WG EU: “There are no bots”

Hello everyone,

ever heard of Wargaming ambassadors? No? Let me tell you who that is. They are Wargaming employees, who come and troll around 3rd party forums and social groups. Their official task is to spread Wargaming EU propaganda (not sure Russians have their own version, didn’t check) – not exactly a high position, but keep in mind they are official representatives and employees. Now, Czech community has two: Zynea_CZ and Rogalaf_CZ (there are probably more, again, didn’t check).

There is a closed Facebook group for “young tankers” (how the hell is a female tanker called in English? A tankette?) they recently infiltrated. Someone in the group linked the FTR bot post and of course, they just HAD to react.


Zynea: “My personal opinion? Someone is excercising in writing screnplays for Bollywood..? Hard to say. Since they already took so much time making it up, they shouldn’t have brought it down with the ‘videos’… but I believe that a few people will believe it. It was entertaining :) WGA Zynea CZ – Czech Wargaming ambassador”

(her Facebook profile)


(his Facebook profile)

Rogalaf: “Hello everyone. It’s a blog and anyone can write whatever they want there. But to be honest – I haven’t read bigger bigger bullshit in a long time. If a player is repeatedly AFK, he can even get permabanned for that. It takes some time before the punishment is assigned, because every case takes time to investigate. And I am sorry, but if we provided evidence against every conspiracy theory or player accusation, we can stop running WoT altogether, since we would be doing nothing else. People are inventive… someone writes a good book, someone writes WoT conspiracy theories. Take care, enjoy the game and don’t waste your time reading such stuff. WGA Rogalaf CZ – Czech Wargaming ambassador”

There you have it. There are no bots, it is just my conspiracy theory :) Of course, the Tankleader bot site is also a fake, Russian reactions on bots are also fake, the fact two most popular Russian streamers/videomakers caught on it too (one is Jove, the other is Murazor), all a fake. We can safely continue playing, knowing such competent people are out there, working so hard to make the amazing gameplay experience for us without weekly WG EU fails :)

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    • there is also the very possible option that these remarks are made by Bot’s like WG EU Support Bots, they just click on a web site and the bot looks for keywords and auto post propaganda BS.

      i don’t belief “WG EU” Paris office exist at all, it’s a myth, no Human is that stupid, that moronic, that lazy as those Human bots.

      • I doubt there is a single person with actual knowhow talent to solve game problems at Paris office, their only worry is PR department and they thought it’s cheaper to hire few fools to spam social media, than hire a programmer.

    • In China these people are called 5 mao (“五毛”) for they receive 0.5 Yuan for every post they spam.

      • I just read the QA with Evilly about bots, WG RU seems way more competent than WG EU, but I still don’t understand why they are saying completely different things. The business can be serious and fair to the user at the same time in my opinion. :)

  1. I feel offended SS… you tried to trick me!
    /sarcasm off
    No but seriously if they are paid for this Im not surprised they play such idiots.

  2. They seriously tried “Those are not the bots you’re looking for “? :D
    I find their (WG EU Ambassadors) lack of butthurt cream disturbing… :D

  3. Reporting from NA server. We can confirm bots exist although “dumb” bots have gone down since 8.5 or whenever countermeasures were put in place. You can still spot them with odd stats like 40k battles and under 600 wn6 . Oh wait that’s just the NSA monitoring us. Nothing to see here move along.

  4. Found a KV-4 parked at the edge of the map today, doing absolutely nothing. No bots my ass.

  5. SS, looking back at your recent articles about bots and WG’s inaction to counter them, to me it looks like these WG posts are not debating the idea that there are bots on WoT (eh, finding evidence of it seems pretty easy) but that WG are doing nothing nothing to counter them or are actually working acting against people trying to deal with the problem (cf that email by aodheus you posted).
    As much as WG can mess up and try to cover their fails, and as much as your job is to provide a counter-weight to their bs, you should be careful not to actually fall into the trap of going too far and putting words into their mouth.


    they just try to cover up the mess :)) but every good player nows the bots are real , even the red ones who uses them -)))

    in the end we are going to play nice and smooth only with :skilled xvm mm RED PLAYERS SHOUD STAY AT BOTTOM !

  7. The czech staff, also famous for various fails on the WG website.

    We have to trust these “experts” and remember, earth isn’t a sphere, it is flat ;-)

  8. I remember recently seeing a video Circonflexes uploaded on YT, where a red is-7 player was auto aiming at enemies trough a rock and shooting…

    • Highflyer/TheRiisingSun has a video called: How to Spot a Bot

      http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=_X7Oj77rSQM

      Didn’t know if I could post a link so replace the dots or just search youtube.

  9. Ok, now I will not belive to my personal experience, only what officals say. I hate so much wg idiots, is a requirement to work for wg eu to be retarded, have to make an iq test? It is very sad. -.- Tey really spit to other peoples face with every comment wg eu do. – ranting off now…

  10. It could just be a play on words too.
    There are no “Bots” but there are “Scripted Players”
    For all we know the best bots are made by WG themselves ;P…. Who knows for sure..

    I have seen other game developers do bad stuff before, I honestly doubt they are supporting botting but I doubt they are going to do much to combat it as long as they are the ones who benefit in the end.

    Personally I don’t want them scanning open processes (Like Blizzard does) as that is private information to me.

    I have played games that are 100% spoilt by bots before, so while they might not care right now, once you start getting Uber-Bots (read: better than top players) then the regular players will start dropping off, this will be the moment they see that they made a mistake by not stopping it early on.

  11. SS, can i say it? can i? can i?

    CUNTSUCKERS! all these ambassadors do is lick their master’s balls, no matter how rotten they (the balls) are, as long as theres a paycheck behind it, but at least a hooker has got more pride on it than them

  12. Okay, as some1 who isnt playing WOT anymore, ur 1st post about all the bot programs made me wanna bot a bit, but now…

  13. When you posted the first article about bots i made a second account, charged some gold (tankleader needs gold or premium time in the account in order to work, suspicious) and start boting nonstop in the office. Almost 96 hours and NOTHING. No ban.

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  15. OK, we all know that wg eu sucked in crowd control, but those two went far beyond full retard.

    Check the hall of BOTS you blind dipshits, stop posting bullshit yourselves and just fuck off.

    How to become wg eu ambassador? By being too dumb to suck cock.

    Damn, seems like nuking eu office once would be not enough – 10k nukes might do the trick and stop wg eu retardation from spreading, it’s worse than a fucking sombie apocalypse. Some of my braincells died after I read this bullshit, and then some more after I facepalm’d very, very hard. Three times.


  16. The reason why the WG EU staff sucks so much is because all the innovative, free-minded people were weeded out by the Russians in the hiring process, leaving numbskulled puppets. Can’t have EU doing better than RU.

  17. If anyone after knowing all this is stupid enough to still pay WG then i am sorry to say that person deserve to lose his or her money .

    Don’t Buy from these Bastards ! Seriously you are better of buying some tank model kits , at least then at the end of the day you still have something .

    I hope the WoT clone Ground Forces Tanks will take off and put a dint in these bastards coffers . I know War Thunder sure will .

    Hey if other alternatives to WoT or model tank kits are not enough , then i don’t know : get a dog or something , Anything but don’t buy from these guys .

  18. omg… wg eu is so full whit pancakes… i bet those propaganda spreaders havent even played any games in wot.

  19. well you would write that too if some russian is standing behind your back with a gun telling you what to type :)
    real communist stuff here. denying the obvious

  20. Ofcourse they will negate the fact that there are bots out there. I would negate it also if i was worse player than an average bot. Can you even imagine how humiliating can it be that you are more dumber than some shitty coded program.

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  22. WG morons and their lackeys. When they employ they have a strict rule, IQ must be below 60. For ambassadors its below 40.

  23. They look like WG provocators more than ambassadors.If there are “no bots” in this game,then why they did have “idle/bot” as an option in the first place ? To be honest,all those bot accounts make WG proud.So they can yell and type everywhere “we got x mil. active accounts in the game,we are the finest MMO “bullshit.

    They denied the truth about MM,they denied about “hacks”,they denied almost everything bad in the game at all times.Every MMO has bots,denying it won’t change the truth

    Let’s be honest WG started well but i cannot say the same thing about their future route or plans.Their customer support sucks,i don’t wanna mention about their ambassadors and their offices.Every time they made a special event,EU office always makes a mistake(not surprised due to their mental disorder)