Clan logos being deleted on WG EU

Hello everyone,

when this issue appeared first was like a day or two ago, when a player contacted me, saying his clan’s logo was deleted on WG EU server, because there was a skull on it. At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to this, because I kinda thought it got deleted because skulls might be associated with SS Totenkopf (well, at least some types might resemble them).

Either way, reports started piling in and today, player Corehorn reported that this issue became quite massive, both on global map and in the client. As you can see, many clans had their logos replaced by default WG logo, including EXNOM, 9-TD and others. Here, you can see how it looks now on the global map:


Here you can see Corehorn’s clan (IXC) old logo (you can see for yourselves it’s not illegal or anything)


And here the “new logo”


Given the mass nature of this phenomenon, I’d say we are looking once again at one of Wargaming EU fails. Anyone has any more info about it, for example support tickets from the aforementioned clans and how they were handled?

37 thoughts on “Clan logos being deleted on WG EU

  1. Dafuq…my clan got it’s logo removed too(just saw it from your picture)…but hell…yesterday everything was fine…
    Might this issue be tied with the yesterday’s clan wars freeze?

    • Our clan logo is also missing/replaced on the tanks, but still shows next to our names in the garage.

      This is surely a fail and will be fixed sometime in the future… hopefully…

  2. My clan logo with a skull on it was deleted too and im send a ticket. Now im wait for their response.

  3. want your logo back? here…pay some $ and you will have it…i need to buy a new boat

    I’m in a secondary clan and we share the same logo as the main clan (they are on the map). The main clan’s logo has been removed…our is still in place

    maybe is a bug related with the CW freeze?

    • Well, our Clan doesn’t play CW but our Logo has been removed too. We had the black silhouette of a D2 on a Tricolore, nothing illegal at all…

      • You used black colour, and someone else have copyright claims on it :p

        Yet another WGEU fuckup…

  4. I just had a look at the NA map, CRABS logo is now WOT, along with a few others. I would say that it is due to the CW freeze, I know when the turn ticks over, logos go astray on the NA all the time

  5. Logos are not “gone” or deleted – they are just not showing-up in some places. I.E. – my clan logo is not on map, but I can see it below the map on clan panel and in my profile. So… yet another “successful” upgrade from WG :)

  6. Well, it is a solved issue or my clan was spared cause our logo is still the same. No default logo instead.

  7. Yesterday (January 30) the clan logo of my clan (HDU = Herp Derp Unicorn), featuring a pink unicorn, was deleted as well from garage, global map and the tanks themselves, replaced with a pink WoT logo.

    For sure this has nothing to do with what the logo depicts, but rather a massive random fail affecting most (but strangely not all) clans. They should be up soon again.

  8. They removed the IXC logo because it is a Hitler Youth Pin, with the Swastika replaced by IXC.