WG EU server: upcoming missions

Thanks to Oxmaster for letting me know

Hello everyone,

looks like we will have some pretty interesting upcoming missions this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Axis and Allies: – win 15 random battles (in a tier 4+ vehicles, as many times as you want), get 15 gold repair kits (you have to be in top 10 of your team XP wise)


For Victory We Fight – do the Axis and Allies mission four times over the weekend, win a free T-15 light tank


It’s Too Hot Here! – looks like you have to finish one battle on a random summer map and when you do and you are in top 10 of your team in XP, you get free 5 gold extinguishers, once per day


The Extra Mile – fight 50 team or random battles (you have to be in top 10 XP-wise of your team), get free binoculars (once per account)


Furthermore, next week missions will be:

- win 15 battles while driving a tier 4+ vehicle once per day, win 10 gold medkits
- destroy 50 French vehicles once per account, get 500k credits

59 thoughts on “WG EU server: upcoming missions

      • Agreed. I think I play tanks now more for the missions than the unlocking of tanks. My hope is that these come to the NA server too… would give me a reason to grind like there is no tomorrow.

        • These missions make grinding for tanks wayyyy less tedious. You really feel you’re getting something out of those mindless hours of grinding crap tanks before you get to that joyous next tier.

    • If you consider a 50% Winrate and a little flux of early dying: 130-140 matches should be enough…
      That would be 40-50 matches a day given the fact you play in the normal times (like afternoon-midnight)

      • Platoon with some friends, tier 4 to tier 6 tanks. If you are good enough players, you can carry almost every match. Unless you meet tier 8′s in tier 6′s and tier 6′s in tier 4′s, then it’s probably a loss, unless you are a really good player and have a half descent team that shares at least 2 brain cells :P

        Still, tier 4,5,6 platoons and it’s really easier to do those missions. :)

        • Yes.
          It is excellent crew trainer.
          It is excellent tier 3 tank.
          It is really fun to drive.
          It comes with own slot.
          So why would you sell it for 180k?

          • Free slot and 180k credits? BT-7 is better? Pz-1c is better? Why do you need to train a German light crew?!?

          • why to sell it? never played Gery tanks and it’s never gona be.
            not care if is good crew trainer.
            no care if noobs good in tier 3 tank.
            no really much fun.
            great slot to sell like free 300 gold garage.
            so I really gona sell it for 180k or how much is it, even if less.
            Bring some USA – Frence – USSR – British tanks as premi I would like to stay.

  1. “destroy 50 French vehicles once per account, get 500k credits”

    Welp.. Guess who’s not gonna be driving his brand new fcm 50t this weekend..

  2. Dat mission with T 15 and slot as reward :-)

    Playing some 80-90 matches in my PzB2 with platoon klen mates should do the trick.

    Only question is will it work? I have T 15 allready, i suppose owners get value in gold (900) of T 15 +300 gold for slot ,or just 900 gold + free slot?

    Or just Weekly WG Fail (TM) …

      • I would bet more on credits, dont know about a slot…

        ..based on WG not wanting to give gold, not anything related to normal Competitions…..?

        • They give gold in these situations, so if you already have a T-15, you will get 900 gold + garage slot.
          Anyway easy job, especially when you are not limited to those fancy T6 machines like with IS-6 mission :)

        • Even credits are better than nothing.
          WoT China runs lottery events and when you’re “lucky” enough to get a premium tank – which you already own – the prize is considered “invalid” and you get nothing. You don’t even have time to sell the tank you own as the prize delivery is processed the instant you get the result.

          See here (I’m not sure whether Google Translate will make you understand):
          Pay attention to Rule No. 7 on the right.

          • Nope, Chinese server got their very own way to fuck up because they are not directly controlled by WG.

  3. The first weekly mission is limited to medium tanks, like this weeks mission is limited to light ones.

        • pretty much always end up in top 3, still not always counted for the mission. IDK maybe there are other “conditions” , maybe kill X players, but i saw i have a mission to be in top 10 , 5 times in 24 hours and i did not complete it. OK maybe 20% of games i fail and not make it in top 10, but 20% of games is way too much, i dont fail 20% of my games, but if you want to spam some more internet trolling feel free to do so – i dont really care. Just sayin’ what i saw in the missions window. Maybe WG did fuck up the mission description. That would be a first :)

  4. SS,
    Description on WG site says, Axis and Allies mission is for Light tanks only (t4+).
    Probably you are victim of their confusing missions menu.
    I must ask myself, what is so difficult to add one line description prior to the long list of tanks.

  5. Hopefully US gets something similar. The On Track event where you have to do 700k XP in 15 days to get a free $4 prem tank is just retarded.

      • I’d really rather get am easy to get decent T3 prem tank with all the consumables and 500k creds than a T10 discount. I’m only at the JP anyway and WG being the idiots that they are decided it would be hilarious to discount the JPII instead of the clearly superior Ferdinand. Something they like to do often with on track events. Like the whole LT crap we got with the Leo 1 and 121 lines.

  6. is it just me, or is it WG fail again ?

    we dont have 4 full days to complete the mission 4 times, as I know server resets x2 and missions in the morning, around the same time this mission ends (6:10 CET)

  7. - destroy 50 French vehicles once per account, get 500k credits



    • And this week we have Americans and strangely there “aren’t any” around. :P The ten I got today where 9 Hellcats and one T30 ;)