Winter Mod 3.0

Hello everyone,

the 3.0 version of the Winter Mod is out. In Christmas mood and not feeling like playing desert and green maps? No problem, this excellent mod will make all the maps and vehicles look like winter. This mod is 8.10 compatible.


As usual – unpack the mod into the World of Tanks mod folder (res_mods – C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods for example), it’s compatible with 90 percent of all mods, but it doesn’t hurt to disable


Here directly – warning, the mod is HUGE (3,1GB)

Please note that this mode CAN cause reduced FPS, it is not recommended for very weak computers





15 thoughts on “Winter Mod 3.0

  1. If only it wouldn’t reduce my fps so much that I need to go to a mixed medium/high setting.
    It looks incredibly beautiful on maximum… but it’s also unplayable for me. (~20 fps)

      • Me too. The game is extremely unfriendly to AMD quad-core processors (laptop version APUs especially) as it uses only one core while leaving others idle.

        • It uses one core on all brands of CPUs not only AMD….intel have the same issue….it’s the game itself that is shitty, well not game, but game engine and it’s optimisation…

  2. it looks amazing but i feel it would bore me after a while so i wont be installing for now

  3. Looks amazing, but I can barely run the game at 5 FPS on my Aver laptop, since I can’t afford anything better and there are no jobs in my area

  4. I played the previous version, looks amazing…

    You can alter/remove the falling snow effect because this hammers some PC’s.. I think I reduced the effect to about a third original value and it looked good with hardly any dent in performance..

  5. Awesome mod, but how:
    Do I make it snow?
    Revert back to english spoken. Apparently standard voices are now russian

  6. hmmm…not suuure. i mean, after 8.10, 30 of my fps got killed, and moreover im using the coloour filters, so i had to drop my settings to “high” from “max”. will it force the comp to go lower if i use this bigass mod?