Reddit Q&A with Quasar, Ectar and Obirian

Hello everyone,

in case you haven’t seen the portal: there is a QA planned for Reddit on Thursday evening with the the abovementioned three people from WG EU. Let’s see what interesting info they will disclose :) Might I humbly suggest the following questions for your consideration? They might produce interesting results for you ;)

- which three branches will (if all goes well) appear in 2014?
- what will happen to the FV4202 in 2014?
- what will happen to the FV215b (120) in 2014?
- will we see the Firefly in 2014?
- how will the Firefly branch look? (that one’s pretty interesting)
- will we see the Sturmtiger in 2014 and how exactly will its branch look?
- Sturmtiger: TD or artillery?
- what will be the American tier 8 light tank?

But then, I am sure you will come up with interesting questions on your own :) In case you don’t feel like reading it all, I will (in the night) make a write-up of anything interesting said.

83 thoughts on “Reddit Q&A with Quasar, Ectar and Obirian

  1. Will we see any French premiums as its been stated that no regular French tanks will appear?, that my question haha :D

  2. Meh dun’t liek WG Q&A…

    No offense, but if Quasar’s there (considering his notorious dumbness at WoT EU forum), then the entire Q&A would fail horribly in terms of giving satisfactory answers to us.

      • I can imagine one such case;

        Player: “Dear Quasar, when will British line will be rebalanced to be more historical?”
        Quasar: “Why don’t you find it out by yourself?”
        or “British tanks are very balanced. In fact, the Minsk office tells us so.”

        And time will show who is right or who is wrong.

  3. which three branches will (if all goes well) appear in 2014?
    My A> I like to see it :)
    - what will happen to the FV4202 in 2014?
    My A> If the 4202 is goin to be replaced , transfer to premium or both I dont know :( Sorry
    - what will happen to the FV215b (120) in 2014?
    My A> Bringing a Fake tank is a bad idea its stay in the TD line not the heavy line(need a replacement)
    - will we see the Firefly in 2014?
    My A> This gonna be the most requested(or mayb tank ever in WOT… They are dying to trying it out(me want it)
    - Sturmtiger: TD or artillery?
    My A> Put it in the Arty line… putting the TD into is a bad idea(Too Overpowered)
    *Looking at the Vote* OMG What kind of a fool would do such a thing
    - what will be the American tier 8 light tank?
    My A > Maybe the walker Bulldog or the T92 Light

      • WG did say with bigger (2km x 2km) maps there could be the possibility for tech tree amphibious tanks.
        But I recon the Sheridan would be a high (tech tree) tier light tank :D

      • They deserve their own branch they had WAY more tanks than the Japanese and actually fought in some tank engagements during the war, yet Japan got it’s own tree and Italy didn’t.
        Also any gaps in their tech tree could be filled by German tanks in the low and mid tiers and by American tanks at the high tiers.

        • No just no! I’m thinking actual tanks not proto-WG crap-type tanks.
          They only had tankettes and semoventes.
          Anyway the japs don’t deserve their own tree either

          • Japan has more real tanks than itally ever did, Every one of the Japanese tanks currently in game are as real as WG tanks get. Japan can also fill a full tree HT,TD,SPG,Med lines and probably some extension to the current light line as well. Japan would have a more real tanks than the Germans do in game percentage wise.
            Compared to itally which cant even make 1 line of tanks go past tier 7. Not only this but any post war tank within date cutoff is basically leo clones with 1 interesting leo autoloader concept which afaik wasnt built.

            Japan Does deserve their standalone tech tree and even moreso than itally and anyone who states otherwise is uninformed or plain arrogant.

            While itally does deserve to have its tanks in the game Czech and the sweedish can both complete a full line unlike the italians.

            • I think you are gravely misinformed on just how many different tanks Italy had during WWII, they had multiple light, medium, TD’s and SPG’s the only real thing they lack are heavy tanks. Japan did NOT have more tanks as most of their steel was allocated to their Navy.

                • How about you actually learn to communicate on the internet like a human being and not an asshole?

                  @armoured colossus
                  Im not saying Italy didnt have tanks all im saying is they didnt have enough designs to make a full tree and that Japan has more designs overall.
                  You say Japan didnt have more tanks when 2300 Type95 Ha-Go mere made. The most of 1 tank itally ever built was 800 Fiat M14/41. This is still ignoring the 200ish Type 97 Chi-Ha made. Yes Japan favored the IJN with steel but they sill produced more tanks and towards the end of the war the IJA got allocated more steel for “Home island defense’”

  4. Is there a chance any regular premium tanks will be removed from the ingame store as to make them exclusive?

  5. 1. When will MM be put back on its medicine because it’s obviously bonkers?

    Yesterday I had a Tier 8 match where we were a mix of Med & TDs with a couple of lights and the enemy had 8 Heavies (3 Tier8, 4 Tier7 and one Tier6) some TDs and Med tanks. Yes, we got stomped.

    2. When will WG stop listening to the whiners and stop “re-balancing” tanks into uselessness?

    3. When will a decent “bot detection” system be put in place?

    4. When will they put some sanity into how gold ammo is used as it has completely imbalanced the game?

    The AT-2 was supposed to be hard to kill unless you are close and can aim for weakspots or you flank it. Now all you need to do is “load the skill” and my AT-2 dies as soon as it appears in their sites.

    5. When will they put a stop to “Fail platoons” where the difference in Tier is more than 1 or 2 tiers?

    This is very simple to fix, just do not allow the platoon to press the “Battle” button if there is more than a 1 or 2 tier difference in their minimum Battle Tier.

    6. When are they getting rid of Scout MM? It’s BS.

    7. Multi-core support (no, audio on a second core and Havoc on other cores does not count)?

    Oh yeah, Firefly, American Prem TD, etc, etc

      • He didn’t said Firefly is going to be american prem TD. Can’t you see the comma after Firefly? Only fail here are your miserable reading skills.

    • I think when Chieftain (prototype probably) is eventually added, it will be a situation like the Sturer Emil: big problems to counter act its supposed OP nature. Would be interesting if it was the only HT with above 260 pen, good gun depression and turret armour, but slow (a bit worse than IS-4) and very weak side/rear armour. One of those tanks where SPGs or aggressive flanking are necessary to defeat.

      Actually, reading Wikipedia I remember that the FV4202 was sort of like a pre-Chieftain. Maybe British could get a mixed line like the US T57 branch, with FV4202 at tier 8 (with historical 20-lbr) then a couple of Chieftain prototypes (or even the Chieftain itself at tier 10). Not sure if there are any tanks to precede FV4202 other than branching off the Comet.

      • They will certainly introduce a pre-production Chieftain with an L1A1 120mm gun and likely a Chieftain early rototype at tier 9.

  6. No sane person would bother with those fuckwits. I’m just gonna wait for your report SS, to see/read wether something interesting or to have a good laugh as i expect to do.

  7. >Was the fire extinguisher rework (normal extinguisher auto activates, but merely speeds up the firefighting) canceled or just postponed (this was announced before 8.4, IIRC)?

  8. I only play German tanks in the game because historically they were some of the best if not the best tanks during WWII even though this game would imply otherwise, but anyways my questions pertain to German tanks.

    Some premium tanks were supposed to come out or have been on the drawing board for awhile so I was wondering when these4 tanks are supposed to come out and any possible specs on them:

    Captured German KV-1
    Captured German T-34

    I will buy all of them as soon as they come out, the faster you release them the faster they get my money :P

    Another other question is about the SturmTiger branch, how will it look and what will the tech tree branch look like as in what tanks lead up to it, I know the SturmPanzer IV (Brumbar) will be in that line as well but what other tanks?

    When will additional hulls be implemented? (I’d love to get my Panzer IV and STuG with Schürzen skirts) :)

  9. Any plans to remove other completely fictitious tanks from the game? (eg, T28 Prot, Waffenträger auf E 100)
    And if so what to replace them with?

  10. I wouldn’t be so happy about this, hence it’s with Quasar half of the informations will be crap. Oh well fine maybe it’s good opportunity to troll them a little…

  11. Will the general TD rebalance influence the premium TDs? Will they be nerfed? (pls don’t nerf my SU-122-44)

    • I wouldn’t just call it a jagdpanzer 4 with 90mm gun post war.
      It was a cold war design to survive everything thrown at it.

      I would expect it as prem if it comes

  12. Please don’t get my hopes up about the 215b, it’s still the only tier 10 I have unlocked, tho not bought, cause I’ve been super lazy about that final grind on other tanks what with the average skill level on the NA server dropping dramatically over the last year making it less fun. (most of the conqueror for me was done back when we thought the 215b might still be replaced when they implemented the 183 and then it never was).

  13. what will happen to the FV4202 in 2014?
    - what will happen to the FV215b (120) in 2014?
    - will we see the Firefly in 2014?
    - how will the Firefly branch look? (that one’s pretty interesting)

    These questions are ideal. Maybe a couple of add ons.
    -When will we see the amx3o?
    -Possibilities of the leopard 1 having the prototype auto laoder gun.

  14. ASTRON LIGHT TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES! YES! LET IT BE SO!!! :D

  15. Q. How many national branches does WG feel the game will end up with? I am eagerly awaiting the EU branches (although I feel Italy, Sweden, Swiss deserve their own). Will there be an Israeli and Arab trees? Will many of the Commonwealth innovations or South American adaptations of various tanks ultimately be included?

  16. Can you ask them why their so-called customer support doesn’t care one bit about their customers? I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a half-arsed bunch when it comes to customer satisfaction.

  17. Will it be possible to watch enemy movement in REPLAYS, for example to see enemies’ tactics to know how we had been defeated?

  18. Legit question:

    When Historical Battles come, will certain tanks be able to see their histrorical matchups? (I.E. T-60, T-70 and T-80 vs. Panther, Hetzer in the same battle as Tiger II, etc)