get no arguments “why” a Tank overall is OP, i can’t take it serious.. At the End the WR decides and maybe the overall Credit income (i heard WGN has an eye on this) are the Indicators if a Tank is balanced or not. Not any Kiddies whining Story…

  13. It’s too early too nerf kv1s because SerB still hasn’t finished convincing everyone at waRgaming that it would be more balanced with BL9 after all it’s much more inaccurate than the 122 mm it would be a really harsh nerf :-p

  14. Russian whining about stb1 and not leo… That’s just that good old pro German bias all over again…

    Port is one of the worst map in this game, good riddance.

    • PRO-German bias?

      What kind of crack are you smoking!?

      I’m not entirely convinced that there’s a bias at all, but if there is then it sure as HELL isn’t in favor of the Germans!

    • couldn’t believe it either, ;)

      tier 6 company are swamped with them and Hellcat but nothing is wrong or imbalanced ;p
      it can two shot almost any tier enemy vehicle with the exception of the M6 and VK36.01h, they need and extra shot. it just has it all, good mobility, firepower and ok armor.

      in my TD’s i can handle one at range in my Vk36.01 its dodgy, i need to get lucky and get at least one bounce and let the DPS from my Konisch do its magic ;)