6 thoughts on “Australian Archives – IV

  1. Looks like that proposal is dead in the water……………………………..I’ll get my coat……….

  2. Interesting!

    although its enthralling to see someone submitting a proposal without having the slightest idea about tank armor, but at least….. better than the Russian “shredder” drawn in a napkin, was it?

    • 12 tons and having armor 50 mm thick…

      Well, he didn’t specify what kind of ‘armor’ we’re talking about, or what it’s made of. He could have meant ’50 mm of aicraft-grade duralumin’ for all we know, or perhaps the guy had a then-novel idea for new, lightweight tank armor that he neglected to mention.

      Frankly it seems in terms of the concept it has merit, even if it is a bit ambitious.

  3. An interesting idea reading about their “floating” proposal, but really I imagine it’d be useless if the gun was firing anywhere except forwards and to the rear, and if the tank crew wanted their tank to sway I’m sure they could put the tank in neutral before firing and let it roll ;)

    Their idea of a pneumatic gun mount; are they talking about a remote-control gun mount, like some of the turrets in planes were at the time? If so that’s pretty neat.