40 thoughts on “3 day premium bonus code

  1. That code is valid until?

    I need to plan my gaming sessions very carefully in these times of feasts.

    • until Jan 1st if I remember correctly.

      It’s not there now, but they had a page with a YouTube video on the Asia website showing the exact same code. I think it was there for maybe 2,3 hours or so

  2. Why all this “trying out the code early” stuff? You’ll get the code tomorow and then it will definately work (unless they fuck up ofcourse)… so what are you doing??? There is nothing to gain here what you are not already getting…

  3. if you dont have a stable premium account (i mean already 1 months+ ), then you might want to wait until weekend, premium and 3 days of x5 first experience will ease a hard grind :)

  4. I tried it, too. But I really can’t tell If I got it because I got 280-ish days of premium left…

  5. I luvz FTR, my humble donation shall be gradually redeemed via all teh bonus codes published here anywayz hurdurrr <3

  6. ALSO!!! Silentstalker…if u look on the Lowe Bundle on WG New Years Prem Bundles they used to have a WG Fail there…it was labeled as a T34 bundle but with the lowe tank beneath it in the description…which meant that there were 2 T34 bundles…it is now fixed lol great blog btw..i love it