World of Warplanes Czech ads? Such good, much quality

Hello everyone,

I hope you can forgive me quoting my favourite meme, that is Doge. Once again, Wargaming EU proved that they can hire very “competent” people for localization (specifically, Czech advertising). This is a World of Warplanes ad, that was submitted to me by the Czech player “Jalt”. He got it on his e-mail from the address “” – which means it’s probably not a Wargaming product per se, but someone hired to do advertising.


What’s wrong with it?

- atrocious design
- World of PLANES?
- WoLRd of Tanks?
- World of Warship?
- a picture with a cockpit
- terrible Czech, sounds like googletranslated or made by a non-native

I really don’t think this is how a serious ad should be made. It’s so bad it almost makes me think this is some guerilla advertising by Gaijin…

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  1. The Sabre and the cockpit are from War Thunder.

    Blaming on Gaijin? Biased? How terrible?

    • You know guys why? Because War Thunder was originally named World of Planes, they renamed it later possibly because they had the plans to introduce tanks and ships already. These guys probably googled “world of planes” and they put random pictures in…

    • That’s fairly minor mistake compared to this spelling and War Thunder pictures.

  2. Well, since you did not post any link I don’t think this is an official advertisement. It is mixed WT and WoWp and the Czech is very stronk.

  3. All those Czech translation problems could have been solved about a year ago, back when T5 British premium was released. I have started a topic about the low state of translations on main page and in ads, however I was absolutely crucified by Czech managers and some players, who constantly repeated that there is no need for these interactions with wide public and that there’s no place for dedicated translators. The sad part is – there are some translators, none of whom (I presume) have studied English language and so the translations are abysmal.

    Needless to say, I really wanted to offer some help – for free or in-game bonuses, however that’s not happening, because the Czech community team only helps its own friends and coleagues and there is no place for others. I have also contacted SS about this, however we both agreed that it’s not something that would be too important for the FTR community and there is no direct evidence to them neglecting the translator (apart from the state of translations, that is)

    Were it not for my studies, I would actually apply for a job in the Paris office, where there was a spot for Czech Community Manager, but I can’t afford to leave Czech Republic just yet. And after all that WG has done, I don’t really think I want to work for the company on full-time.

    • It’s a thread where he a discount server, where you can buy stuff with some sort of lowered price. It seems that the company does some ads that are subsequently sent to everyone on mailing list. Direct translation of the whole thread:

      @slevomat you guys spamming? I just recieved some e-mail with as a sender, which links to What’s with that?

      @ujovlado Definetely not. What e-mail have you gotten? Could you please forward the message to Thank you!

      @slevomat I guess you’ll get more complaints, someone has been sending that to all the .sk domains that bear the adress info@…

      … the conversation goes on about some matress ads and that the IT department of had nothing to do with it.

  4. Good quality F2P game ads? LOL, I’ve been surfing the internet for like 8 years and never found one, not even about decent games like TF2. Those crappy ads are the reason of why AdBlock is so successful

  5. Hmm…I don’t think that ad is very legit.I mean…it uses pics from WT, it’s google-translated in a horrible manner and it’s from an unknown source(I mean…the source is known, but you don’t know if they’re really hired by WG)…
    I too put my bet on it being a Gaijin saboutage maneuver…not that WG does some brilliant ads, but still..

  6. Because a naval game with only one ship in it is really gonna take off and do better than WT

    GG Translator

  7. I also enjoy the “high tolerance for end user modifications”. Yup, WG surely does have giant tolerance for users using mods.