46 thoughts on “The Dutch are badass… and Leopard has good brakes

  1. Pfft.. That’s nothing! I do that infront of trains everytime I want to kill myself..Im sorry too say that the train’s breaks are just as good :(
    My next attempt is on a highway with speeding cars..Lets se if their breaks are any good.

    • You got your point and I am with you!
      The video and people who made it are stupid.

      It wouldn’t be so funny if brakes failed…

  2. Let’s have a minute of silence.
    In memory of all unnamed Russian conscripts soon to be perished in attempt to repeat this stunt.

  3. Let’shave a moment of sence for the Dutch tanks, any country wiing to invade: we surrender!

    • You haven’t seen what is in Bulgaria then..we didn’t sell our tanks, we gifted them to a country that hates us…because F logic…

  4. Crazy stuff. I am sure it is the tanker manual some where…. *flicks through pages, oh here it is … “idiots on road stop quick”* lol.

  5. I love that guy, back row and third one in….cause he’s the first to have a mini-freak-out and look behind to make sure he isn’t gonna get run over by a freakin’ tank xD

  6. OK,now let’s try it without rubber grousers on tracks…..guess they’ll shit their pants:D

  7. Oh, look! It’s James Parker, our favourite butthurt-rage guy!
    I thought he was banned :/

    • Looks like he’s using alternative logging method or alt account. But what’s worse – he’s still not taking his medication…

      Poor pencil doesn’t know that Polish army is using Leo2 as well… What if Siemka Nation decided to use them against his brethren? Firing HE at a stack of a million other pencils or demolishing some pencil factory? He would be so enraged he would break his graphite. :D

  8. Pathetic!… if it was Russian T-90, it would have simply flown over them and conquered all of Europe before touch down.

    For mother Russia!!

    • If the T-90 drives the same way as the T-34, that would be the case. The T-34 doesnt have a gas or break pedal, but a “inversed gas pedal.” It keeps going when in gear, and you have to press the pedal to stop. So if they start making World of Tanks realistic, tanks as the T-34 should get out of control when the driver is shot.

  9. The dutch are badass, I met the Dutch special forces when I was in the army, they did all kind of cool things. No wonder this kind of video appears :P

  10. Well this would be a recipe for a badass roadkill pizza if they were using a Russian tank.
    And us Dutch dont need tanks, we got Joint Strike Fighters.. Oh wait… We only got one..

  11. Despite their incredible weight, the contact patch for a tank does tend to guarantee that they can stop in a helluva hurry. Particularly if they’ve got their road pads on.

  12. SilentStalker, you are quite literaly shaping the internet. When you posted this that video got into the top 6 most popular vids on polish youtube. :-)

  13. Well, I am Dutch. And tho the video is cool, I am pretty sure it’s a fake. The squeal you hear before they al turn around could well be the squeal of somehting smaller, like car brakes.

    Also, rest assure that if this was real, EVERYONE who was involved in this video would get their asses kicked right out of the military service by the Dutch government/powers that be. 30 years ago, maybe they’d get away with it. These days? No way!