Hall of Shame

Hello everyone,

welcome to the new issue of Hall of Shame, where worst retards of WoT (and occasionally other games) are put on display. We have a nice collection of nazis, idiots and trolls for you today :)

Let’s start with a couple of German gentlemen:


Above: “You fucking jews, go die or go gas yourselves”

ftr shame 1
ftr shame 3

And a few well wishers:


Above: “It’s clear you are shooting gold, Jewish swines”


Above: “Go fuck yourself fucking Polish”


Above: fake recruiting message for HAMI (recruiting Polish players with EFF 600+ and 46 WR, requirements: 1x tier 6 tak or arty tier 4. For more info, contact Hami) – looks like google Polish to me.


Above: “Fuck off you fucking French shit, I hate you. You should be dead already for a long time”


95 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

    • no, i don’t ignore them.. i even do tease them sometimes (when i have time for it)

      it’s highly fun to read whatever bullshit they will imagine and write XD

      Just poor persons really, probably highly frustrated in their lifes ^^

      • hey im frustrated im my life AND in game. do you see me call some random dude a jew? HELL NO. i’ve never met one, TBH, so i dont see how people find a jew as offensive :T

    • guys who can help me ? 3 month age i had see a site that show tank comparation .that show :

      tier 10 – best DMG – all type of tanks – update 8.9 = T92

    • guys who can help me ? 3 month age i had see a site that show tank comparation .that show :

      tier 10 – best DMG – all type of tanks – update 8.9 = T92

      who have site addres?

  1. It is cool that I cant get there when I “only” call them idiots and retards :D No need for racism or insults about diseases. Btw check the numbers of plattons before you insult any, yesterday I wrote “noob platoon 2″ and it was my platoon :D Platoon one was VK-B and E-75 and they both just rushed forward and died.

  2. i guess i’m lucky, 9k games and never saw any of these racist comments.. test server doesn’t count though!

    • 3k games and saw 3 guys from exn0m, but none of them raged. But I witnessed 2 racist ragers. And the test server…holy cheesus. Write anything in latin letters and you are doomed and get tk’ed instantly. But beware if you have a _US tag. Then the rage really begins!

  3. Who even spends time taking screens of this?
    What’s even the purpose of this? It’s not like anyone here is gonna keep a list of all those retards and will commit actions against them.

    Just some noobs butthurt crying, just let it be. You can’t change it, not a single one of them will ever know that this is displayed, and if they do, they won’t care anyway…

    • Its not about them seeing themselves here. But it is for any WG person who is reading this blog, and people can get banned banned because of their insults in game.

  4. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with EXN0M? Is being a dick in the chat whenever you die a requirement to join them?

    • Not all of EXNOM guys are dicks, i played often with or against them, and the only thing they said was idiots or noobs, and many times they where right about that. it’s a small contingent of players who are bad mouthed.

  5. Just take a look at their stats and you know what kind of players they are.

    In their opinion the other players are always guilty for the offenders failures.

    Poor souls, nothing more.

  6. I never find this rages in battle, the most I’ve found are XVM whinners and once a guy that rage at me thru garage chat because I said “You know nothing, Jhon” XD

  7. whats with the hate jewish an polish people why can’t you europeans just all get along and them americans calling each other the N word shameful display of these people hope they call get banned

  8. Cancer seems to be pretty standard “insult” these days. This hitler-jew-nazi thing is pretty boring already. I’d like to see more creativity!
    Funnily enough, I had a please to meet to ragin EXNOMs one day. It seems they have lowered their standards by a lot.

    • Yeah, there is a disappointingly low amount of “Stalin” insults.
      Poor Jews getting whacked for no reason, for the n-billionth time in History, and always cancer. Not even specifics, just cancer.

      2/10 insults, at best. Would not recommend, would not read again.

  9. Do I really have to insult race, parents, children and several religions just to end up here? Why not post some factbased unicum rage just to show the world out there with what kind of teammates we have to fight

  10. I think that fake recruiting message for HAMI was written by polish player. Characteristic shorts used on polish WOT forum. I think someone realy don’t like HAMI :)

  11. Why I am not in this Hall of Best players ? I all time scream in chat that my team are full of pokemons and noobs !!!!!!11111

  12. That fake HAMI recruiting message looks like made by someone speaking Polish, not using Google Translate. It’s quite correct grammatically, but also very compact. TBH it’s much better than language used by many Polish players :D.

    • With the amount of recruitment messages floating around, using simple substitution anybody could write a respectable message in virtually any language.

  13. It’s not google polish, it’s proper Polish, with the exception of saying “kontakt Hami”, which isn’t gramatically correct.

  14. Wow… Some of them should really get a perma-ban. There is no place for nazism in this game… And the usernames of some Players… F_I_C… uhm, I will not comment on this…

  15. The good news here is that I have to say seig heil, hitler, die in cancer, jew nigger etc.. and therefore I will not ever get in here :D My rage is different and softer than this, most frequent evolves retard, idiot, stupid, bot…

  16. I really do not understand the whole point of this hall of shame… What is it for?
    To try put some shame on certain people? But has it ever occurred to you why they throw insults in first place?

    How about any of those idiots and offended poor tomatoes give us a replay of that battle?
    I bet 90% of insults are being provoked with being completely useless in battle and playing like a retard or just with one hand, ultimately destroying someone else’s perfect game.

    I do not approve of holocaust or racist taunts, but some people REALLY deserve to be cursed at.

    • How about you make a hall of shame with videos of retards with their nicknames under that video?
      Something like “olen” videos…

      Now that is something that would really piss me of while watching.

      • And my bet is, each day you’d have a material for 2 days movie made of short clips.

  17. SS why u Post that fake Clan recuitment for HAMI. Hami was gone, now he is back and needs some Players, to play again CW :P ;)
    I dont know if u know him, but Hami is not a nice person. He is sometimes flaming and rouge,
    he is one of the best field commanders this game.

    It’s some trolling from OlrdSkools Promod. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/276022-089-oldskools-promod-ende/ an after Hami is back he decide to put it back again that he gain members.

    Lets see if this maybe helps him. :P

    • I heard hami is a kid with a lot of money paying people to be in his clan or something like that. If that’s true than he is a real fuckhead and deserves all the trolling.

  18. As an EFE-X member its always a little embarrassing to see an EFE member on their. If not for the insult but for the quality. Its 2013, people need to be far more inventive with their trolling. Falling back on racial & homophobic insults and ‘noob’ is so 2001.

    • As EFE member im dissapionted with consido even more. I guess it’s time to take an action and start teaching our judens how to kurwa properly.

  19. What’s with EU server ragers wishing everyone get cancer?, am i missing some cultural/historical link there to understand it?(maybe related to shaved bald concentration camp prisoners?
    In the US server i haven’t seen that being used even once.
    Also i have to admit that reading those german rages and putting them in the “hitler rage” voice makes me giggle a lot.

    btw, i got the first south american xenoretard quote up there!!

      • yes i know, ¿but why is it particularly used as a run-of-the-mill insult in EU server?

        on the US we have the pretty generics “motherfucker” “fuck-something” “go die in a fire/lake/well” “go fuck yourself /+cheater” and all that

        • cause normal rages are not strong enough and the ragers are not smart enough to think of something else expect cancer/gas bla bla also
          EU server is a mix of toxic fuel left from the WW2 as it seems
          and also wishing someone something bad thinks it will work as intended :P
          i do rage a lot but in a more creative way :P also the word fuck is spelled as many times as gordon ramsey says it :P and ofc my favorite BrickHeadToasters :P

  20. trouble is most of them are boring… they have no sense of style or imagination…

    SS… I think you need to change to a best “troll-back” version..

    …with screenies of the players who annoy the morons the most.. (like me!!!!!!!!!!)

  21. as an Israeli (jew) i’m really amused by these comments and i welcome those “Nazis” Fag to visit us in israel, we will show them some good time ;)

    • Why would anyone go to a country which has it’s land occupied by someone that it doesn’t belong to?

        • I’m not butthurt at all. I’m just telling the fact that Israeli people live in a land that never belonged to them.

          • “at all”…now the same can be said about…oh just about everybody such as the ‘muricans, british(ye know…australia springs to mind) spanish, portuguese – what’s your point? They came, wanted that piece of land, won, end of story.

  22. Somehow I just cannot understand what is the problem with jews…
    They have a religious culture that is not sympathetic for me, but they did nothing wrong…

  23. I really like answering those raging imbeciles. Sometimes this is actually much more fun than the game itself. Using bad english? Play dumb, ask them to post again in english … whining because they where hit by arty or snipers? Ask them if they need some bread to go with their whine or send them a tissue to fight their tears.
    Germans pissing you off?: “Mimimi” is the perfect answer for trolling, complaining and whining :)

    I really like those hall of shame posts, keep ‘em up!

    • Dear sir, you must be taught etiquette. The correct sentence is: “would you like some cheese with that whine?”

  24. You did a little translation error there, SS :)
    “Ist klar” is something like a slang word for “Whatever” or “fu** you” depending on the region
    “Scheiss” is not “Schiess” :D he means the word “sh**”
    He is saying something like: “Whatever, you sh** jewish gold pig”

    Translating just for ya SS :D

    • i’d translate it as “sure, you shit gold jew pigs”
      Different in speaking is also Scheiß = more like “shais” in English and “Schieß” more like “shees” :)

  25. I had one experience with top class ragers so far. I wanted to get them banned so I sent the replay to WG.

    “We can’t do anything manually but our reporting system works perfectly and you should use it. Even though not everyone who joined that battle will report them most likely they will be reported in future games if they have this behaviour again.” It’s not like I’m reporting everytime it happens, I did it this time cause it was so bad.

    So, if I would go to the Police to blame someone for using hard words/racism/insults in any European country will I get the response “Well, we’re sorry for that, but if it happens to anyone else then maybe we’ll do something to punish him/them”?

    Obviously I am not important enough as an WG customer apparently. And I don’t understand why having some discipline is that hard for WG moderators.

    So, in case you want to ask for a penalty appeal forget it. “We do not handle such cases manually. The system works as intended.”

    • “trust the system bro” :D
      or “brah!” :D
      and yes, the system works, all complaints are forwarded to null@wargaming.net or /.

      you have to be the most recalcitrant hater in the world for wg to move a single finger, it’s not surprising they don’t release any info or stats from the reporting system.

      i wonder if WG will ever introduce something like LOL tribunal system, that would be so badass (but it would be flawed due to clan cabals banding to use justice by themselves, unless reports are anonymized…)

    • Because my friend,Wargaming does not interested in fixing any kind of situations nor player side neither employee side.Let’s be honest,reporting system implemented because they do not wanna put their hands under the rock,they are trying to avoid any direct contact with players via customer support.

      They are just hiring uncapable moderators,who is not interested in make a good connection with players.Or hiring a guy/gal who is not aware of foreign language where he was needs to be mastered.(Cz portal is a good proof of that )

      Also i don’t wanna mention about the miscommunication between offices.At almost every event we are having a problem about rewards,discounts or vehicles which benefit from the event.Every time they are fixing it after the problem have been published on FTR.

      Simply except developers no one is really putting an effort in this company.Their requirements for the job is beyond their knowledge and company history.

  26. Off Topic: Did you notice that the Surprise Russian Pack does not exist in the Premium Shop :) ? Or that is the surprise?

  27. I laugh my head off when you have people writing “IDIOT TEAM.” “GO PLAY WITH LEGOS”.7

    SS, any chance of posting some good troll rage. I’ve seen some funny shit in game. Guys posting stuff like ‘How much xp to unlock brain?’

  28. Last one is in the clan wearing the name of one of the biggest commie fuckhead scums. So it’s not that strange to see morons from that clan behaving like that.

    • Also only those cancer wishing retards are real fuckheads imo. That’s something i can’t stand. Rest is usual WoT players i see every day and i myself oftenly swear like that. I still find those tomatoes suffering from Dunning-Kruger’s effect/or usual tomatoes more annoying thant good players cursing at them or insulting them.

  29. u know what is the best? all of them are total noobs, i haven’t see even one good player who has written polish whore or sth like this…

  30. Half of these guys wish,their opponent die by a cancer,interesting.And how did they even manage to combine jews and polish players all the time.

    Hopefully,these guys did not mentioned about “Black niggers” this time

    • ^ this. Reminded me of that joke about a journalist interviewing Ray Charles…

      Journalist: blah blah blah must be really tough being blind.
      Ray Charles: Could be worse… I could be black.

  31. I would prefer it, if you would write “some german speaking gentlemen”. Cause they might write in german, but these phrases are also common knowledge and not necessarily written by native germans.

  32. if wargaming were to pass the nazi salutes of German players on to German police, these guys could face jail time.

    Shame wargaming just doesn’t give a fuck.

  33. penultimate picture is sayin…
    majku ti jebem sta se smijes: i fuck your mother, why are you laughing / what are you laughing at
    sjeme ti jebem: i fuck your seeds (dont ask)

    that much about seed fucking :D (its probably synonym for motherland)

  34. Translation is wrong, it should read, ” you shitty jews” never the lessI don’t agree with this form of abuse in game. At a guess I would say the culprit was from the former East Germany as they seemto have more right wing tendencies than the rest of Germany.

  35. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc9kx7jTd0A

    Kehim – the retarded unicum player – who should know that arriving as 2nd TD to a bush is only arty magnet. As he gets denied from the bush he goes all the bay back to 3rd grade and seeks his revenge like a troll.

    Sad in all this: Reporting players like this retard does no good what so ever.