Wargaming Producer talks about WoT Blitz

Source: 2p.com website

Hello everyone,

in the article linked above, WoT Blitz producer Roman Bui talks about the game.


Main features:

- 7 vs 7 battle mode
- battles are faster than WoT’s 7 minutes
- release will include 8 maps and over 100 tanks

And as for release time:

The iOS version of World of Tanks Blitz Mobilize is scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2014 with the Android version coming soon in the next few months, but the Windows Phone version is not in the plan yet.

This is how the interface will look:


29 thoughts on “Wargaming Producer talks about WoT Blitz

  1. It realy looks awsome for an mobile game. Only controls sux for most mobile games :(

    Unified prem account doesnt work for wot blitz right?

      • you have my condolonces because you don’t have one of this amazing phones in optimalization wp8 beats ios (not even mention android because it don’t have optimalization at all) i thin even on the worst lumias it will work fluently

        • My friend have an android and its system eating 500 mb’s from Ram with closed apps. My lumia 920 eats from Ram with all apps closed 34 Mb’s. In my opinion Wp is a Way better optimalized, but The worst Thing on Wp 8 is That, You havent got a access to The file folders in compare to free android. Thats The Main problem.. Ps : Sori for my stronk englis
          edit : for example, my netbook With Win XP Is eating 390 mb from ram

          • Also got a Nokia lumia here 920 best phone I have ever had. They should do a Windows 8 release allow people to play it on their tablets and such

          • “Thorgal95″ if you look in the store for an app called file explorer it allows you to browse your phones files and skydrive enjoy :)

          • You can’t compare android ram usage and windows ram usage because they are different things. Memory in windows is used only when something needs it. Android loads the most used apps to ram and stores them there in case that user want to use that app.

            • Its a shame its going to take them so long to get it for windows phone. Just like the assistant that all of a sudden stopped working

  2. And BTW, has anyone else noticed on the enemy team that the M103 icon is at TX when it should be the T110E5? Am I wrong here or is this a bug?

  3. “Windows Phone version is not in the plan yet.”

    Yeah, fuck me. Altough if I can’t play Subway Surfers with my 720, I doubt that I can play this…

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