129 thoughts on “Upcoming tier 10 medium T95E6

    • -9 depression

      Turret armor is 178/76/51 with a 381mm mantlet. Extreme angles increase effective frontal turret armor thickness even more

      • the cupola also make all that armor irrelevant against someone who knows where to aim – unless that cupola happen to be similar to T110E5′s (which is tough).
        looks similar to M60′s cupola though, which even though better than M48′s, is still very soft for a tier X.

        • would most likely trade my M60 for one if I can though, unless I can get it too (I’d take all the USA premium/special/gift med tanks I can to train all my USA med crews with), which seems to be the case.

    • Usual. Because in late forties and fifties “medium tanks” stopped being just mediums, they started to be “main battle tanks”. That’s a big difference, just fyi.

    • The easiest way to check if it is a “new model” would be to check for segmented tracks. There are none released so far.

      • It was confirmed that tracks will remain a textured belt and track links will never be modelled separately, even in HD client. A good decision if you ask me, I never look at the tank’s tracks (although I do care about aesthetics a lot), and it would take A LOT of resources to model and move all of that.

        • The UFO on the turret looks better, but the roadwheels are still looking like someone modelled them with an axe.

  1. A Medium tank with a big gun? Well, we have the 121 as one, but it has no depression.

    So let’s see what this brings

  2. Quite a big one.. Sooner or later description of E-50M will say “Relatively small size compared to other mediums of it’s tier” :D

  3. Again R2D2 :X, I saw photo of it without this ugly commander hatch. Why they don’t add this version?

        • Oh the glorious namecalling.

          I mean seriously, 258 mm pen is the lowest of all t10 mediums and 0.38 accuracy is also the worst. I’m sure it’s plenty to make a medium work but it’s STILL the lowest of all.

      • Lower than other guns…
        No APCR (slower shells), lower penetration, all that for an added 10 alpha? No thanks.

        The 121 works because it fires faster than even a E50M (because reasons), and has an added 50 alpha and has the added module damage associated with a 122mm gun.

        • Those spoiled brats….it’s fucking medium…what do you want? a 300mm pen so you can outshoot any tank face to face….it’s called medium for a reason…you are captain obvious….so do the obvious…FLANK….this game seriously went into a massive powercreep when people started QQing about 258mm being too low pen….

          • Vote for Mediums with Max. 220mm Penetration but insane DPM! Would be much better than Tier10 Mediums who can easily Penetrate every Heavy/TD at the front… and the Tier10 Mediums would start acting like Mediums, not like TD’s or Heavys…

          • ah I remember the times when 258 mm of pen was the highest penetration value around (apart from jtigers 12.8 and the dreaded 150ers).

          • the problem with flanking is when you do flank, a good amount of the time, you run into said tank’s friendlies. Flanking only works in certain situations. So as of right now, medium tanks have to rely on higher pen guns, to defeat heavy armor and TD’s (except for troll E3′s and 155′s, ect).

            Unless I see a major rebalance of armor/damage/pen, or a new mechanic (like a higher speed tank has a higher chance to ricochet shots), I won’t see much change in the current way mediums are played.

  4. Turret looks nice, besides the tumor, of course.
    Same gun as T110E5 means low rof, I guess… It is just +10dmg anyway.
    Altogether this sounds like a good medium, but it will surely suck, because it’s american.

          • E6 tested with 105mm. But it was more to see if that gun could be used with a larger gun mount.

            But its a fact the E6 was primarily a 120 turret, and that they also mounted the 105mm on it.

            Also since the 105 SB gun beat the penetration of the 120mm, that would make it much much more a special tank, 105 SB with 275 penwith .36 accuracy and a 1.8 sec aim time, with 8 dg depression. All in all the gun would have been 105mm but at rapid speeds since it was 1 piece and small ammo. 3150 DPM.

            So with that gun it should have had and since the Armor was Glass and will then get raped using much thinner numbers, it will have only3-4 inch armor or 75-100mm armor. And sides of 55mm and rear of 15. Thank god for the E6 double welded and double reinforced Turret that had 380mm of a sloping mantle.

            So you get with th 105 a very fast nimble glass racecar. And while your car gets to places super fast it then usuees its 8 depression and massively OP turret armor
            You go hull down where you cant be hurt, then you dump 320 DMG rounds into them with there 275 pen its great, also the 3k DPM wou;d be perfect

            Super Fast Glass Cannon that when gets hull down is OP and kills all

  5. She looks beautiful. Now the question is will she be used in clan wars? If not then that will be a secondary grind for me.

        • 95 mm at 65° equals around 225 mm of effective armor, it won’t ding everything, but it’s still a pain in the ass for most tier 8-9 tanks.

          • We are unclear in thickness actually.

            95mm was Test thickness planned for Glass armor.

            Actually there were many proposals. Fords was 4 inches or 100+ GM was 3.6 Chrysler was 3.8. There were also some with 110 @ 65 and 76mm@ 65.

            All we know for sure is 65 degrees.

  6. So this is the tank “not russian with no L7 clone”? I don’t think 10 more alpha will make something different. May be it had something else compare with M48. May be speed or armor. Time will tell.

    • i suspect rather bad dpm with insane armor (hull and turret) for a med and t54e1-like (dat trun rate, bad top speed). Being a total US-tank fanboy a must have in my case.

      • Doubt it. Also I hope not Heavy Armor is useless in a medium, esp since TD`s spit 300+ using stock rounds and they are the OP FOTM.

        Using the T95`s RL stats it would be most likely a very nimble 0-48 kmh med feeling much like the old T23. Amazing DPM aim time etc with worse depression then the Patton by 1 degree.

        The gun even having 400 Alpha wont have low DPM IMO and if it does thats fail.

        It should have had the 105mm SB or 90mm Smoothbore with 3300 DPM and 240-280 Alpha and kept its super amazing turret. But since they told me over and over in my T110 thread there will never be glass armor I think they will make this a massive offensive tool with very little Armor.

        Much more like ingame M60 with better camo.


  7. hmm upgraded m103 turret, tracks looks like stolen from leo 1 (or STB-1), same gun as E5?

    looks like WG started mixing tanks together cause they have no idea what to put in the game :D

  8. I have been fghting for my E6 since before I was fighting for my T110 Epic thread. They better do it justice.

    Problem is E6 was Glass Armor and the ones that were not were only for testing purposes. 4 inches of glass was about 100m but equal to 350 mm + And 150mm with KE rounds. It better have decent front hull and a massive turret or at least one or the other.

      • http://ftr-wot.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-t96-heavy-gun-tank.html
        it was never plan to have composite armor. So don’t need to worry about it. An interesting tank to be waiting, next to STB-1
        in game now the 120mm gun in T110e5 has 6 RoF, when 105mm in M48 has 6.82. Because T95 is a medium, so its RoF should around 6.5~6.6 because it have better armor than M48 and MT have better than HT with the same gun (see 113 and 121 for example). It will OP if RoF are over 7 but UP with RoF below 6.5.
        So the 1st 2014 new line was American medium (i knew it :)). let see : Chaffee in tier 5 with remove 2nd turret, Upgrade turret one is tier 6 (i forgot its name, somewhere in older FTR post), Walker Bulldog at tier 7, Sheridan (may it?) at tier 8, T54e2 at tier 9 and T95e6 at tier 10?