Q&A with Silentstalker and Rita – Friday 20:00

Hello everyone,

just quick heads-up for you:

This Friday (10.1.2014) at 20:00 CET, I’ll be a guest at Rita’s stream (she’s featured now on FTR as the resident streamer, you can check her stream out by clicking the STREAM button in the right part of the FTR bar below the logo).

I will be answering questions about the game and tanks overall to my best knowledge (and that which I cannot answer I will attempt to find out). You will be able to ask the questions in the stream chat, Rita will read the chat, pick your questions and read them to me. It will not be a short show, so I am sure there will be plent of time to ask everything you’d like to know.

Please note that since I am not a WG staff member, the answers for you will not be “official” per se, but I will be using official WG sources, such as Storm’s posts and others to find the answers for you. I hope to hear from you on her stream then :)

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