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Hello everyone,

today, we have something special for you. Stuff you haven’t seen (and couldn’t have seen) before. Vollketten from US forums has been in touch with a professional researcher, who lives in Melbourne and specialises in military history. This researcher has agreed to take photos of documents (tank-related stuff) from Australian National Archives.

With Vollketten’s permission (he paid for this operation, all the credit goes to him), I am reposting some of the “good stuff”.

Let’s start with something light – some of the stuff in these archives is pure comedy gold. This tank proposal was submitted by Mr.Wentworth. The curious thing about it is that at that time, Mr.Wentworth was in jail for 12 counts of larceny and fraud. After reading the documents, I am sure you’ll understand what was the sole purpose of this “proposal”…





20 thoughts on “Australian Archives I

  1. Largest garbage fraud I have ever read, this guy should have been intelligent enough to provide drawings but he did not even do that.

    Everything to earn a dime, greedy people.

    • He was in gaol, I don’t think his higher faculties were primed for forward thinking.

      Besides, if he drew up diagrams he might as well have been serious, it isn’t fraud if you legitimately offer a proposal ;)

    • “A deluded fantasist”
      ……….or a well meaning patriotic amateur who happened to be incarcerated

  2. Is there anywhere to read all of these results from the research, especially when it comes to things like the Thunderbolt and Sentinel