WG EU fail: retrain discount not working

Hello everyone,

after Christmas break, weekend events are back and so are WG EU fails. Look at the Slow and Steady event:


and in the game…


Yep, the retraining for credits is not discounted. I mean… a small mistake, but why does it have to happen like EVERY time?

Edit: oh, something is not working, shouldn’t it be fixed? Naaaaah, let’s change the portal news instead to make it look like the bug is legit.

20 thoughts on “WG EU fail: retrain discount not working

  1. They “corrected” this already, on the news page and removed the Credits part…
    Or as WG would say: “Fail? What fail, I can’t see a fail.”

  2. Question from player: Nice special
    The yanks only need to deal 3k damage. Aren’t the na and eu supposed to have the same specials?

    And Ectar’s answer:

    I’m pretty sure we’ve never said they’d be identical. Terms that were used were “pretty much the same” “almost the same” or something like “very similar”.

    LOL, just LOL!

  3. Not to mention it should be “for gold AND credits” not “either gold or credits” . It’s not like I’m grammar Nazi but those 2 things don’t rly mean the same. EU WG addicted to google translate :/

  4. The better question might be “Who the FUCK would really want to buy an AT-15A?” Those things are are such underpowered pieces of shit, thanks to WG’s mistreatment of the 17-pounder (as well as some German guns).

  5. Meh, not the first time they’ve changed info on the portal instead of fixing it in game.