37 thoughts on “New Ranzar video – National Battles!

    • depends on tier.
      On Tier 10 battles i have to disagree.
      Ive played with Obj 263 on test…
      When we get against frenchies, lose.
      When we get against brits (12-15 FV 183s), lose
      When we get against germans, well it depends (once we won and once we lost)
      Not sure about american.
      Tier 6 however will be total russian bias battles.
      Or it will likely end 15 Hellcats VS 15 OP-1Siemas.

      • This is such crap. There will be same amount of KV-1S tanks available for Confrontation mode as for the other battle modes. The real server is not the test server, people have to play with tanks they actually own. This means confrontation battles will have a similar spread of vehicles to normal battles. This is even true for T10 now that Battletier 12 is gone.

        What is so fucking hard to understand about this?


        • its not hard to understand, lol
          just how it will likely end, well, not exactly like that, but still
          There will be easily 6-8 KV-1S in one side, even more perhaps.
          Its really popular and TONS of players have it

  1. I’m really, really hoping that Confrontation will get WG to finally set good MM weights for each individual tank. the current weightings are… not terribly precise.

  2. In the French recruitment line, an AMX 40 or Sau 40 should have rolled up, and the BDR G1B should have been like “oh….. shit.”

  3. AMX-12t with its 380m view range isn’t doomed to failure in the match with OP-1Siemkas, IMHO. Especially when AMX driver knows how to use his tank.

  4. Are national battles are avaible for all tiers? If so, tier 2 will be a fucking a fucking nightmare filled with T18 clubbers.

    • Your right. So many T18s in tier two now. With them all on the same side the other team will be slaughtered.

      Patch 9.0 should then bring the T18 nerf.

  5. When I saw a Russian tank on video preview, I knew they will win on this match already, also thought BDR will raise a white flag though.

    But should be nice if French vs German tanks on the video.

  6. Look at the hat on the BDR’s turret that shitty tactician does not deserve to wear the hat of His Imperial Majesty Napoleon Bonaparte,to engage an enemy with superior firepower and durability head on is IDIOTIC.
    He could have used the open terrain and the speed of his tanks to lure the OP-1S army into ambush and once flanked they are easy prey for the autoloaders,they are sooo easy to lit up. :D
    I liked the video much BUT what happened with the 3th episode of the WT E100 story.

    • We didn’t even scratch them!
      That one didn’t go through!
      We didn’t penetrate their armor!
      It bounced off!
      That one ricocheted!
      We’ve just dinged them.

      And so on. Tupical situation when dealing with OP-1S, right?

        • Except that the numbers don’t tell the whole story. True, the lower glacis is relatively easy to pen, but to hit it requires you to sit there while be bashes you for 450 damage, and if he has ANY clue how to drive his tank, you’re not gonna get enough chances to take the shot before you’re dead (since the game’s balance lately has been more in favor of alpha damage than DPM, at least amongst heavies). Upper glacis is weaker than the KV-1, but it’s also better-angled, and the top turret is pretty much the IS’ turret, which can be VERY bouncy from the front.

      • The French sign says, the battle, recruit solders, and i believe that the last one says something about training but i could be wrong my French is not as good as it used to be

    • >>what is written on russian sign in 0:40?

      Enlisting on
      Ours versus
      TEAR THEM UP!!!