54 thoughts on “8.11 Foch 155 armor changes

      • Nice changes :)

        btw I’m getting many more ghost shell then in 8.10, any one else noticed?

          • No, I get them often as well, AP and APCR.
            HEAT is for bobs, and it does indeed 0 damage, especially if you hit tracks which then act as spaced armor.
            I believe Waqan is talking about shells going through tank and hitting obstacles behind tank. Happens to me as well and not-that-rarely as Storm claims it does…

            • Yep, I have been using some heat, but only in the Fv 183 ;), btw tier X nacional battles are hilarious

              But no its not the Heat fault, actually i noticed in the Tiger I, shooting Ap

  1. I do support this nerf, but to T10 Foch. T9 imo is balanced with 120mm gun…if both Foches got nerfed armor i call bullshit, because T9 is already paper armor everywhere except the sloped front. Side armor and roof got penned all the time at an extreme angles and now even 122mm guns will autopen sides at any angle, and surprise, surprise russkies have 122mm at T6 already. Main reason why Foch 155 is OP is because of the gun and autoloader and T9 has one of the worst guns for a TD.

  2. Meh, I will simply stop playing my Foch, I didn’t like it beforehand, now I’ll just let it collect dust. For me the Foch never performed like it did for everyone else, I didn’t like it before the nerf and I won’t play it after the nerf. This change to the Foch is just stupid, the now overmatch-able by everyone and their grans sides just makes any wiggling between rounds and whilst reloading pointless. Woop, now I just have to face my enemy head on only; as they slice through me with their HEAT rounds…oh the joys.

    • I can say you one thing, you are not the only one that didn’t enjoy it now and will enjoy it even less in the future. :)

    • i think is over nerfed
      they are nerfing everything foch was good for and it was good because it had mobility, armor and a big gun – it would be enough to nerf only 2 of those not all 3

      the same happend with M48

      its easyer to go to forums and whine than to deal with it

      • “it was good because it had mobility, armor and a big gun”

        So it was good because it had everything and clearly OP….yeah stop panicking maybe? The tank will still kick ass, you wont be able to yolo everything as before.

      • it still has everything, yet in much more reasonable amount. Vehicle balance usualy follows this pattern – one strongpoint (gun), one decent (mobility), one weakpoint (armor). Vehicles like pre-nerf Foch 155 with two strongpoints (gun and mobility) and one decent attribute (strong frontal armor, weak sides) are clearly overpowered.

        • Gun has bad accuracy, aim time and 0 dmg shots are VERY common.
          Two huge weakspots.
          Foch155 was the only brawler TD now it will be turned into another camper. GG Wargaming.

          Also to all the retards saying Foch155 is OP, take a look at Object 268 which is basically F155 with better stats like accuracy or armor (now also speed after 8.11) and without autoloader.
          Object is far more common too. From 6 TDs on live server three would be Objects, one Foch, and rest E3/E4/183/WT100, at least from my experience.

  3. SS:

    Could you confirm if these armor changes also apply to the tier 9 Foch as well or just for the tier 10?


  4. I dont know what is my reaction about the Foch 155 Nerhammered to death…

    I could say “Yes Yes” or “How Terrible”?
    Hmmm I feel sorry to the Foch players. Poor Poor Foch 155

    • I for one feel a bit sad that I didn’t get to research & buy it, just to see how it’s like now, before the nerf.

      What I’m really sad about is that the Tier 9 Foch (which I for one consider it to be quite balanced, considering the 400 average damage and decent pen values) will be affected as well. AFAIK the 1200 HP engine will be nerfed to 1000 HP for the AMX 50 Foch as well. Along with the armor nerfs, too.

      Which is a real bummer, IMO Tier 9 Foch was a good machine, but not an overachiever one.

  5. hope that WG will remove this French TD line, they are So OP and also this TD is pure fiction, the french didn’t not fight in WWII nor they developed anything.

  6. these armor nerfs are more then deserved for the foch. Especially considering the facts that the “weakpoints” at the front werent really weakpoints and you could easily bounce almost anything on them. The really killer for the foch 155 is the nerfed engine. pre 8.11 you could reach 50 km/h pretty much on every flat surface, now you can reach only 40 km/h, turning is slower too. it just doesnt feel like a french anymore. More like the masses of td’s in the game ….

    oh and before i forgot. The mysterious 0 dmg shots in the ragefinder spaced armor seems to be “fixed” i got dmg in the spaced armor in 1 game. So i guess the whole rangefinder is now a dmg zone

    edit: i love my foch 155 so i know he CAN be quite OP

    • I could understand for the tierX, but what’s the point of ruining the armor for the Tier9?

      What’s the point of speed if everyone stays back to snipe, to avoid getting shot to shit?
      What’s the point of heavy frontal armor if heavy guns overmatch everything that isn’t the front?
      What’s the point of the tier9 Foch now?

      • The problem is that it’s the same vehicle only with different gun (and pre 0.8.11 different engine but this gets changed now).

        Armor of the Foch is still sufficient for a TD.
        The main difference is that the upper part of the rangefinder can now be penetrated by tier 7 mediums. But they first need to hit it. I often go into close combat with the Tier 9 Foch and it’s not that often the weakspots get hit. Most of the time I either get shot into the side or the enemy takes goldammo to shoot the upper front.

        If it wasn’t a sneaky TD or the enemies survived longer the Tier 9 Foch would be good tank to collect steel walls.

  7. Good, good. Now nerf these 180mm on frontal armor to 150mm and we are done with balancing this one.

  8. Personally I think the nerfs of Foch is a bit to much, all the other tier 10 tds keep the retarded dpm they already have. Like Obj 268 for example, 3000 dpm…and a mega accurate derp gun..

    If I would do the balancing of the Foch this is what I would do:

    - Nerf turnrate by 4 degrees to make it more vulnerable to flanking
    - Nerf alpha to 750. Reload time for clip would be kept at 50 sec with a 100% crew as it is now. Giving it a dpm of 2250.
    - Worse traction on terrain by 10%.
    - Nerf lower hull to 80mm

    This way it would be easy prey for mediums due to the traverse. Heavies would blast through the lower hull everytime making the foch much worse as an assault vehicle. But still making a hulldown foch (which play like a td was meant to do) harder to deal with.

  9. Foch is much more balanced compared to Object 268 or WT E 100 but sadly no brainer kiddies won with their whines again.
    Accuracy is terrible, aim time is meh. Most new autoloaders like USA or German ones have reload of TWO seconds between shots in mag while Foch 155 has FIVE. So Foch will shoot three times in 15 seconds (with luck all three will hit/pen) while WT E 100 will empty its 6 shell round mag with laser accuracy in 12 seconds.

    Foch even now is OP only in good hands. After the patch it will be underpowered compared to other TDs.

    • Foch has an extreme amount of armor which needs a ridiculously accurate gun in order to hit weak points, plus a mobility that lets it square with Mediums at times. Sidearmor? Not if you can’t surprise the thing, he’ll just outturn you.

        • >It has bigger rangefinder/cupola weakspots than any other TD on tier…
          The foch is relatively small, as tall as an obj 268, has a complex nub cupola that’s shorter and smaller than the cupola of a Tiger P, massive no pen zones and an agile engine otherwise perched on incredibly thick frontal armor. Trying to hit an aware foch with anything less than British or German Superaccurate guns in a combat situation is excruciating if the foch has the least amount of support.

          The Jagdpanzer E-100 has a massive lower glacis with none of the acceleration benefits. the WT auf E-100 has an entire turret for a weakspot. The entire E chassis line has a lower glacis plate that usually takes up half the entire hull, all surely much bigger than the cupola weakspot and usually with worse acceleration and horsepower save for the E-50M. Fighting on level ground becomes an infuriating business as your lower glacis is as tall as a scout tank.

          In the scale of things the nerf is likely as bad as the german engine rebalance: In other words, a minor debuff. The Cupola is still extremely sloped, difficult to squarely hit, and the rest of the tank has a massive front plate to deal with. Honestly, my bigger problem was that incredible 20 hp to the ton allowing the thing to easily reach 50 kmh: This tank beats the E-50M and Centurion’s specific power, matches the specific power of the T-54, Leopard 1, STB-1 and FV4202 with an insane front plate, better than average T10 TD camo rating, and a high alpha, high pen gun. The Foch 155 has the best traits of the high end mediums and beastkilling tank destroyers.

  10. Why T9 Foch nerf? Gun is shit (its basically a T8 TD gun with T8 DPM) and now armor and mobility are gone…

  11. Idiot noobs (or tomatoes if you check them in XVM) who cried all day long, that foch can shoot 3/min (in paper 3*850) are total loosers. They simply can not play, can not deal with this TD, which thing wouldnt be so hard…

    This game goes to a very wrong way…

    Another thing: imagine what whine will happen if they touch the isu…