8.11 – Impressions

Hello everyone,

so, I downloaded the new test server patch, played for a while and I am ready to write down my impressions from the test server. After a slight hiccup with the installation (the delay of the test server), everything went smooth and the first thing I noticed is that I am pleased to say WotViewer still works, so the vehicle model change wasn’t THAT severe (I will make a post on that right after I write this down).

Well, after (relatively smooth) installation (no queue, although my WG source reports this test to be relatively popular despite the fact there are no new vehicles to test), I kinda set out to explore the interface and there are some neat changes. There is a whole new selection of aiming reticles:


This is how some of them look (they come in red and green)




Neat, but I will stick to my old crosshairs. Then there’s the new crew operations interface, also very handy:


Another useful interface feature is the additional button (or, well, bunch of buttons), allowing you to go either straight to that tank in your garage, or (in the tech tree) to see the tanks stats.



Well, so much for the interface, time to explore the new maps! I didn’t make really any serious screenies, because everything was pretty much leaked before, the only screenies I made are from the new map – besides, you will have to try it yourself to get the “feel” for the map. First to check training room chat, whether anyone’s free for training room. As you can see, Russians are “friendly” as usual…


Anyway, I just disabled the encounter and the assault (to try out the national battles) and onwards we go with my tier 10 T-62A to test it! So, new map, new Windstorm and national battle (can’t remember the official term for it). Soviets versus the French.

Right now I can tell you that the national battles are the single most retarded World of Tanks idea I’ve EVER seen. Our team composition was pretty normal (probably one third heavies, one third meds, rest TD’s and one arty or so). Their ENTIRE fucking team had autoloaders! Batchats, Foch 155′s and autoloading arty. After one minute of “poking” at each other (they held back, waiting for autoloader reload), our team got roflstomped in seconds. I know this is just test server and all, but this kind of roflstomp doesn’t happen on random battles, at least I’ve never seen it. I will continue to test this mode specifically, but I really don’t see how you can actually survive such a combo.

On the other hand, the Windstorm map plays pretty nice, the city is well defendable, the open terrain is open, no obvious advantage – at least none that I have noticed. What I did notice however were two minor “bugs”

- one, the Windstorm map loaded twice or three times as long as the rest of the maps, which is odd
- the chat has the tendency to appear and disappear depending on whether you press enter or not, it’s kinda annoying

Otherwise, no problems on Windstorm, the FPS was just fine. After this, I dropped on the new Erlenberg. The changes are pretty significant and I must say I like them, attacking feels much easier now, because a lot of the obvious “someone is hiding here and you can’t spot him because of 50000 trees” spots were removed or levelled. Very nice change.

At this point, I decided to try my luck with training rooms and I got into one led by DominikoPL, who was kind enough to select the Ruinberg on Fire and winter Himmelsdorf on my request – thanks, mate :) First was the Himmelsdorf and – well, apart from the snowy textures and snow effect it is just the good old Himmelsdorf, practically no changes. I really, REALLY like the textures – but what’s best, it comes with zero FPS drop. I was afraid of massive object spam and subsequent FPS drops, but on medium details, it goes really smooth, in fact – even smoother than the old Himmelsdorf for some reason. The map is really beautiful and I must say, really good job.

Next came the Ruinberg on fire. Here, after Storm posting that the rain effect comes with FPS drops, I was really afraid, but luckily, my fear was unwarranted, it runs smoothly and let me tell you, it’s a beautiful map. The new undertones really add to the atmosphere even on medium details and I like it a lot. Again, great job, developers. I made some screens – check for yourselves. Not even the flames reduce FPS and I must say I am very impressed.






All in all, it’s a good patch. In a way I am grateful that there are no “new” tanks so we can grind in peace. But that will change in 9.0… there is a huge storm coming, I hope we all are ready :)

Edit: I knew I forgot something! British crews now have different voiceover than the Americans. Whether it really sounds “British”, I cannot say, but it’s different.

34 thoughts on “8.11 – Impressions

  1. The British tanks aren’t crewed by Americans any more!!

    EDIT: I mean the British tanks have British voices :)

  2. “All in all, it’s a good patch. In a way I am grateful that there are no “new” tanks so we can grind in peace. But that will change in 9.0… there is a huge storm coming, I hope we all are ready :)”

    Ohhh boy.. what are we expecting then?

    • “Naught Zero” updates are big by nature. I believe that’s when the HD client is coming.

      • I’m so going to use that name.


  3. I thought the new Ruinberg was suppose to be raining or did they just mean cloudy?

    Edit: or is it am expecting to much of a thunder storm rather than drizzle.

    • There are some rain drops(but few) and a thunderstrike with max effects on.But that’s all…I think they’re only few because of the potential fps drops they can bring.

  4. The map changes really look nice, I am more worried about national battles though.
    I feel it’s just a method of giving the Devs more time to do the historical battles mode by throwing something half-baked out there for the sake of throwing something out there, and balance is an issue of course.
    Anyway, might try the test server.

  5. Kinda hard to see French team not to be composed with autoloaders as none are there in high tiers.

    Now get non soviet tier 6 and enjoy KV-1SerBs rolling around.

  6. >take t-62a
    >get national battle vs frenchies

    I LOL’D HARD! XD What did you expect SS? That’s basically the greatest feature of those national battles, but at the same time it might be it’s biggest flaw. This might be an incentive for better tank balancing, as I suspect – national battles will further improve general winrate of op tanks.

    I still can’t stop laughing, thank you SS, you made my day. :D

    • every nation has his flaws and pros, it would be stupid balance it by nations, as is stupid make nation battles.

      by example t10
      brits are unarmored and rarely played(most battles will be filled with fv 183) since mostly are support tanks.
      american lacks mediums.
      russia lacks scouts.
      german are the most balanced nation since they have every role(facemelters, spotters, snipers and damage soakers)
      france lacks armor(foch is the only one) but is full auto and has nice scouts.

      and thats only the t10, t2 will be t18 country, t6 will be kv1s invasion vs the hellninjas.

      they designed the game to have weak and strong links in every tech tree and thats the biggest flaw in these battles, either you play a op tank in a op tier spread of your nation or you will be roflstomped.

      • I agree that national battles was a silly idea. But they could balance national battles separately….. Nahhh. Just remove it. The whiners that wanted it will hate it anyway.

  7. My 1st Confrontation battle: assorted russian tanks vs 13 T57 and 2 T110E3. guess who won

  8. hmm, is it just me or does the fire on ruinberg not really do much? it seems to be the sky which does it for me.

    also, I think we should have the option to disable the national battle rubbish

  9. I wish they would also add penetration in mm with that distance enemy tank is from you. Currently reticle shows you, lets say enemy is at 400m far, your shell can penetrate lets say 200mm, but against 400m far target it can less. So with new added feature it would also show that at 400m it can penetrate about 185mm average.

    • They’ve said in the past that they’re eventually going to add this sort of thing, along with armor angling taken into account…haven’t heard anything further, though.

      Melty’s Math Mod takes distance into account for its penetration indicator, if you want to give it a try.

  10. I like national battles for one thing. It’s the perfect example/indicator what tanks(game features) are OP/imbalanced. Autoloaders shouldn’t be in this game. NEVER. Just check what tanks have/had biggest tendency to be OP. Frenchies were nerferd several times after they were released. Foch 155 is being nerfed, WTE100 is being nerfed. T57 is still OP as shit, but so far they don’t want to touch it. And surprise they all have autoloaders. Game mechanics allows autoloaders to overperform over tanks with regular guns. This is imo the biggest mistake WG ever did. Implementing autoloading tanks.

    • And forgot to add one more thing to backup my statements. Can you please tell me what tanks are most used in TC/team battle modes. That’s right. Amx 13 90s, Amx 50 100s, T69s, combined with IS-3s which we all know why.

  11. So it took them only 3 years to improve UI with already existing features given by mods. GJ WG!