Foch 155 armor nerf

Hello everyone,

today, we learned that the Foch (and Foch 155) armor is to be adjusted to fit the schematic Storm posted:


While we do not know the exact changes yet (we will know in a week, as the test starts next Thursday), by looking at this schematic, we can guess some of the values. I used the Tank Inspector software to compare the ingame Foch 155 to the blueprints and if the Foch 155 in the game was to be changed to exactly fit the plans, following changes would be made:

- lower frontal plate from 120mm to 100mm
- roof (frontal part) from 50mm to 30mm
- roof (rear part above engine) from 40mm to 20mm
- rear from 50mm to 40mm
- entire side from 50mm to 40mm (including the armor behind the tracks)

So this is what I think it will happen (maybe excluding the LFP nerf). However, the rangefinder nerf was announced too, so I think we’ll also see that, even though it doesn’t show on the schematics.

88 thoughts on “Foch 155 armor nerf

  1. …this actually makes very little difference [which,as a tier 9 Foch driver, I am grateful for].

    There’s very little that the Foch ever encountered that couldn’t pen its rangefinder, side, and roof before, so this makes no difference.

    And the LFP is tiny.

  2. They cant touch the front plate! It’s historically 180mm!

    As for the engine nerf… 1200hp wasn’t historical anyway and Saurer engine was…. well it existed but AFAIK the french had severe problems in developing it and eventually it was the engine development that doomed the AMX 50 project (of which Foch was a part)

      • Well, if they’re basing the changes off of this, it will still be 180mm main frontal armor. The biggest real difference is that changing the side armor from 50mm to 40mm means that now it will be overmatched by 120mm guns rather than only 150+mm.

        Thus, every single shot from any gun 120mm and larger will autopen the side of the Foch 155 from all but the most extreme angles.

  3. So guys, if you ever want any tank nerfed just ask me to grind it and as soon as I’ll be about to get it or will just get it it will be nerfed 100%, satisfaction guaranteed.

    • OK, your todo list:
      Waffletracktors from T8 to T10
      All arty

      Your Sacrifice will make the game better.

      • Then again, I adjusted to the Arty nerf and am more deadly than ever.
        I keep hearing “there’s the Marine Bit*h in her Arty, cr*p.”

    • Classic case of bait and switch again ,you have to use real money and free xp to unlock the op tank before they nerf .Suckers and there money,WG keep doing this,they have no shame its a good con and good money spinner.

  4. Now Foch’s side will be overmatched by anything bigger than 120mm. No more 70degree autobounce tricks:(

            • Last time I’ve checked it, you need to have caliber ABOVE x3 to overmatch, so Russian 122mm will go through, Capitalist 120mm not. Tried that on Leopard 1 and German 105mm L/52 from JgPanther.

              Unless there will be minute changes like side armor of 39.999mm or 120mm will be actual 120.001mm or so.

                • Overmatch
                  If the AP or APCR shell’s caliber is 2 times or more than the nominal thickness of the armour (Such as a 120mm shell hitting a 60mm thick plate), projectile shell normalization is increased by the following formula: basic normalization * 1.4 * shell caliber / nominal armour thickness. Note that the shell is still capable of bouncing if it strikes the armor at an angle of 70° or more from normal.
                  If the AP or APCR shell caliber is 3 times or more than the nominal thickness of the armour (such as a 120mm shell hitting a 40mm thick plate), no ricochet will happen even if the impact angle is more than 70° from normal. The increased shell normalization described above will also occur.
                  In cases involving HE shells or external module hits, overmatch does not occur.

                  this is right off the wiki

  5. Ye, like siemkas didn’t penned my roof in panic enough….and if you could just fix the fucking gun so i doesn’t get penned right trough the fucking gun with anything ~200mm pen…otherwise you didn’t do anything to Foch…it still has 180mm frontal plate…and imo T9 Foch is ok, T10 is the problem and that’s because his fucking autoloader gun. Every retard and his dog knows that, but whatever.

  6. In before they nerf it too hard a la SuperPershing, give everyone a gold refund, buff it back up, and turn it into a tier 10 premium.

    Vive la France~

    • They do not and will not sell tier 10 prem, only Chinese server does this.

      Besides, the Lorraine 40t is better prem material with 90mm F3

  7. Where do you find those detailed drawnings with measurements included? I ask because i am looking for this kind of drawnings for other tanks already for quite some time. And i would eaven be hapy to pay for the right drawnings if needed

    • If they nerf the armor on the t110e3 then they can also nerf the t95 armor… Do you even know why they grind the american tech tree? Because of the armor! Nerf the mobility but not the front armor!

      • Be glad they haven’t nerfed the frontal turret armour of the T29/T34/T30 tanks. Chieftain did armour measurements of the the mantlet and had posted the findings, and it was less than what it is in-game.

    • Do you want another Obj.268, except this one is better armored, has more speed, better camo one the move and colored less green?

      • First of all, 268 superstructure armor is pretty damn good.

        Second of all, not all tanks have to be radically different.
        And side armor is ridiculously superior on the 268. That changes gameplay too.

        • How about 6 shell 122mm autoloader?
          I Mean 6×430 dmg
          and 2-3 secs between each shell

          • Just get yourself this WT100 and talk again.
            I simply love to feed on them with my Leo. HE Shells always pen the sides of his non existens turret armor leaving the gun crippled ALWAYS. Try to hit something with gun AND gunner out at least 3 times A MATCH!.

            WT 100 and Foch 155 were/are not OP unless u drive blindly into their gun.
            Those Obj 268 spams are much more pain in the ass, cause this DPM together with insane pen AND accu of this shit is ridiculous.

  8. just love it in 8.11 td’s will be nerfd, than they will all cry about meds so the patch after 8.11 meds getting nerfd, than every body will cry about OP heavy’s so they will nerfd next, but wait now arty is OP again so they nerf arty and the circle is again round. if all those cry baby’s used there brain than there is no need to nerf everything to shit in this game. but yeah the easiest way is if you cant handle somthing nerf it

    • Totally agreed,since beta,many vehicles got nerfed because of this reason.First people cry about how “OP” the X tank is,then devs nerf it after several monts,same people cry about X tank is “UP” we cant play,give us our money back.

      You can’t just satisfy all the people around actually,also nerfs/buffs are the actual part of every MMO :/

    • People are going to cry about mediums being OP before they cry about heavies being OP? I doubt it.

      • The thing is, mediums and autloaders are not present enough to make people whine. People surely didnt whine nearly as much when TDs were less. Expect people to start whining when TD players start playing medums and autloaders, which in tier 9 and 10 and with gold ammo goes thru heavys like easy. Too many of a kind is never good, not even with heavys like many people believe. In tier 8 which I play alot, there are not even close as many TDs as it were 1-2 months ago. And hence I find it stupid if WG makes a class wide nerf. But then again tier 10 TD players will probably start playing lower tiers again and an increase in TDs will be current.

        Theres no easy way to balance this as long as people assume “X” amount of tanks are “too” much. What if some idiots suddenly would complain about too many Tiger II tanks, will WG nerf them as well, despite low global WR?

        Since tier 10 TDs and also possible all other TDs will get nerfed, its the same fuking thing as with artys, nothing to do with WR, but with the so called game balance. We can alreaddy now guess what will happen when TD class gets nerfed. I bet my balls that autloaders and mediums will be the new whine objects, and they should because now, with less TDs or possible no TDs at all, mediums can mess around autloading gold ammo in the open and harass heavys.

    • How can be meds OP? With 400 alpha? Its not like you peek out of the corner and you dead by 2-3 shots, like from T10 TD´s….

      Look at random. Every tomato has T10 TD and camps in bush out of line of sight waiting for easy damage. And considerably more games ends with draws now. Because of TD´s. Same thing that was with arty before. Easy damage, not risking anything, not being visible – camp and wait for them to come – thats what every tomato longs for.

      Have you seen tomatoes in meds? They die first so they dont like it….

      Nerfing TDs is a right thing to do to reduce camp. Same like with arty before.

    • I kinda agree. armour nerfs on its own would have been ok OR the alpha nerf, not both. That’s just overkill and will ensure that we’ll likely see a rollback on some of those nerfs.

  9. Those aren’t schematics, they’re an orthographic projection. They’re also cutaway views as well, you can tell by the way some of the lines that should be inside the tank are solid, and not dashed. The bottom image is what the tank looks like from a bottom up view, I know this because ansi standard orthographic projection places the bottom image beneath the front view, the top view would be above the front view, and the side views would be to the left and right of the front view, with the rear view being on the far right.

    BUT WAIT, that’s not how the image is lined up is it, the side view is located in the center where the front view should be, what’s going on?

    Well, the front view can literally be whatever side the designer says is the frontal view. In this case the left side of the tank was chosen for the front view and the reason for this is quite simple, with the foch being as long as it is, having it oriented with it’s length along the horizontal, rather than the vertical, not only makes it easier to draw, but also to look at.

    The idea with orthographic projection is that you only have to actually draw two views of an object, one above the other, views from other sides of the object can simply be projected off of the first two, with further views being projected off of those views. Object lines are solid, hidden lines are dashed, and center lines are alternating long and short dashes.

    It’s also possible to draw a 3D image off of the 2D ones, but it’s a much more complex and time consuming process than simply generating a bunch of 2D images.

    • Yes, because it’s a bad decision to start limit certain classes. This has already been proved

    • Because making a cap would increase the waiting time and mess up the whole fucking MM. Thing is though, some players might leave tier 10 TDs, but instead playing tier 8-9 ones which are also strong, but less game changing since they are less. Expect a overpopulation with TDs at tier 8-9 efter the nerf.

  10. well quite honestly, the frontal nerf wont mean shit. Any tier 10 tank can shoot holes thru the front of my foch 155 already. I have really bad luck in it. So that doesn’t really mean squat to me. What i am concerned about, is the 50mm to 40mm side armor nerf. are you fucking kidding me? So now, if i’m a little bit sideways, even a little bit. ANYONE can pen me. Hell even HE will blow me apart grenading off my side and penning. Right?

    Roof armor doesn’t matter. arty’s already one shot me. I read that they are nerfing the engine too though? but i dont see it listed here. If they even remotely touch the engine, this tank will be sold. Cause anything less then what it is now engine wise, will make it garbage.

  11. This is just stupid and will make driving it even more random as it’s gonna be more prone to arty one shots…
    I’m not saying it doesn’t need adjusting but WG continues to increase the random factor of this game with tanks like the WTE-100, the FV 183 and now stuff like this. Making stuff more prone to perform at extreme levels is never a good idea.

  12. It’s very “funny”, how WG uses “historical reasons” and “balanse reasons” to nerf tanks, whatever suits them better at certain moment.

  13. Funny:

    When driving my FOCH155 nothing pens me (from the front) and only very rarely do some manage to hit the (small) are of the rangefinder which is actually vulnerable.

    But when driving any other tier 8-10 (except some tier X TD’s and using premium rounds) I usually never pen a Foch155 frontally.

    The nerf won’t change much and will just make (like almost any other tank in the game) it a bit easier to pen the LFP and of course the rangefinder will maybe be fully vulnerable (as of now only a the center section is vulnerable)

    Foch will still be able to one clip some tier X tanks, its UFP will still bounce pretty much anything, this said I would have nerfed considerably its hull’s traverse speed instead of the engine’s output…

    About the TD’s nerf in general:
    . Nerfing my e3-e4′s guns dmg down from 850 to 750 won’t change my playstyle and tier X TD’s will still be fearsome

    . Obj268 armor ought to be nerfed a bit but well this is a Russian TD so no real nerf I guess….

  14. Great! Rangefinder is about 300mm effective on the bottom part and the top part is the same nominal thickness but sloped on 45 degrees, so the margins for penetrating it are very narrow that’s why everyone has been having issues with it. LFP nerf, i don’t see the point 120mm was easy as hell to penetrate anyway and making it 100mm won’t make it any larger, side armor, 50 to 40mm is actually somewhat significant, besides giving a more reliable HE penetration it also means that (3×40) 120mm+ guns will now overmatch it as opposed to the previous (3×50) 150mm+ guns, so now not only E-100, and most Tier 10 TDs will overmatch it, but pretty much every Tier 10 tank out there except for mediums (IS-4 122mm, T110E5 120mm etcetera).

    Now i only want to see some nerfs to the T110E3 weakspots, the places where one can actually penetrate that tank frontally are ridiculous. The MG cupola, which has the same visual model as that on the M48A1, is also about 300mm effective and sloped 45 degrees either way, and it doesn’t create shot traps either. The LFP only has a small strip which is penetrable and even then it is adviseable to use gold ammo for most Tier 10 heavies because regular AP will just glance off. Either way, Foch getting worse armor, worse mobility and worse burst damage will certaintly hit it’s popularity. Actually, WG might have overdone it, OP tanks are OP because of a combination of armor, speed and firepower, and WG decided to nerf ALL three…

    • yah, I look forward to having the Foch have actual weakspots. I ran into one and couldn’t pen it from the front.

      Go to the forums and everyone was posing “if you can’t pen a Foch, you aren’t shooting its weakspots”

      So I looked up its weakspots.

      Next match against one? I blew a whole ton of silver bouncing T34 gold rounds off its “weak” spots. Thanks bros. Much help. Even the time I got a nice clean shot at the LFP with a T29 w gold it just bounced. He was even cresting a hill above me to take a bunch of angle out.

      • Strange, I don’t have problem to penetrate Foch from front side and people don’t have problem to penetrate my Foch..

      • don’t see how they can nerf the tier 9 Foch rangefinder it is already over sized and made of paper.
        If they nerf its armour they can at least give it a proper gun worthy of a tier 9 TD.

  15. And life goes on and the money keeps rolling in for WG.Don’t worry am sure they will make a new line of tanks with the tier 10 being OP so you free xp and spend cash to get it before they nerf it in a years time.I bet there is a constant supply of muppets to fall for this bait and switch has well.

    • This game has proven there are always plenty of muppets, I mean the NA server even has a clan named after them.

      Keep giving your money to WG, who couldn’t give a damn about any of their customers, ever.

  16. I was in the middle of my grind, ive achieved and maxed the tier 8 amx ac 48 with the tier 9 foch gun (which is tier 10). I have a is7 that ever since the German td line came out is totally worthless now and gets ripped to shreds. so I decided to hunt down the foch line I almost made it and there going to nerf it… screw that crap. I was going to get it to defend myself better against this new “era” of td’s but if there going to nerf it screw it ill go back to grinding the fv2404 no idea how good of tank that is. but they cant nerf junk I suppose.

    • Lol defend the erra of TDs, I think there are less TDs now these last 1-2 months. But I see more medium tanks with gold ammo though, so expect the new overpopulation will consist of mediums once all TDs in all tiers are nerfed.

      Personly I will be very sad if they nerf all TDs because my lovely ferdinend will get messed up, and I have 3200 games in it and reached 6 skill crew. Its not really fair, even though I play heavy tanks now. I dont like the idea to force people to play certan classes. If I know WG right, they will possible buff medium tenks because som ppl are claiming they underperform, just so they can make more people grind them and then nerf again.