8.11 – Supertester vehicles

T95E6 – tier 10 USA reward tank, it has T110′s 120mm gun




T23E3 – tier 7 USA premium tank (gun: 76mm M1A1)




Grosstraktor – tier 3 German premium tank (gun: 75mm L/24)




54 thoughts on “8.11 – Supertester vehicles

  1. Wow the turret looks awesome on the T95E6, but oh wait! Theres again the tumor in the size of a house!

  2. Stats for T95E6 please? I have Tank Inspector but I will not download the CT anytime soon.

    • According to tank inspector:
      6.518 round/min
      0.384 acc
      2.21 s aim time
      +20/-9 elevation
      36°/s turret traverse
      AP 400/258
      HEAT 400/340
      HE 515/60

      traverse 46°/s
      Max speed 56.3 km/h

      • Like a clumsier M48 + actual turret armor, much needed extra speed and 10 damage more. Still, unfortunately, better than M48/M60.

        What is the effective armor VS AP on the upper glacis plate?

        • In the middle of UFP: ~180mm
          Up-left and Up-right of UFP: Up to ~230mm or autobounce because of the side-slopping armor.

  3. Those supertesters must have absolutely crappy computer, to run the game on such a low settings.

    • And T95′s gun mantle. 390mm????? And turret front 342????
      Imagine that 342mm armor behind that mantle. HOLY SHIT 730MM OF ARMOR? T92 will do NO DAMAGE TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneone111one

  4. USA reward tank my fucking ass.
    After making sure that my generation cannot get the tank we served in (M60), those two words, ‘reward tank’ just goat me. I know we are not the largest and most numeros of the playerbase, but it is our generation that are willing to spend a lot of $$.

    Apart from a few of the super iconic WW2 tanks, the M60 is probably the tank the are most desired by my generation (EU and NA servers ofc).
    Why are they shooting them self in the foot this way, making sure that we can newer spend money on M60.
    Think of all those american family fathers age 50-70, they all remember the good old M60 and they all want it.

    More than 5300 M60 are still in service around the world, and at least 15 countries are still using M60 as their front line MBT.

    • so what your saying is WG should put the m60 on sale and let everyone buy it even those that have 500-1000 battles?

    • Yep, and IIRC they kept saying nooo, M60 can not be put after M46 (when T10 mediums were just to be introduced), it is too modern. Then people told them that it will be a bad idea to make it as a reward tank. Now they keep saying they regret making it so. It is such a pity.

        • Not really, I have M48 which is esentially the same. But M48 in game being so similiar make me only feel more sorry that they did not put that iconic M60 at least next to it. It feels right to have ‘M60′ on top of the tree, fighting T62s and Leopard 1s. It would work the same way as does T62s and its copies in game. Like when you have Obj140 and still you buy T62 because it is T62 and it just feels right to have it at the end of a line. And if real life tanks would dominate T10 battles would make me quite happy. Having M48, M60, T62, Leopards, Centurions and other around and against me would make me enjoy it more than all those prototype german VKs, Es, US Ts, Russian Objs, UK FVs…. they are all nice and everything, but you get what I mean….

    • I think you’re thinking of the M60A1 or A3. Ingame the M60 is really just an M48A5 with modified hull and fat ass.

      The current M48 in game doesn’t have the 90mm gun, making it the A5 variant as well.

      So what I’m saying is there is little difference between the M48 and 60 ingame both visually and gameplay-wise, and the M60 resembles the M48A5 more than the M60A1. So if you want an actual M60 (not an A1 variant) get the M48.

  5. Keep seeing tanks that are in the 1970s… keep those up WG and we might add a M1 Abrams to counter 1945 maus.

    • 1961 is the unofficial time limit if you exclude Chinese vehicles, who only began modifying and producing own tanks after 1955.

    • What tanks from 1970? Maybe you need a pair of glasses because the most modern tank in game is STB-1 from 1968 with the Leopard 1 at 1965

      That is two tanks among the hundreds available in-game.

  6. “T95E6 – tier 10 USA reward tank, it has T110′s 120mm gun”

    That gun doesn’t look like M103′s or T110E5′s gun.

    • It’s T123E6, the “E”:part is specific to minor redesigns to fit different vehicles, but basically the gun T123 is the prototype of the M58

  7. That grosstraktor back gun better work so you can shoot enemies who come behind or turn yourself sideways to make full broadside fire ;) liht ship of the lines

  8. So these tanks will come out when 8.11 goes live? I really want the Grosstraktor :)

  9. You know, it’s unfortunate that American tank designers didn’t factor World of Tanks into their designs when they stuck those huge cupolas on their early Cold War tanks. -_-

    • And second strongest are tracks. :-) Is thist tank really going to be labeled as “heavy”?